Follow the money

When it comes to the scam masquerading as action on climate change three essential ingredients are required. Scare stories, fraud, scandal. Each is interconnected with the others and each underpins lies we are being told by the parasite class.

Putting a price on carbon dioxide and creating a scheme to trade in emission credits has enabled big business and the corporations to literally make money out of thin air. Thanks to our troughing politicians money leaves our pockets in the form of higher prices for goods, services and energy, and is transferred to the corporations whose profit margins and shareholder bonuses spiral.

Government mandated wealth redistribution. We lose, the corporations win.

More of our money from taxation is gifted by the government without our permission to developing countries, ostensibly to help them ‘combat climate change’.  The money is then spent by these nations on the technologies and consultancy they think they need to move towards a zero carbon economy. Who provides this? Step forward our grubbing corporations once again. It is a variation on the old scam of lending money to poorer nations for them to spend in your own products. The poorer nations are just the middle man for further enrichment of the corporates.

Government mandated wealth redistribution. We lose, poorer nations get some equipment, the corporations still win.

3 Responses to “Follow the money”

  1. 1 Tufty 06/12/2010 at 2:57 pm

    A protracted series of cold winters throughout the developed would be interesting. As the bills rise and freezing cold drags on and on, then people may demand fewer lies and more truth about climate trends. That’ll be a real bummer for the ruling class – truth becoming popular – or even trendy.

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