The faux Conservative party continues its decline

If you are one of the increasing number of people who are sick to death of the Vichy Conservatives, cheer yourself up by reading this piece on ConservativeHome and many of the comments from ever more disaffected Tories who are waking up to the Cameroon coup of that party.

As more people come to realise Cameron is as much a conservative as Michael Foot ever was, they are severing their links with the party and turning their back on the Tories.

As you would expect, there are the usual cries of those fools who claim not sticking with Cameron’s social democracy will only let Labour back in. But they are among a shrinking band of people who haven’t realised the only difference between this coalition government and Labour are the faces of the people in Ministerial positions.

For the average voter it is now obvious that whether you vote Labour, Conservative or Lib Dem you still get the same political class consensus undermining this country, eroding our democracy and snatching more of our money to serve their own narrow interests rather than ours. Only embarrassment at being conned so well is preventing many conservatives from ditching Cameron’s quisling social democrats. But as the anger builds the ejection of the Cameroon cuckoo from the Conservative nest draws closer.

17 Responses to “The faux Conservative party continues its decline”

  1. 1 WitteringWitney 25/02/2011 at 4:37 pm

    Well, AM, Cameron did admit to being a liberal conservative yesterday……

    So is it any wonder that the Conservative Party of old is in decline? It is still my belief that Cameron’s game-plan is a rebrand of the Conservative Party – which again in my opinion means he is playing with fire.

  2. 2 Andy Baxter 25/02/2011 at 4:40 pm

    totally agree with the sentiments and analysis AM

    BUT what is the alternative in Britain today? is there a political party in Britain today that?

    a) has the political and administrative experience
    b) the will
    c) the policies
    d) the bottle
    e) the appeal
    f) the money
    g) the MSM support and exposure (and to be frank its needed)
    h) the membership and non membership support

    to take back this once United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    Is there?

    Revolution seems the only answer but with that comes a period of anarchy and chaos and loss of the rule of law….uncertainty, fear and despair are the inevitable consequences of that,

    AND unless were very very careful and true focused selfless leadership emerges we end up back under tyranny and dictatorship……or perhaps even worse….

  3. 3 Dave H 25/02/2011 at 5:44 pm

    If he had the guts to offer us a referendum on Europe then he could recover much of his lost ground very quickly.

    He’s in the position where if he had the nerve to act decisively he could be regarded as a great leader, but he’s slowly sinking into the quagmire of debt left by the last lot, too afraid to take the steps he needs to get himself out.

  4. 4 Gawain Towler 25/02/2011 at 5:48 pm


    You list a whole set of requirements.

    But all those come from doing it. If people who exemplify those qualities do not have the gumption to leaving the rotting revenant that is the Tory party, they cannot then claim that they are not available elsewhere.

    We in UKIP for example would claim to have 2 1/2 out of 8 of your demands. We have the will and we have the bottle, we have many of the policies

    However those who carp about UKIP have the other 6 in droves but seem to lack those two key points which in their absence the rest are worthless.

    So it doesn’t take the wit of Wilde or the wisdom of Dr Johnson to work out what to do. The 2 are inherent, the 6 are in the gift of those who do not have the 2.

    So come on then. What are you waiting for?

    Oh, and ‘back under tyranny and dictatorship’. We haven’t really had that since the Commonwealth, is that to what you refer?

  5. 5 Andy Baxter 25/02/2011 at 10:20 pm

    Gawain: thanks for your response….

    I’ve read your or if you’re not a party member UKIP’s maifesto and while I wholeheartedly agree with your/their main policy of extraction from the EU, and some others such as nuclear power expansion, you have two major hurdles to overcome;

    a) you support the AV voting system, and whilst I am pragmatic enough to accept that NO voting system could ever be perfect (ancient Greece operated on a single black ball vetoing system requiring 100% affirmation of a policy to be implemented) the ‘first past the post’ system is reasonably fair, logical and easily understood by voters who expect the candidate who gets the most votes to win

    b) UKIP’s image or its perception in the mainstream is seen as for the most part by the najority of voters as a one policy only (extraction from EU) with (whether it is still true or not)a disbandment of the party when this is achieved, it has no effective charismatic leadership, has utterly failed to gain mainstream exposure and if you want evidence of this ask yourselves why when we had an utterly discredited Labour government, a feeble joke of a mainstream LIBCON opposition that UKIP did not clean up at the last election?

    FFS the Green eco loony fascict party has ONE more MP than UKIP who havent even got an MP in Westminster and the party was formed in 1993! and your campaigning about the single most important issue in Britain today! our total utter surrender to the EU…and all the issues that are influenced by that! Common fisheries policy that has decimated our fishing industry, immigration, billions of pounds being sent to the EU, et al ad nauseum….

