Cameron nearly got away with it

What else will he try to get away with? The subject of this speculation is of course David Cameron.

After he was exposed of rank hypocrisy by talking the talk and failing to walk the walk when it came to appointing members of his party hack entourage to taxpayer funded government positions, Honest Dave has:

performed a U-turn by removing photographer Andrew Parsons and videographer Nicky Woodhouse from the public payroll

It is a good day to sneak out such news now that the Palace and Number 10 have coordinated and agreed today’s announcement of a Royal Wedding. Keep the masses distracted and all will be well.

No doubt we should all be offering messages of gratitude for this benevolence and laser-like focus on minimising the cost of Cameron’s ego to taxpayers. But the fact remains the other former members of Cameron’s clique remain in their new government positions paid for by you and me. So Cameron has actually got away with it by rewarding his hangers on with well paid government jobs and tidy little pensions.

The political equivalent of nepotism is alive and well during our period of austerity.

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