The Devil is laying down his blade

The Devil’s Kitchen morphed into The Devil’s Knife. But now Chris’ blog looks like slipping into animated suspension because despite clamouring for change it is clear none will be forthcoming.

As he eloquently sets out in his rationale to stop blogging (for the time being at least) this is the reality of our situation here in the UK:

The second reason to keep blogging was that there was some hope of change in the near(ish) future. Now, we have seen that change, and it is no change at all.

We are ruled by same loathsome, lying, corrupt, venal bastards rule over us: they are simply wearing slightly different novelty masks. Indeed, the simple fact that I must write the words “we are ruled” is sign enough that nothing has changed.

We are in for another five years of the same “dreadful, overbearing and untrustworthy” government as we have had for the past thirteen. And then? Well, either these same awful people will be returned to power or the Other Lot of awful shit-bags—the ones that we’ve only just got rid of—will be brought in instead. Again.

And no matter which bunch of bastards we are forced to elect to Parliament will make little difference: the state will continue expanding, we will continue to pay more tax, society will become more atomised and dangerous, business will become more difficult, civil liberties will be removed, everyday pleasures will be ever more circumscribed and punished and our lives will continue to be a little bit harder and more miserable with every year that passes.

Every word is echoed by this blog. Reading the Devil’s assessment brought to mind a quote from John F. Kennedy – and it is one the political class today would do well to think on:

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

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  1. 1 right_writes 15/11/2010 at 8:02 am

    I post on many blogs, I find it passes the time as I am not able to work.

    However I am constantly aware, that the ONLY way to make an impact is to vote for a party that is sworn to the following:

    1: Immediate withdrawal from the EU and a return of sovereign power to Westminster.
    2: Introduction of Swiss style direct democracy in order to clip the wings of the newly empowered Westminster parliament, and ensure that the elites can never run away with the neighbours again… At least not without OUR say so. It has worked in Switzerland for 800 years, so it is not without precedent.

    In the absence of any viable alternative, I am afraid all of you UKIP/Farage haters have got to change your tune. That party is the only group which asks for votes and campaigns for the above two specifics.

    I know that Chris is involved with the libertarians and I am of this bent myself, I am a great admirer of Sean Gabb and what he has to say. I am also a great admirer of Ron Paul, but what good is he to us?

    However, I reckon that if one is openly right-wing, the position is unfortunately and unfairly tarred with the brushes of racism and fascism, both of which are untrue, and both of which UKIP have managed to shrug off, even though Pearson made a good stab at attracting that kind of attention, when he was the leader.

    There are those people that think that the right-wing of the CONservative party in an alliance with the left-wing of the Labour Party have more chance…. (Inside the tent!), unfortunately the theory does not stand up, there has been a rearguard of this sort, with some very good speeches and writings since around 1958 when MacMillan and Heath first made clear their intentions… The question that these folk can never answer positively though is this… How many powers have been repatriated from Brussels to Westminster during those 48 years?

    So, my view is that all anti-EUers and right-wingers in general should hold their noses (or not) and support the efforts of the UKIP or shut up. If what you say is so, Chris would appear to have chosen the latter. Fractious behaviour by the right-wing coupled with negative press, is what causes our relative weakness and poor performance at the polls, but UKIP got nearly one million votes in May, and there is no other party that can match that, or get anywhere near. Hell, there isn’t even any other proper right-wing party, apart from a couple of UKIP flouncers and libertarians. Richard North, is always writing about the power of the internet and the blogosphere and he is right, but unless there is a consensus about where we shove our X, NO real progress will ever be made.

    Indeed this is how the left got the upper hand, they invaded the CONservative party, they already had the Labour party, but they had to put down the extreme left and settle for mere fascism, and the LibDims are a special case. They were never liberals, well not since Gladstone and they were finally overcome by the Gang of Four. The ease with which that dough faced spiv “Cast Iron” Cameron leapt into bed with these confused individuals merely backs up my argument.

    Finally, I would posit that more or less everyone is at heart, right-wing. Try the following test on any so-called left winger… “Give me all of your money squire? Witness the response… Where is the progressivism now?

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