The great weather forecasting match up

Over at Real Science, Steven Goddard says there are only two real players in the long range weather forecasting profession – Joe Bastardi and Piers Corbyn.

The Met Office’s determination to put its global warming ideology before accurate forecasting has long since ruled it out as a serious player in meterology. As a result more articles like this are appearing as the Met Office desperately spins the line that it didn’t issue a seasonal forecast. Perhaps not in name, but it certainly used its infamous, lavishly taxpayer funded computer models to predict the temperatures this winter and were completely wrong – again.

Bastardi and Corbyn have different outlooks for the weather after the holiday period. As Steven says his understanding is that, ‘Joe is forecasting milder European weather after Christmas, and Piers isn’t’. So which of these long range forecasting titans will be more accurate? It’s Joe vs Piers and readers are being invited to share their thoughts in the comments. The most amusing comment so far is this from ‘suyts’:

I take Joe, but probably because I’m really hoping for a warm turn so we can hear all of the alarmists stutter and say they didn’t mean warming was causing cold and that we misunderstood.

Why not have a punt? Enjoy!

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