They want to bring us chaos?

Leg Iron at Underdogs Bite Upwards is in fine form today. The ‘news’ that Islamist terrorists have plans to attack us this Christmas inspires some wry observations. Instead of being frightened, he suggests, try some derision:

They plan to cause chaos at Christmas. Have they looked at this place over Christmas? Chaos starts in November and we don’t sober up until March. Well, okay, that might just be me and a few friends. The West is obsessed with a) global warming and b) deciding whether winter tyres should be made compulsory in view of the persistently cold weather.

We have windmills where there’s no wind, solar panels in a country where it’s dark for half the year and cloudy for the other half, a government that spends its time calling each other names when it’s not engaging in fraud, spying or illicit sex. We have students protesting about fees they aren’t really ever going to pay and we have people telling us that eating is bad for us. We have people turning up at hospitals with the Winter Squits in case they become dehydrated, because they don’t have taps at home. They are admitted to hospital, thus spreading the Winter Squits all over the hospitals and to every place that patients are discharged to, while claiming smokers and fat people are crippling the NHS. Banks have no money, shops have no food, the post office can’t deliver because of a little bit of snow and murderers sue their employers when they get fired after conviction.

They want to bring us chaos? The old saying ‘ like taking coal to Newcastle’ comes to mind.

There’s a lot more besides. Take a look at the whole thing.

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