    The political landscape within Britain today is utterly devoid of any meaningful, sober, serious, realistic alternative to the consensus status quo….

    so my question is still valid Gawain…

    What alternative to Revolution do we have?

  6. 6 CalvinBall 26/02/2011 at 8:27 am

    Keep these nails coming AM for this coffin because it really is time to smash this to find who is really willing to work for us as British.

    At present I’m not sure there is a party in place that could represent us all as yet. I think what we need, like the Tea Party, is a movement. Something that covers the big things we want such as small government, personal freedoms, the primacy of UK Parliament and most of a committment to British excellence. The Tea Party activists they will tell you they’re a movement and not a political party.

    I think this is a first step for Britain. Form chapters locally so that like minded people can first identify each other and come together to discuss and become politically aware. The left are hardcore and well organised. We need to be equally organised to take them on. But back to the movment we need to get there so we can find out who among the current crop of MP’s will wake up and behave when they know we are watching them and hlding them to account. Like cockroaches, they do their work in the dark and scatter once the light comes on. Some will start to behave again once they know we’re looking. We can use them to slow things down from their current speed and the resulting publicity will let others know that someone is trying to restore Britain through a restored democracy.

    On another aspect, like Andy, I don’t think AV is the answer. Personally I think even the debate is not the answer. I think it’s a pretence to be fixing a problem by meddling with the bit that isn’t the actual problem. This really started as a topic when politicians were complaining about the lack of voter engagement some years ago. For all their self given importance they appear to have missed the fact (or know it and don’t wish to solve it), that lack of voter turnout is down to the fact that a) the options aren’t really options or b) they view modern politicians and self serving careerists. The real cause of stay away is the lack of democracy. Fixing anything other than that is pointless nonesense that will mainatin the status quo.

  7. 7 Andy Baxter 26/02/2011 at 9:21 am

    AM apols for the length of the post I feel its important and thanks for the soap box!

    P.S. Gawain re “tyranny and dictatorship”

    You might want to read Lord Hailsham’s book titled “The Dilemma of Demcoracy Diagnosis and Prescription”

    bear in mind this was published in 1978! we’ve come a long way down the road to tyranny since then under successive governments and the EU.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Lord Hailsham’s conclusions that we in Britain:

    live under an ‘elective dictatorship’ created by and reinforced by such practices as the party whip system doling out fear and favour on MP’s to toe the line

    The use of statutory instruments to force through policy with little or no Parliamentary scrutiny, and used today to ‘cut n paste’ EU diktats onto the Statute book

    The successive internal (political Executive appointment of peers and the decrease of hereditary peers) and external attacks on the House of Lords with cries for an “elected chamber” (with what would be just another set of party apparatchiks to toe the party line and push legislation through even quicker) this move alone would remove the last single most important check and balance of free thinking independent body of people overseeing our Legislators and their masters the Executive, whilst they cannot prevent legislation, they can delay it almost indefinitely, criticise, and influence it being altered to at least make sense.

    The Executive are the dictators! The Cleggerons have no mandate from the British people to govern, none whatsoever, yet they have siezed the positions and trappings of power and continue with the same old same old agenda, if we lived in a true democracy then we would have had a few successive general elections in an attempt to at least find a majority elected party, or as the Belgians have done operated without governance of any kind since May last year….no bad thing in my book…

    AND they the Executive continue to interfere ever more into areas that were traditionally controlled under seperation of powers a bulwark of liberty and unlike our own ‘flexible’ constitution the USA enshrined in ‘rigid’ constitutional documents (see EU referendum re comments about elected judges! )

    The Executive is absolute in theory boys and girls although tolerated in practice for a long time (but were grumbling about it now, open talk of Revolution was never on the agenda back in 1978) and again back in 1978 Lord Hailsham was complaining even then about the continued and systemic growth in Government its beaurocracy and invasion into ever more aspects of our lives and liberty….oh boy just look where we are now….

    AND back then he also identified the trends of changes in the three elements of governance, we now have a judiciary ‘creating laws’ instead of interpreting and applying them, AND we have an Executive who control the Legislative, in other words Government controls Parliament not Parliament controlling Government as it should do….and if it did we’d have thrown off the shackles of the EU long since….

    Oliver Cromwell once stated that the single most influential book on his life was Sir Walter Raleigh’s “the Historie of the World” which attacked the hitherto unchallenged notion of ‘Divine Right of Kings’ to rule on whim and fancy;

    leaving aside the eventual emergence of dictatorship under Cromwell, his legacy was however positive in that under the Restoration of Charles II our ‘Bill of Rights’ was enshrined as a Constituional document forming the basis of all major democracy based constitutions in the world today, Parliament became ‘Sovereign’ and modern adversarial politics emerged under the Whigs and Tories in Parliament.

