Away with the fairies

That is probably the most polite description we can come up with for the Observer’s editorial staff.  Casting its eyes across the Irish Sea, the Observer uses its editorial today to opine:

The Irish people have suffered enough. Europe should back off

The new government in Dublin deserves a supportive EU, not a punitive one

Since when has there ever been in history a centralising, power hungry, unaccountable entity that was benevolent and supportive?  Since when has any entity stuffed to the gills with special interests, and dedicated to furthering the objectives of their barely visible establishment friends in the big corporations, ever undermined those interests?

The sentiments of the Observer demonstrate that its editorial team is either in complete denial of the reality of EU governance and the consequences of an all powerful state, or is deliberately deceiving its tiny readership with naked propaganda. The editorial says:

The Irish have delivered a savage verdict on those who turned their country from the envy of the world into an object of pity. In the process, they have smashed one of Europe’s great political machines, the Fianna Fáil party that enjoyed a near monopoly of power since 1932. This is a striking example of democracy at work.

But does it matter? Voters damned Fianna Fáil’s disastrous decision to underwrite the staggering losses of grotesquely reckless banks. They are, however, stuck with those same policies in the shape of the deal made with the International Monetary Fund and the European Union. It ties the new government into ever-more brutal austerity for at least the next four years, while continuing to lavish public money on insolvent banks.

It is all so confused it is difficult to know what on earth the Observer is trying to say. It seems to want to have its cake and eat it. The Observer lauds a ‘striking example of democracy at work’ on Ireland, but it believes totally in government by the anti democratic European Union.  It refers to the ‘disastrous decision to underwrite the staggering losses of grotesquely reckless banks’, yet supported and pressed for the bail out of the banks with public money. It criticises the IMF and EU’s conditions for bailing out Ireland, yet ideologically supports such unaccountable internationalist bodies possessing such political and financial power to the detriment of nation states.  There is more in the same vein.

Surely the only conclusion any reasonable person can come to is that like so many in the media, the Observer is in utter denial, it is disconnected from reality, it is away with the fairies.

2 Responses to “Away with the fairies”

  1. 1 PanP 27/02/2011 at 2:49 pm

    But the EU loves elections, especially referendums. It loves them so much it insists on repeating them until the electorate makes the ‘right’ choice…

  2. 2 Cassandra King 27/02/2011 at 3:37 pm

    One ray of sunlight is the demolition of the green shirt ecofascists..if I may?…ha ha haha ha ha haha!

    The EU are going to betray themselves for the arrogant nasty bullies they are, the likely winners of the election are themselves cringing appeasers and lickspittles of the EU, they helped to vote the treachery through, they enabled an EU constitution win and they are in place merely to enact EU doctrines and hand the billions in yearly tribute on time. The Irish political class must be giggling with delight, the relationship between the politicians will not change, the Irish voters are getting the exact same policies and aims that were pimped by the last lot. The voters have just exchanged tweedledum for tweedledee!

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