Met Office shares blame for poor contingency measures in NI

Writing today in Belfast’s NewsLetter the former Northern Irish Environment Minister, Sammy Wilson, has hit out at the slow response to the interruption to the water supply in the Belfast area, and the appalling lack of communication that left affected residents and businesses guessing about when their supply would be restored.

While Wilson rightly avoids hysteria and focuses on managerial failings and lack of preparedness to fix pipes and arrange effective temporary supply, uniquely among ‘mainstream’ politicians he also points the finger at other parties for their role in undermining general preparedness. As he says:

Nature  defied all the extravagant claims of the global warming fanatics yet again, giving us weeks of below freezing temperatures and the heaviest snowfalls for 50 years, despite the claims by the so called scientific experts at the start of the decade that snowfalls in Britain would be a thing of the past because of global warming. […]

[…] However, the discomfort of the harbingers of climate doom is overshadowed by the impact which the harsh winter has had on many across Northern Ireland where it seems we are unable to cope with the extreme conditions which this winter has brought.

To some extent the blame lies with the global warmists in the Met office and the policy makers who find it hard to admit that they are wrong and we should prepare ourselves for climatic conditions which their computer models claim cannot possibly occur.

For his clear thinking and principled approach Wilson was drummed out his ministerial role and marginalised at Stormont and in Westminster. He was mocked by the ‘consensus’ of politicians who are bought in to the alarmist narrative.

However it has not taken long for Wilson’s appraisal of the alarmist claims to be vindicated. Those with a global warming agenda have convinced those whose role it is to provide contingency measures that weather and temperature is only going in one direction and that snow and ice was no longer going to be a major problem to deal with. After three winters of snow and ice, those warmists are only now, for the first time, claiming such winter weather is evidence of their global warming prediction. Funny how it was never the case before and they had long said snow was fast becoming a thing of the past.

Wilson is very much in step with the thoughts of many people who can now see the global warming alarmist claims don’t add up. It is Wilson’s critics and colleagues in the assembly and parliament clinging to the party line who are out of step and out of touch with reality as they put their faith in computer models and demonstrably fanciful predictions.

Politics needs more Sammy Wilsons and fewer clones who parrot the mantra of the small clique of party leaders who see advantage for themselves in using the alarmist agenda to push unnecessary and harmful legislation.

3 Responses to “Met Office shares blame for poor contingency measures in NI”

  1. 1 Derek Reynolds 02/01/2011 at 8:19 am

    “Off with his head!”
    “One cannot go around telling the truth! It’s just not done!”

    The Westminster/Stormont/Wherever Sheep all go Ba-aa-aa for fear of being eaten by the choir master.

    More Sammy’s please.

  2. 2 Tufty 02/01/2011 at 12:21 pm

    Sammy Wilson is a very good and entertaining non-technical speaker on climate change.

  3. 3 Barry 02/01/2011 at 8:05 pm

    The Met Office have mislead themselves and others in again and again zeroing in on averages and projected averages. For our day to day lives averages of rain, temperature, pressure, etc across a decade, a year or even as short as a season are next to useless.

    Policy decisions have been and continue to be made using a very poor metric. What relevance is climate to weather and how we (and our public services) prepare for it? Bugger all really. Huge amounts of weather information get discarded in the calculation of climate averages but it is the weather that impacts our lives not the climate. A drought isn’t a climate event but requires forethought to maintain water supplies if one happens.

    A case in point is the projection for milder winters leading to a scaling back of gritting and ploughing. This was and is potty – you’d scale back your fleet if you were getting more capable vehicles or having less miles of road to clear and grit. Even if snowfall becomes less frequent you’ve still got the same amount of roads to clear when it happens. Weather and climate have nothing to do with either of those matters but climate projections have been used to justify reducing fleets.

    There are vague echoes of credit ratings agencies here. They were producing opinions on financial products filled with caveats and I expect the Met did likewise. Someone will have said somewhere that our weather would continue to be variable. But they will have also seen the stoking up of climate hysteria and said nothing about the gulf between what the Met Office projections imply and how our representatives interpret it.

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