Reaching the end of the line

Last week’s post here, ‘The Rules of the Game Have Changed‘ sparked the most debate yet seen on this blog.

The reluctant and deeply saddening acceptance, that if democratic means and lawful protest continue to fail to make the political class accept the will of the people we should be prepared, as an absolutely last resort to take direct action, has now been echoed in a hard hitting piece by lawful rebellion practitioner, Captain Ranty.

There is undoubtedly a sea change taking place in this country. Among people I speak with and commenters on this blog patience is wearing thin at the political class’ arrogant and self serving refusal to put our our interests first, in the manner they are duty bound to do. If they will not relinquish then we will need to take power back.

It is profoundly depressing, but people who have respected the law all their lives are reaching the end of the line and recognising that by playing by the rules the politicians have put in place we are unlikely to achieve the necessary change. The politicians bear sole responsibility for this. As Captain Ranty puts it, we are ‘stupid no more’. One can only hope that it never comes to direct action. But if it does, many people who have resolutely disagreed with direct action in the past are now saying they will take it as a last resort.

5 Responses to “Reaching the end of the line”

  1. 1 jameshigham 16/12/2010 at 4:35 pm

    There is the normal pollie corruption/stupidity and then there is the clear agenda by Them, e.g. Barroso and associates, Lamy, King etc. and their purpose is to force people into positions where they become insurgents in their own country, to be mopped up by the FEMAs of the world.

  2. 2 Andy Baxter 16/12/2010 at 8:12 pm

    AM apologies for the length of the comment but I feel I’ve got something important to convey:

    I totally agree…the sea change is happening, its just a waft of a light tender kiss of a breeze at present faintly detectable but its brewing up towards The Perfect Storm….

    This resentement is detectable on all almost all the blogs out there and its growing.

    There used to exist a simple unwrtten contract between the State and its people, a sort of civil ‘covenant’ if you like and it was this “pay your fair share of taxes and keep your nose clean and we’ll leave you alone”

    not any more…its take take take and take some more and we’ll threaten, bully, corral, cajole and punish you with unfair unjust summary fines and denial of liberty (just try withholding your council tax or TV licence fee to see just how severe it can get)if you don’t!

    All my life I’ve been law abiding, I have respected authority, in other words I’ve accepted being governed by authority as I felt it to be just, but no longer do I have respect for the authority over me, based as it is, not on my interests or those of the common good but on the basis of “divine right” of the ruling elite to have power over all of us and pursuing their own agendas.

    Daily we see criminals getting literally away with murder and a Police (wet tissue) service that should be a FORCE who have become servants of the STATE and its religion of equality and diversity instead of servants of the LAW as they should be. Increasingly and I’ll concede that its not their fault beyond the fact they choose to adhere to the policies of the ruling elite where Police target the honest poor and law abiding middle class because were easy targets….because we fill the quotas of the rulers!

    Most of us have had respect for law and authority…but all this unjust punishment and deliberate pursuit of agendas that we neither voted for nor wanted is taking all of us to a breaking point.

    and EVERYONE has a breaking point….

  3. 3 Autonomous Mind 16/12/2010 at 8:32 pm

    No apologies needed Andy. Thanks for your thoughts. They are clearly shared by a growing number of good people who have had enough.

  4. 4 Captain Ranty 16/12/2010 at 10:51 pm

    Thanks for the link AM.

    Andy, a great comment.


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