Put the faux Conservative party out of its misery

Stepping back a couple of days, Conservative MP for Wellingborough, Peter Bone, wrote a scathing review on ConservativeHome of the Government’s shenanigans in stifling debate on the insipid European Union Bill.

Bone eviscerates the claims of Europe Minister, David Lidington, who gushed that the Bill would get intense scrutiny and that it was the most radical piece of legislation about the EU since 1973 thus:

Perhaps the Minister for Europe should have said in his ConservativeHome article:

“This week the new European Union Bill will be rushed through the House of Commons, with as little scrutiny as possible by MPs. Its details will not be debated and rightly so. The EU Bill is the most irrelevant and unimaginative piece of legislation on how we handle the EU since Britain joined the then EEC in 1973.”

Bone’s amendment – asking for an in/out referendum on the European Union if certain criteria were met – never saw the light of day as the Whips stifled scrutiny and put up patsies to talk out the time alloted to debating the Bill.  This was David Cameron’s Euroscepticism in action.  Having cast adrift his promise to repatriate powers he is now ramming through meaningless legislation that will do nothing to stem the flow of power from the UK to Brussels.

That there are so few comments on such an important subject on the ‘home of the Conservative grassroots’ should tell people all they need to know about the emasculated state of the party membership.

The Cameron Conservative party will not deliver its promise to repatriate power from the EU and it will cravenly dodge any attempt to ask voters to give a democratic mandate for continued EU membership or withdrawal.

Its members, usually so vocal on important matters, are sitting in embarrassed silence as promise after promise is shown to have been broken. The illusion of power in Westminster matters more than doing the right thing by the people of this country. The Conservative party is led by a fraudulent hypocrite and cannot ever be trusted to honour its pledges.

We were promised power would be devolved to the people. But EU membership – the critical state of affairs that influences nearly every aspect of this nation’s governance – is kept off limits and completely invalidates the pledge Cameron had no intention of keeping to. He is all spin and empty rhetoric. He says what people want to hear but has no intention of delivering on it. He instructs his Whips to prevent his pre election promises ever becoming reality.

If the EU is a subject that matters to you and you want Britain to be sovereign and to run its own affairs, it is time to accept voting Conservative is incompatible with your aims. If you want the British people to deliver a mandate for staying in or getting out of the EU, don’t expect the Europhile Cameron and his circle to deliver a referendum – they are determined to remain loyal to Brussels, not the British people. The Conservative party is no longer conservative.

It is time for a new political force to represent the vacant centre right, one that not only talks the talk on democracy but walks the walk too. One that believes in genuine equality and meritocracy. One that will reject the nannying ‘nudge’ mentality and actively reduce the scope and power of the state so individuals can realise greater personal freedom.

One that restores the representative nature of politics and eradicates the this self serving elective dictatorship that refuses to honour its promises and treats the people of this country with contempt.

It is time to put this rapidly declining faux conservative party out of its misery and provide a genuine alternative for conservative minded people to support. It is time for genuine conservatives to say ‘no more’, to stop feeding the voracious cuckoo chick in their nest and establish a new home characterised by honesty and integrity.

13 Responses to “Put the faux Conservative party out of its misery”

  1. 1 David Jones 27/01/2011 at 6:25 pm

    Yes, yes and yes but how is it to be done?

  2. 2 NeilMc 27/01/2011 at 6:48 pm

    I think that’s ‘Put us out of their misery’.

    Unfortunately, new political forces do not achieve more than a few percent in the UK. The much vaunted SocDems with four cabinet ministers achieved little. Now they wish to return to the labour fold.

    In the states it appeared to be the same until the Tea Party. Even with it’s more ‘fringe’ candidates it achieved a huge response. UKIP, whilst having large support from the public is only likely to receieve 5 to 10%.

    Thus a new Tea Party type of movement is necessary. Maybe rising out of the Tax Payers Alliance which has economic credibility, with some additional crowd pleasers, offering to give the country back to the people of the UK etc.

