‘Dad, I hate Muslims’

That was the comment a youngster in front of me made to her father earlier this evening. She could not have been any older than 12 or 13 years old. But she was clearly so angered by the behaviour of a group of thugs calling themselves Muslims Against Crusades, who burnt a large poppy and protested against British troops during the two-minute silence, she decided she felt hatred for Muslims.

I did not hear the father’s response. Having returned home and seen the reports and images of these so called protesters, their faces contorted into hate filled expressesions, it is easy to understand why that little girl said what she did.

Why should people in this country have to tolerate the poisonous presence of Islamist extremists who take what this country has to offer but despise it in return? People who select a solemn occasion dating back decades that now marks the sacrifice of altogether too many young men and women who lost their lives in wars to defeat tyranny, and use it to slander young men and women who serve their country today.

It is they, not the men and women of our armed forces, who are the terrorists. It is they who engaged in fighting with police. It is they who sought to offend people with their ignorant protest deliberately aimed to spark a reaction. It is they who demand Britain conforms to their warped medieval vision of an Islamic caliphate. It is they who conveniently ignore the fact that the majority of people who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan have died at the hands of similarly aggressive and hate filled Muslims.

Who was it blowing up hundreds of innocent people at a time in markets and bazaars around Baghdad and other towns and cities? It wasn’t our armed forces. It was Sunni slaughtering Shia and Shia slaughtering Sunni. In Afghanistan who was it cutting the throats of people for having educational qualifications or bringing medical aid to civilians? Who murdered people for playing music or supporting the idea of girls attending school? Muslim terror writ large. It was the product of intolerance, hatred and a view that their form of the Islamic faith was somehow more correct than any other.

Where were these London based poppy burning pieces of scum when that was happening? Most likely they were talking big behind closed doors while shitting themselves at the idea of standing up to their ‘brothers’. Too terrified to stand against the real terrorists in their supposed Muslim homelands, they chose the coward’s way and picked a disciplined target that is trained to operate within the rule of law and would not represent a threat to them. Men and women who helped tidy up after the carnage dispensed by the adherents of the laughably self titled ‘religion of peace’.

The real victims of these hypocritical zealots will be those Muslims who have no truck with extremism and just want to live their lives here in peace, but who will be tarred with the same brush. Yet more Muslim casualties of Muslim violence. Ironic, no? Perhaps they need to put a whole lot of distance between themselves and these vile parasites in our midst.

3 Responses to “‘Dad, I hate Muslims’”

  1. 1 David Jones 12/11/2010 at 7:01 am

    I’m afraid that many more little girls will have to say this before their fathers take the necessary action.

  2. 2 Agincourt 12/11/2010 at 8:36 am

    I’ve met a number of nice Moslems (in Thailand), though only one knowingly in Britain. They were mainly young females who I taught, though one was a mother in full burka. She was grateful to me for sharing some of my biscuits with her young daughter – while all 3 of us were sheltering from the heavy Thai rain.

    A male taxi-driver in Thailand told me about his 3 wives – he seemed pleasant enough. As did most of the young men who ran little one-or-two man music clubs along the beach there. Yet a taxi-man in Britain had to be reminded by me that mine & his religions (& the Jews) all share the same god. He accepted that – though the Muslim schoolgirl with us seemed to acknowledge this much better than he did.

    So who were the OK ones? Mainly females, or young men in a society where Moslem extremism is responded to by parallel police & army oppression. So what’s the solution? Toughness towards any bad behaviour by males, whether this is violence by young men or hate-speeches by older ones. Including genuine deportation regardless of their reception at home. If they are frightened of going back home, they could be detained in, eg, South Shetland or South Georgia etc. Beautiful scenery there – if cold most of the time.

    And how to bring out the women? Making it very clear that those who behave will be accepted, & those that don’t will not be. And insisting that those who want to change religions in Christianity’s favour can do so. Don’t like it, leave! That’s regardless of what human rights legislation says (anyway it should be changed unilaterally if need be). Might the EU object? Another good reason to leave it!

  3. 3 Derek Reynolds 12/11/2010 at 9:30 am

    Hate is a powerful word, and to use it against those who hate us merely brings us down to their level. Hate engenders more hate, is mis-understood and mis-used.

    I detest the actions of these hate fanatics. They see themselves as freedom fighters, and would compare their actions with those seeking freedom from tyrany and oppression. Yet their belief is the very essence of tyrany and oppression in itself whilst shielding themselves from attack under the regimes of a more tolerant and law abiding land. We need not be intolerant of their rights, but we are too tolerant of their abuses.

    An old North American Native saying is; ‘Never criticise another mans way of walking, until you have walked a mile in his moccasins’. Neither we, nor these militants are willing to walk in one anothers shoes, and if that is so, then we should not trespass on their lands, and they should not trespass on ours. They clearly have issues amongst themselves and resent foreign occupation. All nations should welcome those who come in peace, but take up arms against those who come with weapons and with intent to rule with changes unwanted.

    Basic observations perhaps, but surely worthy of some consideration, and in the education of children.

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