Media continues to be EU’s poodle

As 2010 draws to a close we have a late entry for an award in the media’s Unthinking Sycophancy category. Step forward The Scotsman with a short puff piece in praise of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The piece headlines with this: ‘£6.6m from EU ‘could create 7,000 jobs’ and goes on to explain:

MORE than £6.6 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is to be shared by seven projects to help Scots set up their own businesses.

Up to 7,000 jobs could be created through the schemes, the Scottish Government claimed.

Liz Cameron, chief executive of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC), praised the latest round of cash awards from the ERDF as “fantastic news for businesses all over Scotland”.

I’m sure readers across the UK will join me in expressing unreserved gratitude to the EU, for sending back a small proportion of the money we have had taken from us by Brussels without any democratic mandate, and using these crumbs from its table as propaganda to promote the EU as some kind of generous benefactor rushing to support the UK in a time of need.

Perhaps The Scotsman would better serve its readers by explaining where this money originated and telling them how we pay in more than we get back, while a chunk of our cash is used to pay the administration costs of this monetary merry-go-round. But then it wouldn’t sound like quite the great deal the EU want people to think it is.

There is a word to describe this Scotsman piece. It is ‘propaganda’.

5 Responses to “Media continues to be EU’s poodle”

  1. 1 Andy Baxter 31/12/2010 at 8:49 am


    your last three posts on CO2 and the media are all pieces in the jigsaw of a larger picture: one you yourself hinted at in an earlier post about UN interference and wealth redistribution via the IPCC and ultimately control of not only all information sources but the internet also, which is the last bastion of free speech and thinking critique and discourse in the world.

    co-incidentally Mary Ellon Synon has a good post on EU propaganda also and control of the media worth reading, but as I said the peices of the jigsaw are all there and anyone with the time to step back and think can see it.

    We are heading towards World Government; not the Ian Fleming SPECTRE type but altogether more sinister, devious, controlling, determined, utterly ruthless and patient, ever so patient in its goal of creating ‘regional’ elites that rule and plebs that are cattle to be harvested and controlled for their benefit.

    Think about these facts;

    The gradual control of the MSM with near 99% of the content (Fox news aside) sanctioned, fed, controlled by the governments of the day:

    The closing down of critical websites by our Police with no judicial oversight merely on the bullying and pressure of local chief constables who don’t like the content or think it is off message. over 1200 so far according to Subrosa.

    Information control and silencing of dissent in other words.

    The gradual erosion of civil liberties under Common Law with the exponential growth of Statute Laws that corral bully intimidate and control behaviour.

    The conversion of the police into servants of the State not servants of the Law as established under Robert Peel’s policing principles way back in 1829!

    The, I totally believe, deliberate dumbing down of our education system (how else can you explain the obvious of successive government policies in doing so) to create semi-illiterate multitudes that can be easily whipped up into frenzy’s or cowed into submission via sound byte headlines in the same controlled MSM.

    The EU which is a working evolving prototype model that grows and continues to learn from its mistakes but will never ever release its grip and continues to bulldoze its way towards ever tighter control.

    FEMA in the USA a totally unaccountable organisation funded by its taxpayers under Homeland Security with no oversight and no control by the elected representatives of the people. The USA under FEMA has been sub divided into ten regional superregions all under the direct control of governors appointed by the President with no election or oversight. FEMA has built and staffed countless regional centres all over the US where the exponential growth of information storage on all US citizens and foreign nationals who visit the US and their activities is collated and ‘analysed’. it has also built thousands of ‘regional’ detention centres (FEMA calls them housing centres) capable of detaining hundreds of thousands of people and their families, all behind double razor wire fences and located near to airfield and railheads!

    The EU has countless directives in place that allow it to monitor and collate information on people within its border similar to FEMA as well as the ability and now the authority under ‘Lisbon’ to collate and analyse your data and information use and even remote access your hard drive without a court order.

    The EU arrest warrant: need I say more?

    The pervasive and growing PC culture designed to control speech and ultimately thought in individuals and combine this with the tarring brush techniques (fascist, racist etc etc ad nauseum) used to silence critique along with the ever growing numbers of people who cannot think for themselves because of a deliberate poor education.

    Also think about the various viral outbreak ‘scares’ of recent years. think about public reaction based on MSM headlines and sound bytes. All I beleive preparing the masses for a mass innoculation programme. And for what purpose?

    And just look at the level of debt that all these so called mature democracy’s and other country’s worldwide have run up…all under what is called ‘fractional reserve banking’ (its too complicated to explain here but happy to discuss with anyone who wants to?) but fractional reserve banking is the curse of the modern age for it makes governments that should be accountable to us accountable to the central banks who create the debt and all the interest it creates to service it (out of literally thin air) and all of this debt and interest secured on us plebs through statute law under the guise of taxation in all its various forms.

    We and every country in the world could be running debt free economies within one maybe two years if we had politicans who had the balls to take control of our own money supply. its a simple fact that if a government can issue debt i.e. bonds to create money it can issue actual money also (i.e. debt free bank notes) and by doing so pay off the debt but at the same time reduce the ability of central banks to lend money they don’t have. in other words creat an economy on actual reserve lending not fractional reserve lending.

    We in England and Wales operated under such a debt free economy for over 700 years (introduced by Henry II called ‘tally sticks’) right up until the chartering of the Bank of England in 1694 when our national debt first emerged and has been growing ever since.

    And here is an interesting fact; did you know that all the worlds major central banks; BofE, Federal Reserve, Bundesbank, etc etc are all in majority private ownership. not owned by us the electorate who pay for all the debt they create and serviced via taxation but in majority private ownership.

    Its all about control, control of our money supply, control of our speech, our thought, our liberty and our lives.

    And its happening now…….every day

    And we are approcahing the end game.

    AM and readers may think I’m a bit mad and perhaps seeing conspiracy theory’s where there are none but just think about this:

    Why do the politicians, the elite who govern us (all obviously well educated (most independently wealthy in their own right) and intelligent people (ruthless, stand on necks power grabbers are anything but stupid) all to a man and woman refuse to change their stances and policies, why when they can of course see the effect of what they do and must know the effect it has on us plebs continue to do more of the same, why do they pursue ever furhter centralised control and ever tighter grips on our lives..

    They MUST know what they do….yet refuse to change

    The question to ask is…why?

  2. 2 fraser 31/12/2010 at 8:58 am

    This sort of propaganda infuriats me. The £6.6 million that they will recieve in funding was originally the best part of £14 million before those fucking pigs in the EU got their hands on it.

    That fucking mouthpiece for the EU should be saying this is an insult, we could create 20000 new jobs if we were not giving all our money away to you pigs.You want us to be gratefull that you are willing to give us a few scraps from your table….I could go on and on.

  3. 3 WitteringsfromWitney 31/12/2010 at 9:10 am

    Nice spot AM!

  4. 4 BJ 31/12/2010 at 12:51 pm

    Yep, all of that money goes out and a bit comes back.

    Furthermore, the businesses created will have to be approved by the EU bureaucrats.

    Oh, and make sure the EU flag is visible.

  5. 5 Neil Craig 31/12/2010 at 4:40 pm

    That is £940 per job created!

    So with the EU costing us about £90 billion annually, including both direct costs & the 5.5% of GNP foregone because of regulation that comes to the EU costing us 95 million new jobs every year.

    Assuming our media, politicians & EUcrats aren’t wholly corrupt. We do assume that don’t we?

    Gosh isn’t solving all political problems easy.

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