Are we freezing because of global warming?

Over to expert meterologist, Joe Bastardi:


In case you did not read the article, here is the question:

Are we freezing because of global warming?

Here is the answer: No, you are freezing, and get used to it, because the cyclical nature of climate is heading for colder times.

Several years ago, here in the states on the O’Reilly Factor TV show, I revealed a chart entitled the triple crown of cooling. Natural Oceanic cycles, Solar cycles and volcanic activity. Why is it, that when the PDO has changed, the sun is much less active than it has been in previous times ( the time of Victoria was referenced, and lo and behold, perhaps we are getting weather like that) and two major arctic volcanoes go off and with them, their natural lag time for cooling which is evolving now, the very answers that are logical are ignored in such articles.

It is amazing how we are expected to swallow such things.

I will give an example of the basic difference between what I do, and what the global warming community does. The post below explains that the NSIDC ideas are above board, when I had posted my suspicions on them and showed the evidence as I saw it. When they took the time to email and show me exactly what they were doing, what did I do? Immediately made sure you knew I had seen that and corrected for it. Not simply say, no its still as I say.

Yet NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS WITH THESE FOLKS AS FAR AS THE EARTHS TEMPS there is no getting around the fact they will claim they are right, and do so to a point where they seek to shut down debate.

Now perhaps in this Alice in Wonderland weather world, if the earths temps drop as I say, we will find that up is down and down is up. But if its me, and I have said this many many times, if you want a reason to push the agenda of alternative energy, you better darn well understand that what I am saying, that the earth cools back to the 70s, given the population and economies of the planet, is much more a pressing issue than if we warm it up. And simply shutting off the current sources that help in the advancement of mankind because of some unproven argument, is only going to lead to increased misery on our planet.. of our own making, and it wont be because of an increase in co2.

Again, for my euro readers, using the football argument..if we follow the logic put forth in this article, then the more your team scores, the more they will fall behind.

ciao for now ****

Bastardi has consistently outperformed the Met Office when it comes to long range weather forecasting. He understands the weather and he also understands the climate. He believes nature is driving cyclical changes in our climate, not the incredibly tiny proportion of CO2 in the atmosphere that has been emitted by human activity. If his premise is flawed or incorrect how does he keep getting it right? The more we assess the facts, the clearer the CO2 fraud becomes.

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