Alan Rusbridger – Hypocrite and a coward

It seems people at The Guardian like asking tough questions, but they don’t like answering them.  After using this blog to share details of the sheer hypocrisy of The Guardian for its assault on Barclays – while using exactly the same tax avoidance measures itself to keep money rolling in despite the pisspoor newspaper continuing to make a loss and see its sales fall 7% in the last year – I tweeted this message:

Needless to say, Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger has not replied, via Twitter or any other medium.  In fact, in trying to see what Rusbridger has to say about Guido’s revelations I noticed I was no longer following his tweets on Twitter.  This was curious as I had not ‘unfollowed him’.  I soon found out why he had dropped off my list… (click to enlarge)

The man is truly fearless.

10 Responses to “Alan Rusbridger – Hypocrite and a coward”

  1. 1 junkkmale 22/02/2011 at 1:42 pm

    The Gruan is rather losing cred left right and centre.

    Or, maybe that should be left, left and lefter.

    Actually, I have no problem with a political hue or idealogical leaning, so long as the journalism is professional and accurate (plus I am not compelled to pay for it).

    Where I do have a problem, is rank hypocrisy, especially from those who don’t half bang on about democracy, freedom of speech, rights, etc… but only when it suits a narrow narrative.

    That pushes ‘news’ from opinion to propaganda, and moderation to censorship.

    I have been bounced once too often, without fair cause, from the laughably coined ‘Comment is Free’ pages to take them seriously.

    The only problem is, if you act like an ostrich it may seem like things are lovely for a while, but guess where you first get bitten when the delusion meets reality?

    And what you share here suggests a stinking fish has a very rotten head.

  2. 2 Katabasis 22/02/2011 at 1:44 pm

    This kind of pettiness reminds me very much of Derek Draper. Remember the twitter and blog wars with him?

  3. 3 cornyborny 22/02/2011 at 2:01 pm

    Yep. Can’t argue with any of that.

    Just read his Wikipedia bio (didn’t really know anything about the bloke) and made myself feel sick. But then, the editor of the Guardian *would* be a massively privileged, righteous, lefty asshole, wouldn’t he?

  4. 4 junkkmale 22/02/2011 at 2:48 pm

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

    One can perhaps see why Newsnight find them near exclusively the best representatives of print media to discuss stuff with…

  5. 5 junkkmale 22/02/2011 at 3:02 pm

    I love it when a panning comes together…

    Guess which tweet arrived in my in box next to yours on this topic?

    mediaguardian Media Guardian
    A council that cannot come to terms with freedom of information

    Kismet does irony.

  6. 6 jameshigham 22/02/2011 at 4:05 pm

    W-e-e-e-l-l-l, that was predictable, AM. Someone carrying on like that is always going to do that to you.

  7. 7 Span Ows 22/02/2011 at 5:00 pm

    junkmale, classic lefty love-in! LOL!

    “Do newspapers have a future?”

    “Newsnight is hosting a discussion this evening, as Jeremy Paxman announced at the conclusion of last night’s programme, on whether newspapers have a future.

    The guests lined up include Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, the Financial Times editor Lionel Barber, and the BBC’s director-general Mark Thompson.”

  8. 8 Junkk Male 22/02/2011 at 5:30 pm

    He’s doing well here:

    And must be really looking forward to the surgical filleting he’ll be getting from Mr. Paxman tonight:

    Or. maybe, the BBC have other things on their minds.

    As you do.

  9. 9 Andy Baxter 23/02/2011 at 9:45 am


    isn’t it amazing how the truth hurts when hypocrisy is exposed


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