Wind turbines: generating power or something else?

It’s always nice to see that the objective of wind energy companies is to generate electricity. After all, there could not be any other motivation for being in the generation industry, could there?

One Idaho wind company has a plan to get more green for each gust.

Idaho Winds LLC, representing eight local wind farms, has petitioned the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to approve its unconventional plan to sell renewable energy credits in California.

In its Dec. 15 request, Idaho Winds proposed to sell wind energy and related renewable energy credits to a third party. The catch was Idaho Winds would instantly buy the power back, leaving just the credits, which the third party would sell to a California utility.

In essence, no energy would be sold — just California credits for wind power sold in another state.

Consumers must be so pleased to see one of the reasons the cost of their energy is rising rapidly.

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