    This one book however influenced the modern age because it identified or created the original principle (then taken up by Cromwell and others) that rulers owed a duty of care and held their postions of power ‘in trust’ and that they derived that power alone from consent, for the purpose of protecting the life, property and liberty of the subjects under them…..

    Just look at the debacle of our supposed rulers attempts to get British subjects out of Lybia…to see evidence of utter failure of their duty of care to us. And their abject surrender to a foreign entity the EU.

    We have come full circle, we live under dictatorship both home and abroad under the EU, we are ruled by people with a ‘divine right’ sense of entitlement. And consensus politics rules the way forward.

    where is OUR Oliver Cromwell of the modern age? Because we need one and soon…..

  8. 8 Uncle Badger 26/02/2011 at 1:26 pm

    I find myself in the uncomfortable position of largely agreeing with both Messrs Baxter and Towler, even though they are disagreeing with one another.

    The analysis of our elected dictatorship seems to me correct but so does the suggestion that supporting UKIP cannot resolve the problem, (and I say that as a UKIP voter). The party is too firmly branded in the public’s mind as a single issue ‘loony Right’ outfit (an image lovingly cultivated by our state broadcaster among others) for Mr and Mrs Average to vote for it.

    Which means that either genuine conservatives are going to have to rise-up and take back the Conservative party from Cameron and his ilk (and I think that is unlikely – there have always been Camerons among the Tories) or we need a completely fresh start.

    I’m for the latter option, though I will continue to support UKIP until it happens.

  9. 9 Cassandra King 26/02/2011 at 7:44 pm

    Look at the differences between the three main parties, look how close they have become on the defining issues of our time. All three fully and energetically support a continued political and social merger with the EU, none of them support a referendum asking the people for their assent and agreement. In fact the strategy of the big three is designed to remove the British electorates veto.
    The CAGW fraud is full and fanatically supported by all three who have attacked sceptics in the most aggressive manner and they are all eagerly determined to throw hundreds of billions of pounds away on the CAGW fraud.
    They are all true deficit and democacy deniers with the current regime spending set to increase massively over the Parliament, the cuts being made are tiny and are being used to fund increases in foreign aid NHS spending EU contributions quango parasites, taxes will have to rise massively and all three support this.

    We do not live in a true democracy, we live in an age of consensus politics where the clear blue water gap between parties has been closed to the point where the voter is faced with essentially the same choice. What petty small differences remain are largely faked and cosmetic. In effect the UK has undergone a political coup and hardly anybody noticed!
    Vote conservative and get libdem, vote labour and get more or less the same and with AV the three will enjoy perpetual power as a varying combination of the three pimping essentially the same policies. The choice between different ideals and aims has been stolen away, never again will the British people be able to enable a peaceful political sea change of leadership. Our only choice will become violent revolution and make no mistake folks that is something the political classes have been preparing to smash with the fullest fury and vengeance of the state juggernaut. The likes of Cameron whine about Gadaffi and Mubarak being beastly and horrid when you can bet that if the tripartite dictatorship were threatened they would not hesitate to use bullets and bombs against their own people.
    In effect the British electorate are presented with a choice between the liblabcon party or a minor party, the liblabcon party will always win in every conceivable voter strategy, they now have their boot on our necks and now they start to press down. They are our enemies

  10. 10 Serf on the Land of the EU Barons 27/02/2011 at 1:38 am

    Funny that the proponents of revolution won’t even support a party (i.e. UKIP) that they worry is given a hard time by the MSM. What do they think that the MSM is going to do when they start a revolution?

    Why certain Tories won’t join UKIP is nothing to do with a rational response. It’s to do with feelings of superiority. Yes, Mr Towler, this is why they have all the other things that they say UKIP doesn’t possess, and yet they won’t condescend to lend any of them.

