Our parasite class

There is bitter in-fighting between David Cameron’s puppetmaster, Steve Hilton and Cameron’s (for now) Communications Director, Andy Coulson. It is having a direct impact on government policy and therefore the country. Have you read about it in the media per chance? No? Guido explains:

The non-reporting of SHAC Attacks by the gentlemen reporters of the Lobby is the latest example of them behaving exactly as Peter Oborne describes in his book the Triumph of the Political Class. The Lobby is quite simply the tame “client media” of the political class. They’re reluctant to write about the Hilton / Coulson clashes for fear of being frozen out from having stories spoon-fed to them. Just as they were reluctant to write about another Downing Street adviser until the day after he resigned.

This is the British Establishment. Self serving and weighed down with vested interests. Despite this people turn out in their millions to vote for the political class and continue to believe what they are told by the media claque. Together they make up the parasite class. The question is, how much longer will they get away with it? This country is ripe for a sweeping transformation – but it will only happen if ordinary people will stand up for their own interests with the same zeal as the establishment.

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  1. 1 Richard Tebboth 26/11/2010 at 8:45 pm

    It’s like a rerun of cold war days.
    However, the internet renders D notices irrelevant.
    Remember Spycatcher by Peter Wright?

  1. 1 Tweets that mention Our parasite class « Autonomous Mind -- Topsy.com Trackback on 26/11/2010 at 9:45 pm
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