‘In Europe, not run by Europe’ part XXIX

And so the David Cameron fantasy of being in Europe but not run by Europe continues.

A gold star goes to Witham MP, Priti Patel, who has been trying to raise awareness of the number of EU laws and directives that are now pending to become UK law. They are not necessarily laws the British people have sought or want, but Brussels has decided that’s the way things are going to be and as Britain is run by the European Union and Cameron has absolutely no intention of restoring British sovereignty, we are stuck with them.

Here’s a small selection of the new laws and directives (and the cost of implementing them that comes from our tax pounds) that will bind the people of the United Kingdom soon to be meekly accepted by our craven political class:

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – 8 pending directives

Work and Pensions – 3 pending directives

Justice – 2 pending directives

Home Office – 1 pending directive

In addition to these new laws and directives there continues to be some existing problematic legislation that the UK is incapable of unilaterally consigning to the dustbin. These just reinforce Cameron’s lies and confirm that the government of this country is the EU that resides in Brussels. One example is the law relating to Child Benefit payments being made to those who claim it for children that are not even resident in the UK.

When a question was submitted to George Osborne asking ‘if he will discuss with his EU counterparts an amendment to EU Regulation 883/2004 to remove from non-UK workers from other EU member states the entitlement to claim child benefit at the UK rate in respect of children not resident in the UK’ the response from the Treasury reminded Stephen Barclay MP that any amendments to the regulations ‘require a proposal by the European Commission and are subject to co-decision with the European Parliament and the Council’. The written answer from Justine Greening went on to say that:

Moreover, without reciprocity to remove the equivalent family benefit entitlement of UK nationals who work and pay compulsory social insurance contributions in other member states, the amendment as proposed would breach one of the fundamental principles of EC law that there must be no discrimination on the grounds of nationality when applying the rights set out in the treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and other measures in Community law to give effect to such rights.

This is just one consequence of the political class, without permission or mandate, giving up this country’s independence, surrendering our sovereignty and handing control of our laws to an unelected and unaccountable collective of foreign bureaucrats overseas. Yet more evidence, as if any were needed, that we are firmly ‘In Europe and run by Europe’. As a British citizen you just need to shut up and pay up. Are you happy about that?

5 Responses to “‘In Europe, not run by Europe’ part XXIX”

  1. 1 Agincourt 03/12/2010 at 1:03 pm

    The astonishing thing about a succession of British PMs & Cabinet ministers since Margaret Thatcher’s time is their deliberate avoidance of rocking the EU boat, regardless of how many lies they have to tell British voters to unconvincingly deny this – or altenatively being quite prepared to rock the UK citizens’ boat in favour of their greasy EU-bedmates. Why are they so quick to betray us as soon as they get their treacherous turncoat hands on ministerial & executive power? Are they getting secret pay from the EU? Wasn’t a large amount of annual EU expenditure totally unauditable – & has been so for many years? Was this where it went? Or are they so ill-informed of their ministries’ detailed work that treacherous senior foreign office officials (who happen toall be strong europhiles, & always keep their posts when ministers lose theirs) simply instruct them what to support (& always the EU line)?

    The votes nationally are clearly in taking a strong euro-sceptic line. Certainly 900,000 to a million UKIP votes are going begging. Yet the current Tory leadership disregards this & continues to try to out-maneouvre the country’s majority euro-sceptic grassroots.

    Significantly, when it came to the recent austerity budget, there was indecent haste to destroy Britain’s long-distance/strategic power wielding assets – the aircraft carriers & Harrier STOVL jets, & their F35 successors. These cuts were meant to be part of a broad range of economies – but they were about the only significant ones! Was this perhaps under Brussels neutralist orders? As the EU said to Norman Tebbit when he went to Brussels as a British minister at the time of the Falklands conflict in 1982, the EU staff said to him that Britain’s going to war over the Falklands was “not good for Europe!” Is this the treachery that British PMs – especially the turncoat Cameron – have signed up to at our expense? If so, he should go! When? Now!

  2. 2 Tufty 03/12/2010 at 8:09 pm

    No I’m not happy about it. The EU scam is similar the the climate change scam. In both cases we seem to have North Korean levels of consensus within the ruling class and rampant scepticism everywhere else. Apart from the BBC and the Guardian of course.

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