WikiLeaks lays bare the games of the political class

The drip feed of revelations from US diplomatic cables being published on WikiLeaks and via several selected media outlets will make interesting reading. Already the cables have shattered the default thinking of some people.

The supposedly bloodthirsty Israelis have shown concern about collateral damage if Iran’s nuclear facilities are not attacked before the end of this year. A number of Arab states have been pressing the US to deal with the threat of their fellow Muslim nation, Iran. David Cameron may have emulated Obama’s ‘change’ meme during the election campaign, but the Americans are not impressed by him. And there is much more besides. It will take time to distil much of the information so titbits will take days to emerge.

While much is being made about the assertion that publication would place at risk “the lives of countless innocent individuals … ongoing military operations … and cooperation between countries” it is becoming clear (unsurprisingly) that the main driver of protests about the publication of these cables is a desire to avoid embarrassment about the often inane games played by the political class. Let the contempt and oppobrium be heaped upon them.


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