David Cameron’s ‘spectacular success’

On the subject of the EU budget discussions, think back to when David Cameron returned from Brussels. The EU wanted more of our money and rather than put our interests first Cameron tried to split the difference in what he considers to be his uniquely ‘pragmatic’ way.

Either way the British taxpayer was going to pay at least £450m extra per year to fund the corrupt, self serving and incompetent bureaucracy’s quest for domination over the people of Europe. Cameron wanted us to believe that but for him and his brilliance we would instead be paying closer to a billion pounds extra each year. Indeed, this was the comment uttered by that fatuous idiot back in October:

We have succeeded quite spectacularly, we put together a big alliance to stop that juggernaut of 6% in its tracks.

The idiot may have conned some people, but many knew this was no done deal and that Cameron was engaging in the worst kind of spin and deception. The bill of £450m was always going to rise despite Cameron’s strutting in front of the press.

And so it has proved to be. Far from being stopped in its tracks that ‘juggernaut’ simply steered around Cameron, and its operator flicked two fingers at the British people as it passed by. EU Referendum explains the latest example of the European Union getting what it wants by whatever means necessary.

Succeeded quite spectacularly eh? He’s even more stupid than we previously thought. Let’s see the media put him on the spot about this one if they are paying attention for once. Perhaps the first question in Cameron’s idiotic waste of money ‘wellbeing index‘ survey should read: ‘How pleased are you that even more of your money is being demanded by the EU and that your Prime Minister hasn’t got the spine to refuse?’

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  1. 1 Sinjun 26/11/2010 at 6:25 pm

    Welcome back, AM! We really do deserve the politicians we elect: outside of the few on the web who were pointing out just how wet DC was, longstanding tribal emotions took hold and the electorally-mandated reshuffle delivered the faux-conservatives to power. Next time around (ie the next EMR ‘campaign’) bloggers must do more to get the message across that the current crop of politicians must be taught a lesson if we are to get our country back.

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