EU putting pressure on Swiss sovereignty

The EU has decided it is time for Switzerland to decide whether it wants closer integration with the bloc or to be cast out into the market-access wilderness, according to EUobserver. In reality Switzerland is not being given a choice if it wants to trade with EU member states.

The bully boy tactics of the ‘colleagues’ stems from their anger that the Swiss people are determined to remain independent. The EU, in its own inimitable way, has decided that if Switzerland’s cantons will not willingly embrace EU primacy, the bloc will start asserting itself in a hostile manner using blackmail and threats. The supposedly pro free trade EU is using access to its customs union market as a weapon to make the Swiss bend to Brussels’ will. As the piece explains:

Without “efficient arrangements” to ensure Switzerland adopts EU law, including case law set down by European Court of Justice rulings, and enforcement of this law, the European single market, which Switzerland has access to, lacks the “necessary homogeneity,” said the ministers.

In other words, the EU will make Switzerland’s ability to trade with it difficult. A significant factor in all this is that the EU hates businesses and individuals to have an ability to choose what’s best for them, specifically when it comes to taxation. The tax systems in the cantons are far more favourable to businesses and individuals and companies are moving there to save themselves huge sums of money. The EU cannot stand the thought that within continental Europe there is a competitive alternative to its self serving tax and spend regime.

The EU will stop at nothing to dominate Europe and subsume nation states. It is outrageous that the EU should make such brazen demands of a sovereign country to adopt laws made elsewhere. Now it remains to be seen if Switzerland can hold firm in the face of the forthcoming assault. Welcome to the post-democratic age.

4 Responses to “EU putting pressure on Swiss sovereignty”

  1. 1 right_writes 15/12/2010 at 12:01 pm


    Just as all the hedge funds and the like are being driven out of the EU (the UK actually) through the AIFF directives for a move to the greener pastures of Switzerland.

    These people are literally mad!

  2. 2 Derek Reynolds 15/12/2010 at 1:08 pm

    Yes, they are mad that they do not have everything. This is a neo-Nazi organisation. “Ve haf vays of making you join!”

  3. 3 Agincourt 16/12/2010 at 1:04 pm

    The way for Switzerland to fight back, if that is the situation that these threats creates, is to target those specific EU countries that lead the charge against Switzerland. If Van Rompuy is the ring-leader & gets his way to Switzerland’s material disadvantage, then Switzerland should target all Belgian goods with high tariffs & quality control embargoes – & maybe even Belgian citizens too with, eg, visa restrictions & perhaps worse. Those countries who try to back Switzerland, or at least show Switzerland no ill will, should be favoured with favourable tariff rates etc.

    This would soon force a re-think, perhaps not at first in the EU’s buildings, but quick enough in, eg, Belgian government circles. And if ever our quisling leaders at last deign to listen to us UK voters & start at least resisting the EU – but preferably actually withdrawing from the EU – then this would be our best approach. If any of them target us, go for their throats. But if some act sympathetically, then give them favours. They’d all soon learn!

  4. 4 John 10/01/2011 at 11:17 pm

    Oo Yes especially right, actually I’m for the option of doing the same back. I don’t think the E.U. Should get away with bullying.

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