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1. No Frakking Consensus on The Uses And Abuses Of A Nobel Prize

2. Bishop Hill on The Royal Society And Sea Level

3. Not A Sheep on Why?

4. England Expects on What Is Herman Hiding?

5. Your Freedom And Ours on The Experts Were Wrong

2 Responses to “5 Star Blogging”

  1. 1 John B 20/01/2011 at 12:16 pm

    We, along with other animals, hard-wired by Evolution to be suspicious of those from without the tribe/grope/society for very good reasons. They potentially pose a threat for resources, mates, territory. Ask the ancient Britons watching the Angles and Saxons coming ashore, then later on when the Vikings arrived.

    To label this as an -ism is not to understand the underlying reasons. If the experience of the incomer is good and they appear to pose no threat, then acceptance follows over time.

    The tension between the host community and guest is proportional to their behaviour and more so to their number.

    When people feel swamped by the number and feel their traditions and resources are under threat, then the tension mounts and conflict follows.

    There are prats everywhere who will pounce on others who show some difference, their speech, manner, girth, complexion, hair colour, demeanour, Class, etc but to focus on these prats as typifying the motives the community at large is wrong.

  2. 2 John B 20/01/2011 at 1:20 pm

    And check this link for Baroness Warsi and “Asool”.


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