Monbiot, global warming, idiocy and spin

There are two cracking, ‘must read’ posts today that take George Monbiot to task over his stance on global warming. These will be posts worth bookmarking for future reference, given the wonderful assortment of quotes and other material…

First up we have Dr Richard North at EU Referendum who argues that Monbiot is plumbing new depths of stupidity, insisting in the loathsome Guardian that the “unusually cold winters” are caused by global warming – Total Eclipse of the Moonbat. The post contains numerous warmist quotes about winter weather that they are now contradicting.

Then comes Anthony Watts at Watts Up With That? who exposes the flaws in Monbiot’s claims when using NASA GISS to prove to his readers that warm pocket weather patterns elsewhere cause cold in England – Australia’s white summer, Monbiot’s red fury. The post shows how data is used selectively to map temperature and is fundamentally unreliable.

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