Germany is such a green and pleasant land

With apologies to King James for reworking St Mark’s chapter and verse 10:25… It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a coal fired power station to be built the United Kingdom.

There are bountiful supplies of coal in stable countries which could secure our power needs for decades years while new reliable and efficient energy sources are developed. But no. We have to put up with the gurning lhuhnatic ensconced at the Dept of Energy and Climate Change muttering that coal is dirty and nuclear is dangerous and lavishing billions of our tax pounds on unreliable and inefficient wind turbines that produce barely 22% of their installed capacity.

Germany is often cited by the eco lhuhnes as an example of a forward thinking, green nation. But while we are conned into aspiring to Germany’s passion for renewables the reality of Germany’s energy strategy is carefully airbrushed from the script and the windmills trump all. Then suddenly it dawns on some that the things don’t work when they are most needed. As EU Referendum observes:

Gradually, though, the media is getting the point, and as the facts leach out, even the warmists in The Guardian are not going to be able to hold the line. But what is going to sink the warmist ship, one suspects, is the fickleness of our EU colleagues, who might be talking the talk on greenery but, on the other hand, they are investing heavily in coal. The particular culprit here is Germany, and we have recent acquired a list of new coal projects in the pipeline – listed below:

The amount of power the new German plants will generate, shown on EU Referendum, dwarfs the amount of energy the Con-Dem’s windmills will produce while being many times more cost effective.

The folly of the government’s energy policy demonstrates how ill served we are by the braingreenwashed ideologues whose fantasies are condemning us to a future of excessively expensive and unreliable energy. And it is being done on the basis of an illusory climate change ‘crisis’ supposedly driven by a trace gas, CO2, of which barely 5% of the atmospheric volume comes from mankind’s emissions.

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  1. 1 Robert 08/01/2011 at 9:58 am

    We have not been able to build new coal powered stations in this country because the energy companies are constrained by the government with regard to carbon capture and storage (CCS)and unsustainable targets on the reduction of carbon. Also because of the Kingsnorth events they have grave concerns about their ability to operate them in this country without major disruption from green movements.

    CCs is untried in large power stations and may be impossible. It will almost certainly be expensive to operate making coal fired power stations uncompetitive compared to gas or nuclear. How are the Germans allowed to build these power stations set against the EU regulations relating to carbon reduction? Do they have to retro-fit CCS? How have they managed to build these stations without the green movement in Germany closing them down? There is no way a nuclear power plant could have been built in Germany.

    As you have pointed out wind makes no sense, but the future is gas as more gas reserves are found worldwide. They may even find some in Germany if they are allowed to look.

  2. 2 orkneylad 08/01/2011 at 10:25 am


    The Great CO2 Non Problem:

    Feel free to re-use the ‘pies’ if you have any use for them.


  1. 1 A look back at Nick Clegg’s comments on energy | Autonomous Mind Trackback on 28/06/2013 at 10:19 am
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