Bastardi: A trace atmospheric gas can not push nature around

On his Sunday 6pm entry on his Accuweather blog, Joe Bastardi explains that the sudden collapse of the warmth in the equatorial Pacific has a lag effect on global temperatures.

Bastardi goes on to say that when one considers the amount of heat in energy in the oceans, and how it is stacked into the tropical oceans, one sees why the co2 argument about global warming is so far fetched. The section below puts his argument into context:

But the fact is this. YOU ARE THE DENIER if you dont think the oceans play an enormous role! And if you think that trace amounts of co2 in the atmosphere will push around the entire ocean-atmospheric system.. you are delusional. Seriously. I mean I am bending over backwards to say, okay lets watch this global temp the next 20-30 years, but if you dont see in the end the oceans are the main control ( if one does not start with the true source, the sun) then you really, that is almost incomprehensible.

Now the counter argument is that the oceans are warming because of the air above. Well then let me ask you this. How is the warming you think is occurring CANT EVEN FORCE THE COOLING OF THE STRATOSPHERE WHICH IS THE REAL SMOKING GUN?! A true positive feedback and tropospheric warming should be forcing a contraction of the stratosphere and major cooling. Nothing, nada, zilch. And the density considerations of the stratosphere are next to nothing compared to the oceans. So let me get this straight… you want to warm the oceans via the warmer troposphere above it, in other words have something with less energy push something around with much more, yet you cant even get the response first in what it should obviously be able to do?

But no matter how many scientists and meteorologists point this out the politicians and corporations press ahead with their lucrative plans for a low carbon world.  They have too many vested interests at stake to let the very serious question marks over the science of climate change knock them off course.

If you are on Twitter you can follow Joe via @BigJoeBastardi (and you can follow @Autonomous_Mind on Twitter too).

5 Responses to “Bastardi: A trace atmospheric gas can not push nature around”

  1. 3 Rereke Whakaaro 13/02/2011 at 9:51 pm

    It is not about the weather. It has never been about the weather.

    It is merely a modern exploitation of an ancient human survival instinct to fear the unknown; to fear what may be hiding in the dark.

    It is the Medicine Man raising fears of the Great Ju Ju to frighten the other members of the tribe into giving him more food, because only the Medicine Man can keep the Great Ju Ju at bay.

    It is good to be a Medicine Man, with all of the respect that the position brings, not to mention the free food, and the fact that you get to play with Super Computers as well.

  2. 4 Derek Reynolds 14/02/2011 at 10:10 am

    One Summer, I swam regularly in a local reservoir (destined for canal water) as the weather was hot for long periods. I got into the habit, and one day after the clouds had formed, and a gentle rain began to fall, I went back to the reservoir for another swim. The water was warm to the point where I preferred to stay beneath the surface than above where a comparatively chill wind and cold rain fell. It stayed warm for quite a time after the weather changed.

    A microcosm in comparison to the World, but 70% is water, and that which feels less Sun is always the coldest.

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