DECC deliberately misleading MPs over Met Office forecast

Following on from this post about recent Parliamentary answers on the subject of the Met Office winter forecast for 2010-11, the very next day saw the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) at it again:

Nuance is one thing.  But constructing answers that distort the forecast advice from the Met Office is something else altogether. To say the information being shared in the answer by Gregory Barker on behalf of DECC is selective is an understatement.  The Parliamentary written answer supplied to Peter Lilley on 10th February deliberately excludes information the Met Office included in the forecast and thus distorts the context.

Let us just remind ourselves of the advice from the Cabinet Office to the rest of Whitehall, approved by the Met Office.  Note the elements of the forecast that have been omitted by DECC:

This is a disgraceful manipulation of the information, for which the only possible purpose is to protect the Met Office from scrutiny for the fundamental failings in its seasonal forecasting.  The Met Office did not forecast an extremely cold early winter.  While saying there was a 70% chance of an average or colder winter, it caveated this by saying there was a 60% chance of an average or warmer winter.

The summary clearly states there was ‘a slightly increased risk for a cold and wintry start to the winter season’ – something DECC refuses to concede in its answers to MPs.  When a department is allowed to get away with deception of this type it is undermining the parliamentary process and perpetrating a fraud against the public.  It is outrageous.

6 Responses to “DECC deliberately misleading MPs over Met Office forecast”

  1. 1 Mike Spilligan 15/02/2011 at 10:59 am

    Many thanks for your tenacity on this subject; it deserves a wider audience.
    I’ve never trusted Greg Barker (except to be very one-sided) and especially so since his trip to Bangladesh – about 18 months ago – in which he was videoed interviewing two Bangladeshi women who confirmed that tropical storms were increasingly frequent. They certainly knew that there’s no money in saying “All is normal”. Whether GB thought that was a valid source of scientific “data” – or whether he thought that would fool viewers of The Blue Blog I know not; but either way, he’s a clown.

  2. 2 The Gray Monk 15/02/2011 at 11:43 am

    Is it not still a criminal offence to deliberately “Mislead Parliament?”

  3. 3 The Creator 15/02/2011 at 5:40 pm

    Interesting how Harrabin, his waffling, de haut en bas post at WUWT aside, has gone completely silent about whether the Met Office did or did not, as he claimed, forecast an ‘exceptionally cold start’ to the winter.

    No less interesting is that there has been, so far as I know, precisely no coverage in any of the MSM of the Met Office’s apparent attempt to finger the government for ignoring its warning – or that, as you have made clear, there actually was no warning.

    This is a properly scandalous matter. The Met Office (prop: the British taxpayer) gets it wrong (again). Then tries to lie its way out of trouble, blaming the government for not reacting to clear (for which read non-existent) warnings. Is then caught out on its lie. And the reaction of the media is . . . nothing.

    We are ruled by buffoons, clods and cretins of the most startling kind. All of which would be funny were it not that these scheming half-wits are hoping to dun us all for billions of pounds.

    On the other hand, anyone familiar with late Ptolemaic Egypt might just find it wearyingly predictable.

  4. 4 Martin Brumby 15/02/2011 at 5:46 pm

    Did he mislead his wife & kids before running off with his gay lover?

    Did he mislead his electors when standing on a ‘family values and importance of marriage’ ticket?

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