No, Non, Nein

Germany is not the country it once was. Its finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble has indicated his country’s firm opposition to the harmonisation of tax policy across the Eurozone is softening.

Previously the arch federalists in Spain have been pushing the idea of tax harmonisation, something that Germany has long refused to consider. But now, in the clearest signal that the EU project is entering the final stages of its coup within every member state, Schaeuble has conceded that:

‘The basic decision was for fiscal and budgetary policy to be decided on the national level. If that is to be changed, then we can talk about it.’

This is a huge sea change, a huge boost for Brussels and it demonstrates that regardless of the impact on individual nation states, the political classes across Europe obey the instruction to put the EU first. In itself that is bad enough. But the big story is Schaeuble’s prediction that:

‘In 10 years we will have a structure that corresponds much stronger to what one describes as political union.’

For many politicians the notion of ‘ever closer union’ was just a catchphrase. They conned themselves and the public that the nation states will continue to exist and will be sovereign, even as they were busy signing over power to Brussels as fast as they could move their pens and absorb the taxpayer funded hospitality that sought to flatter and seduce. But you cannot keep surrendering competence for your own nations affairs indefinitely and be sovereign because eventually there is nothing left to hand over – and at that stage you are nothing but a land mass that has lost its identity and determination over its affairs.

John Randolph once said that ‘a state can no more give up part of her sovereignty than a lady can give up part of her virtue’. Sovereignty has already been given up, but an illusion of self determination remained. Now even that illusion is being removed to reveal the true nature of things.

The UK is not part of the Eurozone, but already charges a Euro tax in the form of VAT. The EU will not accept a two speed Europe and it needs Britain (and our money) right in the middle of things. Therefore the deeper integration towards the ‘political union’ Schaeuble sees arriving in the next decade encompasses Britain and means matters will come to a head domestically.

With the British people in angry mood and the political class continuing on its self serving path, this issue could come to a head with quite a bang. The sooner the better!

2 Responses to “No, Non, Nein”

  1. 1 TomTom 13/12/2010 at 6:35 pm

    Don’t get too excited. this was an interview with the FT and even the journalist was stunned by Schauble’s comment. Schauble is a very ill man and his career is over. He astounded even the Cabinet with these comments.

    It won’t happen. DIW research institute is calling for higher wealth taxes on the rich since Germany has moved from Debt at 62% GDP to 75% within just 3 years. After all VAT was a French TVA taxintroduced because they didn’t bother paying income tax – Northern Europeans get rigid compliance on both taxes, whereas the French have latin compliance.

  1. 1 Their continuing ignorance and a very interesting conversation « Autonomous Mind Trackback on 30/06/2011 at 9:31 am
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