    Revolutionary possibly!

  3. 3 Johnny Rottenborough 27/01/2011 at 7:51 pm

    I’m all for a new political force to clean up politics and give us smaller government, and when that force has become corrupt we can repeat the process, ad infinitum.

    Politics is always going to be a dirty game but the people need not suffer because of it: binding referendums on subjects proposed by the electorate would guarantee that the people’s wishes were always carried out.

  4. 4 kenomeat 27/01/2011 at 7:54 pm

    Bravo AM. Excellent. I know you wouldn’t support UKIP as the new centre right political force but, if stiffened by a few prominent Tory defectors (Hannan and Helmer perhaps – Carswell wouldn’t risk his seat), it seems to me to be the only hope.

  5. 6 Dusty Rhodes 27/01/2011 at 8:25 pm

    Dear AM,

    I’m sure that all true conservatives would love to vote for the party that you describe; but where is it?

    The quality that is singularly absent from our British democracy is Leadership. Leadership is not simply man management. Leadership is not shouting louder. Leadership is not threatening the troops. Leadership is not about lying. And Leadership is definitely not about controlling the Spin and throwing mobiles across the room.

    Leadership is about knowing your aims and how to meet them, it is about gaining the trust of and inspiring your troops to carry out tasks from the mundane to the courageous.

    Leadership is difficult to define. However, John Gardner in ‘On Leadership’, New York: Free Press(1989) studied a large number of North American organizations and leaders and came to the conclusion that there were some qualities or attributes that did appear to mean that a leader in one situation could lead in another. These included:

    · Physical vitality and stamina

    · Intelligence and action-oriented judgement

    · Eagerness to accept responsibility

    · Task competence

    · Understanding of followers and their needs

    · Skill in dealing with people

    · Need for achievement

    · Capacity to motivate people

    · Courage and resolution

    · Trustworthiness

    · Decisiveness

    · Self-confidence

    · Assertiveness

    · Adaptability/flexibility

    I would make one change to that list; for ‘Capacity to motivate people’ I would say ‘Capacity to inspire people’. One can be motivated through, for example, the threat of fear. That is not a leadership quality. For me that comes under management. Leadership and management must not be confused. Personal experience will probably inform the reader that not all managers are leaders; and history demonstrates all too often that not all leaders are managers.

    The above are the qualities that I want in the leader of the party I want to vote for. However, no one in Parliament today exhibits all these qualities. In fact if one were to study the current crop of MPs I suggest that it would be difficult to nominate a single MP with even a few of them. It is possible that because we have no inspirational leaders in parliament the 2010 election had few voters and was split across the parties. No one was inspired and so, those of us that bothered, voted along tribal lines.

    If there were to be a Conservative party with a leader whose qualities fulfilled the list above it would not suffer from an expenses problem and a vote on the EU would already have been held. And there would probably be no need for party whips.

    So, back to where I started; I’m sure that all true conservatives would love to vote for the party that you describe; but where is it?

    Great Blog by the way


  6. 7 Uncle Badger 27/01/2011 at 9:43 pm

    Excellent post, AM, as others have said.

    In the run-up to the last election I was repeatedly castigated by Tory friends for openly supporting the UKIP. I must have heard the old canard, ‘you’ll let Labour back in’, 50 times.

    Well, it seems to me that Labour has, indeed, got back in. Certainly, I can see little substantial change in the wsy we are governed.

    I didn’t vote UKIP with much conviction and, sadly, that lack of conviction is widely shared. It would take a miracle for it to become anything but a small, lone voice.

    I agree we need a Tea Party – but I fear 65 years of collectivism have so infected the British psyche that we may no longer have the necessary strength of character to develop one.

    Leftism seems to have got into the very marrow of our bones. You don’t need to read hard-line Leftist blogs to see it at work – it crops-up all over the Web. The authentic voice of Britain today seems to be a sanctimonious, sub-Guardian, eco-whine.

