Cameron is a liar and his EU Bill a fraud

Guido Fawkes has a bit of a focus on David Cameron’s completely meaningless piece of Common theatre known as the European Union Bill. As he says on his blog:

The Europe Bill allegedly seeks to close the “wriggle room” that ministers would have in granting referendums over changes to the powers surrendered to the EU. However given the fact it would require the UK to sign up to Treaties, only to subsequently put them to the country, it has left many scratching their head at how it would work.

Precisely. And the thing is Cameron knew this all along.  The Bill is only meant to give the illusion of self determination. It is intended to give people the impression that no more power will move from Westminster to Brussels. But it affords the UK no buffer from EU lwas and regulations and power will continue to flow to Brussels, weaking democratic accountability in this country. As such it is a wholesale deception from a pro EU Prime Minister who is serving the EU’s interests by ruthlessly attempting to con the public.

The EU love Cameron for doing this. He is not our man talking to Brussels, he is Brussels’ man keeping us in check. There is a concerted effort to perpetrate a fraud against the public as Guido’s piece and this summary of William Hague’s disgraceful deceit demonstrate. As I pointed out in that post, the Conservatives have lied through their teeth about stopping powers being surrendered to the EU:

Consider, George Osborne’s backing and approval of the EU’s new oversight plan for financial services which removes power from the UK and relocates in with the EU in Brussels. Let’s not forget Theresa May signing Britain up to European Investigation Orders (EIO). Do you recall being asked to approve any of the powers in this article that have been handed to the EU on Cameron’s watch?  And let us not forget the key fact that even with Cameron’s pathetic and meaningless ‘Referendum Lock’ we are having more and more laws are being imposed on the UK and Hague and his little chums are not lifting a finger to stop them. Next up on the export manifest is control over policing and justice, which the EU will be handed in the near future.

Now we have John Redwood chipping in with this observation – but staying firmly in the Conservative Party despite the fraud that is being carried out:

The government says its Bill will reassert or confirm Parliamentary sovereignty, at least with respect to the EU. It will confirm that EU law only applies here because Parliament enacted the 1972 European Communities Act, giving the EU what powers it enjoys.

Some say it is now more complex than that. If, as some say, judges can now change or overturn laws through common law judgements and cases, then judges too can work with EU law and Treaties regardless of the views of Parliament.

While Redwood is broadly correct his subsequent assessment where he says: ‘I do believe we need to strengthen democratic accountability here at home’ shows he has missed the point. We need to restore democratic accountability here at home because it has been swept away. If Redwood thinks we still have it, he is at best misguided.

Despite the weight of accumulated evidence elsewhere showing the EU Bill will achieve nothing if enacted, Cameron is pushing ahead with this con regardless. It is nothing more than a costly performance and a waste of time. To put it into context, if enacted the EU Bill will have the same effect as a law passed banning cheese production on the moon. Nothing will change. No lunar cheese will be made anyway and nothing this Bill claims to do will stop further powers being handed to the EU. Cameron and Hague are bare faced liars and are taking us all for fools.

7 Responses to “Cameron is a liar and his EU Bill a fraud”

  1. 1 graham wood 11/01/2011 at 2:22 pm

    Excellent comment AM. Spot on, I’m sad to say.

    Cash and his so called ‘eurosceptic’ friends in the Commons have been complaining about the EU in useless fashion for over thirty years, but that is all that they do. Each time the EU ratchet (geared to work only one way) goes up another notch or three.
    If all of these, Cash, Redwood, Carswell et al were genuine men of principle, they would have walked out of the Not The Conservative Party years ago, and either joined UKIP or stood as independents.
    The fact that they have not speaks louder than all they have muttered about for those years.
    In effect we have the hard Left – the Labour Party. The soft Left – the Tory Party, and the Loony Left – LibDims.
    Great choice for the voter!. When will naive and gullible eurosceptic “hopefuls” wake up and understand that none of them care one toss for us – only their careers, pensions, and power really matter.

  2. 2 Liz Elliot-Pyle 11/01/2011 at 3:41 pm

    Yes I totally agree, AM.
    What will happen is that the ‘rebels’ will try to put their point and will then capitulate when it comes to the vote.
    I think Douglas Carswell is the only one with any honour, but even he will not resign over this.

  3. 3 Pugwash 11/01/2011 at 4:58 pm

    I am becoming convinced that Cameron and his ilk have a hidden agenda and having a seat in the cabinet is just a stepping stone to greater power. There is no doubt in my mind that both the EU and the UN have ambitions towards world governance and this would provide national leaders with a step up to the ultimate power base now that so many nations have been castrated.

    All this may sound far fetched but all one has to do is to go back to the days when we first signed up to the European Common Market and see the changes that have taken place from then to now. Also think of the wassacks that have been given high paying and prestigious positions in the EU, Kinnock for one springs to mind.

    Now that they have a milch cow in the form of ‘Carbon Trading’ we will doubtless see an acceleration of the power grab from nation states to world governance. By the way, has anybody else noticed how the term ‘Carbon Dioxide’ is being replaced by ‘Carbon’. The first is a plant food, the latter a dirty black substance; strange isn’t it?

    Thank’s AM for an excellent post.

  4. 4 OF 11/01/2011 at 7:07 pm

    Spot on, AM.

    The Tory party has been deceiving this country since at least 1962, when Hugh Gaitskell said: “The Tories have been indulging in their usual double talk. When they go to Brussels they show the greatest enthusiasm for political union. When they speak in the House of Commons they are most anxious to aver that there is no commitment whatever to any political union.”

    I wrote a piece about this for Critical Reaction:

    My point was that as Tory-party leader Cameron is not unusual (and nor was Heath). It’s like Murder On The Orient Express: they all did it.

  5. 5 Autonomous Mind 11/01/2011 at 7:25 pm

    Thanks Olly. Good to see you here!

  6. 6 Agincourt 12/01/2011 at 9:38 am

    I believe we are all missing something here. Why have Cameron & his fellow quislings produced such an obviously feeble & muddled law? Partly to deceive those who of us vehemently dislike the EU, & partly to show the EU establishment that he & Britain are still good EU members. Why? Because I suspect the UK economy’s outlook is much worse than it currently appears.

    Why is a Tory government proposing to sell off cheap so much of the new military hardware so recently acquired for the Afghan war – eg the Mastiffs, Ridgebacks, & Warthog vehicles – on top of the desecration of the Navy & its carriers & carrier-capable Harrier aircraft, & the RAF’s Nimrod maritime capabilities, after so much ahas been spent on all these items? Because Britain is also worried that it will may go bankrupt too, when the Club-Med euro-group go under – as Portugal is now doing, & Spain, Italy, & Belgium will probably follow soon afterwards.

    As these euro-zone failure economies are major borrowers from British banks, when they go, so also will more British banks! And, in order to have a few friends still when this awful scenario bears fruit (probably later this year, or in 2012 the Olympics year), he deceives the British people over his false EU referendum bill, rather than his EU paymasters! Afdter all, if he had given Britain a genuinely effective EU control/referendum procedure, then he would have no EU friends when euro-zone contagion finally hits the UK economy – this year, or in the next one.

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