You’re resigning? Not unless we can pay you £97,000!

What kind of utter moron agrees to employ an executive on terms that give six months’ pay in lieu of notice as a ‘minimum contractual entitlement’ when that executive voluntarily resigns from their position?

What kind of moron then agrees to pay that executive thousands of pounds to cover the cost of their ‘legal and tax advisors’ when they have voluntarily resigned?

It’s all so easy when you’re using tens of thousands of pounds of other people’s hard earned money.

This is the perverse reality for the poorly served the people of Northern Ireland, who have stood by powerless as the resignation of Northern Ireland Water Chief Executive and convicted thief Laurence MacKenzie, has turned into a lottery jackpot for him.

Thousands of MacKenzie’s customers have had to endure an absence of running water since before Christmas, and thousands more have suffered serious interruptions to their supply on a rota basis. Yet the first person to get any money after this fiasco is the man whose responsibility was to ensure adequate investment in the water infrastructure and who failed miserably. And it’s all thanks to NI Regional Development Minister, Conor Murphy who signed off the payments.

And worse of all, it is not even an undeserved compensation payment for being shown the door because he and the Northern Ireland Executive state it was his decision to leave. In the real world where people resign they work their notice period and leave with nothing. But in the bubble of the old boys network that makes up the executive and political community in the UK, they agree lavish contract terms that defy reason or logic and ensure a big fat payoff regardless of performance or the manner of their departure. It is a naked abuse of their position and a misappropriation of public money, but the people are powerless to hold these thieves to account.

MacKenzie should be paying the price for his failure. Instead he is cashing in at the expense of his long suffering customers. And it’s all sewn up, nice and legal like, thanks to the parasites who help each other slither into positions of power in our public bodies and the law.

There has to be a reckoning.

4 Responses to “You’re resigning? Not unless we can pay you £97,000!”

  1. 1 Grumpy Old Man 12/01/2011 at 9:19 pm

    Dear AM. At this sort of level, it is not unusual for senior executives who “voluntarily resign” to be supervised by the Chief Security Officer while they clear their desks and are escorted from the site after handing back all those IT instruments that so affect our lives. It is in fact cheaper for the company to agree to a mutually satisfactory arrangement than to go through the difficulty of nailing down a charge of Gross Professional Misconduct, as demonstrated by the case of that ghastly woman from Harringey Social Services.

  2. 2 Pavlov's Cat 12/01/2011 at 10:15 pm

    The thing is, it seems when you get to that sort of level (being essentially a psychopath / sociopath anyway)

    A sort of “There but for the grace of God go I” mentality sets in, so they approve all sorts of deals that would not be countenanced for us serfs.
    They look at it as “If it happened to me, what would I want? “Answer “The most money possible” and no blame. So I’ll vote for this.

    Just in case they have to use it themselves.

    It’s why we see such a revolving door policy in boardrooms, “company / bank failed? never mind have a Directorship over here, I’ll scratch your back in the case you’ll have to scratch mine” Same applies to Govt all the way down to football managers (How much did the last few England managers leave with?.)

  3. 3 Geoff, Worcester, England 12/01/2011 at 10:25 pm

    What was NI Water doing employing MacKenzie in the first place? Don’t they do checks for criminal records? They certainly do for some of the jobs I’ve applied for.

  4. 4 iluvni 13/01/2011 at 1:00 am

    The Government Minister in charge is a convicted terrorist for goodness sakes.
    Thats the legacy of the dirty deal concocted between Sinn Fein, DUP, Blair and Ahern.

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