    For all our sakes, I really hope I’m wrong, but I do not have very high hopes.

  7. 8 Curmudgeon 27/01/2011 at 10:11 pm

    Well, the only party that comes remotely close is UKIP, so you either vote for it, despite whatever imperfections you may perceive, or you just mutter into your beer and nothing changes.

  8. 9 permanentexpat 28/01/2011 at 1:22 am

    Face it, there are only two parties dedicated to getting us out of EUSSR….(okay & maybe a couple of very smalls)…they are UKIP & BNP…..the rst come under “Not Your Friends at all.”
    So, continue voting for your enemies as in the olden days!

  9. 10 CalvinBall 28/01/2011 at 8:53 am

    Excellent post AM. Like many I was hoodwinked by a cocktail of desperation to kick Labour out and an overwillingness to believe the conservatives had found their mojo. I am now of the conclusion that this party is beyond redemption and have repeatedly asked myself why they did what they did.

    With regards to the party to fill the gap left by it, I’m not certain we’re there yet. I don’t think we can obviously look across the profile of political parties and annoint one of the existing offerings. That they’re are about is good as they’re certainly laying the foundation but I think there is something else to come first.

    What I think we’re missing on the centre right or even slightly righter is organisation among the public. Many are still at the the “I don’t bloody believe it stage” but at the same time are still seeing things as hopeless. Many are still reading great blogs like this but the next step is still out there.

    I think some level of organisation needs to take place among the centre right public. Not a political party as such but something similar to what we see with the Tea Party Patriots and organisations like ACT for America. At present it doesn’t really seem to be there. One thing about the left is their grassroots is well organised. You can see that in the way Moonbot has organised his follows to jump on any sceptical comments on AGW in the press. They are organised on how to bring uniform pressure on viewpoints counter to theirs.

    Once we learn that and start to form a different chapters of a cohesive philosophy of smaller government with less taxes and more representative democracy we will become more organised. Through that as with the Tea Party and ACT they bring the spotlight to issues and visibly hold politicians to account.

    These groups need to be formed locally. Right now it’s like Iraq under Saddam, no one is quite sure who they share their view with, so they hide. Only when they start to see some numbers and the safety that brings will they start to gather and link up into a national cohesive group.

    Out of that group if it is right to do so, do I think a new party will emerge true to the principles but still in the knowledge that they will be held to account if they veer down the path of their own self aggrandisement.

  10. 11 Orde 28/01/2011 at 9:23 am

    Very much agree with all that’s been said. As Richard North would say on EU Referendum, if only we could follow the example of Tunisia and Egypt and riot to get rid of our political classes. But we won’t.

  11. 12 John E Payne 29/01/2011 at 10:43 am

    The whole set up at the House of Commons is a political party fix, aimed at ensuring Great Britain becomes part of a European State without giving the British public a say in the matter.

    When a referendum was discussed on the Lisbon treaty 248 Conservatives (in opposition of course) voted for to have a referendum. Our Mr Hague stated at that time to Parliament he agreed with the view quoted as: “The aim of the rejected Constitutional Treaty was to be more readable: the aim of the (Lisbon) Treaty is to be unreadable”. He also stated the Treaty gave away too much British Sovereignty. It is clear, since being in power, Conservatives wish to keep the same ‘unreadable Lisbon Treaty’ as part of laws running this Country. They have whipped their MPs to vote against all proposals strengthening legislation for the people to have a referendum on Europe. In the current round of legislation it has been pathetic to see less than six Conservatives vote for safeguards, making the whole debate in Parliament a pre-fixed behind the scenes farce. I remind the reader again, when in opposition (of course) they could proudly boast 248 Conservative MPs wanted a referendum on a Treaty, which they claim was unreadable. Now they vote to ensure security for that same Treaty. Such deceit does not justify representing the British Public. When, oh when, is a party going to be elected to serve the British people?

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