Met Office and BBC – Winter 2010-11

The Met Office, the BBC, that winter forecast and how it and related stories involving the protagonists developed during the period: (in chronological order, oldest first. Check back as this post is updated as new related stories emerge).

Met Office accuracy review

Met Office: memory or honesty deficiency?

That Met Office global long range probability map

Met Office severe weather warning ignored in Northern Ireland

What supercomputers do Bastardi and Corbyn use?

Bastardi and Corbyn reply

BBC spins that Met Office got winter right, just kept it secret from public

Why issue them in the first place?

Met Office continues to hide inconvenient facts

Far from being the warmest year on record

Met Office spins itself deeper into the hole

Met Office: smokescreen, confusion or conspiracy?

What is Roger Harrabin doing?

BBC weather man tries to clear Met Office but digs deeper hole

Can the BBC’s ‘Weather Test’ project be impartial?

BBC’s biased reporting of Global Warming

Government vs Met Office forecast row heats up

That Met Office cold winter forecast revealed

NationalGrid – Not one of Met Office’s ‘intelligent’ customers?

Peter Sissons on the BBC’s climate change propaganda

BBC’s Richard Black resorts to spin and deception

There’s spin and there’s Met Office spin

The Met Office winter forecast lie is finally nailed

Met Office: ‘Not us, it was Harrabin’. But…

Harrabin the Untrustworthy

Met Office document shows it only renamed its seasonal forecasts

Met Office claim that public did not want seasonal forecasts is a sham

Roger Harrabin plays watch the birdie on WUWT

Government was concerned about mixed forecasts from Met Office

Departmental vested interest in helping Met Office?

Is the Met Office becoming irrelevant?

Is Met Office trying to hide inconvenient temperature records?

DECC deliberately misleading MPs over Met Office forecast

Why DECC is running interference for the Met Office

Last updated: 17th Feb 2011 @ 11:00am


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