Warming wolverines

According to National Geographic, a new study shows that climate change might endanger wolverines in the mainland U.S. by eliminating springtime snow and significantly increasing summer temperatures.

Was it not only weeks ago that climate scientists were telling us that global warming will actually lead to more snow, (after spending years telling us the opposite)?  But perhaps the flaw in the argument stems from the source of the study’s findings:

Using advanced climate simulations running on an NCAR supercomputer, Peacock analyzed three possible future scenarios for the U.S. Northwest based on low, medium-low, and high greenhouse gas emissions.

The model showed that present-day wolverine habitat would have no snow cover during many springs after 2050 in both the high scenario, in which greenhouse gas levels continue to rise unabated, and the medium-low scenario, in which emissions rise slightly until 2040 and decline sharply toward the end of the century.

Gotta love those computer models.

1 Response to “Warming wolverines”

  1. 1 Terrible But True 09/02/2011 at 3:31 pm

    Wrong kind of snow?

    It’s an oldie, but still works… well… gets deployed, in certain discredited quarters.

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