EU is told ‘Hands off Royal Mail’

You would have to possess a heart of stone not to laugh at stories such as that in the Express, which reports that Brussels was urged yesterday to “keep its nose out” of Britain’s plans for the Royal Mail. It goes on to explain:

The company could be forced to sell some of its best businesses if the EU decides Government plans to take over pensions add up to state aid. European parcels arm General Logistics Systems, which made a profit of £51million in the past six months, is one company that could go.

As you would expect of this quisling government, when asked to comment it said that it was ‘far too early to speculate’. So the paper turned to Eurosceptic Conservative (aren’t these names mutually exclusive?) Philip Davies MP, who said:

The EU are sticking their noses where it’s not wanted. It’s a prime example of why we would be better off out of the EU.

Davies, of course, misses the point spectacularly. The EU is not so much sticking its nose in where it’s not wanted as simply exercising the power it has been given by Davies’ fellow politicians to tell us what we can and can’t do. This is what happens when government, without the permission of the people, surrenders sovereignty to an alien entity over which we have no democratic control and which remains resolutely unaccountable.

He is right that we would be better off out of the EU. But that will not happen all the while people like him prop up a party whose leader’s stated policy is to remain fully entwined in the EU project and not to offer the people a referendum because he personally doesn’t want one.

2 Responses to “EU is told ‘Hands off Royal Mail’”

  1. 1 right_writes 04/01/2011 at 9:41 am

    This is frankly very odd behaviour by Mr Davies, it defies logic. As a signatory to the Freedom Association’s “Better Off Out” campaign, he stands absolutely no chance of any form of promotion or preferment from his boss. The “men in grey suits” have stated that signing up to this campaign, will ensure this.

    MP’s have very little influence on the executive as it is, so this act alone makes an MP completely pointless, he can’t even have the small amount of influence of a non-signatory when acting for one of his constituents. Presumably he occupies a safe seat (rotten borough?), so his job is effectively a sinecure.

    By crossing the floor and joining UKIP for instance, he would immediately gain influence, yet he and his BOO colleagues do not do this, even though it is clear that since Harold MacMillan was CONservative party leader, events like the sacking of Enoch Powell and Margaret Thatcher, that such people will not be allowed to prosper.

    The “Gang of Four” managed to take over the Liberal Party, and here we have a gang of seventeen (and it is a certainty that there are more) that behave like eunuchs.


  2. 2 Rich 04/01/2011 at 9:23 pm

    Secret votes in the commons on absolutely everything. Thereby the whips become redundant. Fuck, this democracy lark is sooo easy.

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