    Let’s see. The question was asked, is there a party that meets a number of criteria to take back our country (we suppose from the criminals who have appropriated it). It was implied that there wasn’t such a party. I maintain that there is, or that some of the criteria for obtaining the desired ends are not viable.

    a) has the political and administrative experience

    The political administration of this country for the past 50 years has been to effect the perpetration of a heinous crime upon its populace. We don’t want that sort of administration any more, so what the hell does it matter if we are not versed in it. All that is needed for uncontrived managemnet is natural intelligence and wisdom.

    b) the will

    Like the stuff that creates a new political party from scratch and makes it the 4th biggest in the country?

    c) the policies

    Withdrawal from the EU. Its a big start, don’t you think? And also apply my response to point A) why would we want to do the things that our political predecessors did? But in fact, UKIP have plenty of good policies.

    d) the bottle

    see b) And UKIP membership is made up of those with the good conscience to support a political movement according to their principles even in the face of ridicule and smear. UKIP members know that their effort needs to be great, and the reward oftentimes small. Gloryhunters join the winning side, but they don’t have any bottle.

    e) the appeal

    The appeal comes from the substance of what is on offer: freedom. If people are obsessed with spin and presentation, then they deserve to be slaves.

    f) the money

    Money is important in today’s politics because it buys perception managemnet. However, money cannot hide the truth when the truth is determined to be revealed. If the electorate is reaching out for the fundamental changes they need for political succour and solution for their increasingly shattered lives and society, they will seek it out.

    g) the MSM support and exposure (and to be frank its needed)

    No. The MSM is corrupt and it is complicit in the subsuming of our country into the EU and its general degeneration. It is part of the problem. As part of the act of taking our country back, the media needs to be dismantled. It starts with the likes of you lot and your offerings of news coverage.

    h) the membership and non membership support
    UKIP spell out quite routinely what their objective is. It isn’t heard because the establishment doesn’t want it heard. If it was heard, it would attract great support. Indeed, we should speculat that people are ready to support UKIP because of the manner of their results in the EU elections. This is not translated to Westminster elections because of the mendacity of the establishment.

    Having wrote all of that, it doesn’t really matter that I have, because like I mentioned, reluctance to join UKIP is, in my opinion, most times purely emotional. However, it must said that if you know that your LibLabCon party is engaged in treason and in taking away your English rights, and you continue to vote for them, then you are collaborating with the enemy against the patriot libertarian movement which UKIP is leading, and which will be triumphant.

  11. 11 Oliver Cromwell's Chamber Pot 29/01/2012 at 8:29 am

    Cameron and his liberal-secular-progressive cronies would not have been able to turn the once-great Conservative Party into a mushy PC dictatorship if local Conservative Associations still had autonomy over selection of candidates. You don’t need a revolution, just give back autonomy to local Tory grassroots, and watch a Conservative revival of the kind that will make the Tea Party across the Atlantic green with envy… and while we still have a chance to save the United Kingdom!

  12. 12 David 11/08/2012 at 2:00 pm

    UKIP is no longer a one policy party. It has a full range of practical, clear cut and patriotic policies. It is not racially prejudice but does want to restrict immigration to those who are both needed and beneficial to the country, like Australia does. It is the ONLY party that can be trusted to defy the EU and get us out. It takes a long time to build a new party from scratch but we are making big leaps forward all the time. The membership is straight forward, active, enthusiastic and engaged. We are realists and patriots and welcome new members of any race who are loyal to The Queen and this country. It is the way forward as the considerable numbers of young people, under 40 years old, who are joining us are demonstrating. Read the policies and then you will see what we are about. We are on the march !

  13. 13 Autonomous Mind 11/08/2012 at 2:27 pm

    Sadly for UKIP it is a one man party – and that one man, while articulate and often engaging, lacks strategic sense.

  14. 14 David 11/08/2012 at 2:53 pm

    Not so. Because of the in-built media bias to favour the three declining parties, especially the strongly pro – EU, BBC, it is difficult for the other good, some very good, leaders now in UKIP to get into the public eye; however steady progress is being made and eventually when UKIP beat the LibDems to third place, even the skewed main nationals and the BBC , who are funded by the EU, will be forced to put the spotlight onto the other leaders as well as Nigel. We have to struggle forward every yard of the way because the vested media interests are so hopelessly anti- British and pro-our demise and of course, pro-EU. But we are unstoppable.

  15. 15 Autonomous Mind 11/08/2012 at 2:54 pm

    Fine. Name them. Outline their leadership credentials.

  16. 16 David 11/08/2012 at 4:48 pm

    What my constitute ” proof ” to me may very well not convince you so, I suggest that you have follow the UKIP site for a while , look them up etc, in the usual ways, and decide for yourself whether they are competent leaders. We don’t need many ” fine minds ” in the academic sense, although one or two is always helpful, but good communicators who can connect with the people, tune into them whilst offering constructive, realistic alternatives to get us moving forward from our national impasse and decline. Form your own impression over a period of a few months, I suggest, which is what I have done. Ultimately it’s whether it feels right for you and squares with enough of your own convictions and ideas.

  17. 17 Autonomous Mind 11/08/2012 at 6:02 pm

    David I have developed my opinion over a period of years and know more than enough about UKIP, the way it’s led and its internal workings, thanks. My opinion is an informed one.

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