The politics of ‘I’

For once we find ourselves in agreement with Daniel Hannan, who comments upon David Cameron’s Al Jazeera interview in which he restates his refusal to give Britain an In/Out referendum on EU membership.

Do you remember all those pledges Cameron keeps making to de-centralise and give power back to the people?  The Al Jazeera interview underlines what a complete load of bollocks that is.  Hannan, in an uncharacteristically short post on his Telegraph blog, hits the nail on the head as he observes:

There is something faintly surreal about holding a referendum which no one asked for on a voting system which neither of the two Coalition parties supported, while refusing to hold one which the country does demand, and which both Coalition parties were recently pledging. What is the point of consulting people on how to elect their MPs, but not on whether those MPs should run the country?

The point, Daniel, is giving the people the illusion they have power while in reality denying them any.  Power rests with Brussels, until the British people decide to take it back, and Cameron will not risk the wrath of his bureaucrats who have power over the next stage of his career once he has been ejected from Downing Street.

On this issue of a referendum we are not hearing anything new, although coverage in the media in the next day or so might give some people that impression.  Cameron, good Europhile that he is, has been consistent on this ever since his coup of the Conservative party.

Hannan invites his readers to ‘stand back and ask yourself whether it is right in principle to consult the country’.  Of course it is, that is what would happen in a representative democracy.  But we do not live in a democracy and Cameron is an unprincipled slimeball.  Hoping for Cameron to act in a principled manner is like hoping the crazed rabid dog snarling at your young child won’t attack.  You’re just asking to be disappointed.  What matters to David Cameron is what David Cameron wants.  No one else’s wishes matter:

‘I don’t believe an In/Out referendum is right, because I don’t believe that leaving the European Union would be in Britain’s interests’

He could easily add to that some other sentiments, but they will all begin with the word ‘I’.  In Cameron’s world only his views matter.  Perhaps this is another reason to call him iDave.  The indisputable fact is that the man who dresses like a tailor’s dummy is only interested in window dressing.  The big issues of state are firmly off the agenda.

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  1. 1 Cassandra King 28/02/2011 at 6:18 am

    Great post!

    Cameron will never agree to the issue of EU servitude before the British electorate because he knows full well what the outcome would be, all the leaders of the big three and the establishment have decided our future and fate on our behalf. Our opinion is not wanted or required or needed, our agreement or even cooperation is irrelevant to them. In the minds of the establishment political class EU servitude is a done deal and non negotiable.

    Cameron likes to present himself as handing power back back to the people, in fact he is busy trying to take it away. Does he feel that how this theft is presented will enable him to succeed? Cameron is just another Bliar who is a clone of Clegg and they are one and the same, take away the petty fabricated fake differences and they are one and the same with the same aims.

    If you think about it is a perfectly cunning way of erecting an anti democratic dictatorship, the infiltration and taking over of all three parties by a single group of like minded people with a common purpose and holding common post democratic values. The ordinary people know nothing of this and that is the key, the people see more or less the same Punch & Judy show OR think they do but the differences are clear to see if you look closely.
    Political differences that used to be about major issues now become about small petty non important things and these are highlighted while the fundamental agreements and unity of purpose are hidden away.

    We are now ruled by what amounts to a one party state, this new party could be called the liblabcon, they have more in common with each other than they do with the electorate, a common purpose. It was bound to happen of course, a career politician only has a career at the whim and will of the commonest of ordinary people and can you imagine the rage and hatred of a career politician forced to fear that every election may spell the end of that career?

    The clue is in the term of reference ‘a career politician’ its their chosen career and a job that they believe they should do for life BUT the fly in the ointment is the ordinary electorate and this is the the other clue to what is happening right now. If the career political class can somehow remove the democratic sword of Damacles head above the head of all career politicians then perpetual power can be theirs and they believe that this would be a very very good thing(for them and by extension us).

    Look at the problem from their perspective and the problem and their solution to it becomes crystal clear. A highly educated well connected person chooses a career but that career can be cut short at the will of the common uneducated ordinary humble prole, now can you imagine how that feels to the political class? Now look at the evolution of political life today and you see a determination to remove as far as possible the electorates ultimate veto, if the three biggest parties can come together in secret with a common purpose and ally themselves with a far bigger political class in the form of the EUSSR they would be able to rule in perpetuity, a true ruling political caste enjoying what they feel is their destiny and their right, to rule.

    The career politicians most feared enemy becomes the electorate, the career politician has more in common with each other. Common goals and common ideals and common cause and a common purpose, to rule. Everything you see happening today in politics, the vast and increasing flow of money to quango non job gravy train tranzi fake charities is building a hermetically sealed elite class immune from the transient moods and ignorant transient ignorance of the ordinary worker drone class. A new political reality is being built before our very eyes, they rule and we obey, the rule and we obey, they rule and we obey. See how it works?

    For this system to work it must be as big as possible and must have layers with a series of one way strictly controlled filters from bottom to top, the EU state to be provides the sheer size and the hugely differing far flung peoples with their differing values provides an essential insulation between layers and with PR in place it means that whatever the electorate does means nothing and changes nothing. The political process becomes nothing more than an empty charade worthy of the USSR. One day very soon we will wake to a new order of things and wonder how it came to pass that the thing we took for granted as our birthright was so easily stolen away.

  2. 2 Peter Whale 28/02/2011 at 9:04 am

    Very good post, I feel like an aphid being milked by ants with no way out except by dying and that will also be to their plan.

    The comment by Cassandra King is exceptional.

  3. 3 right_writes 28/02/2011 at 9:44 am

    Excellent post AM, I read and re-read that paragraph of Hannan’s, trying to make something of that word “surreal”.

    Regarding Cassandra King… Also a good post, although I am not averse to the concept of a “career politician”, rather all political appointees, should be subject to the people calling them out under a referendum system, as used very successfully by Switzerland.

  4. 4 John E Payne 28/02/2011 at 10:27 am

    Conservatives continue along the EU path as Europhiles, which is rapidly taking away their Parliamentary powers. At the same time more Conservative voters go for UKIP in European elections. What fools David Cameron and the Conservative Party are, they just cant see by continuing to endorse a European Government they will eventually make themselves redundant as a political decision making party. If they think they will be the major British power in Europe they are not very intelligent. It is called shooting yourself in the foot.

  5. 5 Cassandra King 28/02/2011 at 10:49 am

    Many thanks for the kind comments by Peter and right_writes, I apologise for the errors, often I fall victim when impatient to translate thoughts into words. A failing I have never quite managed to grow out of!

    I have an instinctive dislike and distrust of career politicians, I would have thought that someone who comes into politics from some other sphere has no need to cling on or support inventions to further the aim of clinging on. My ideal politician is someone with their own mind and independent values. A career politician is bound to be tempted to climb the greasy pole, obey the consensus, keep their mouths shut, utter the party line slogans regardless of how they feel.

    A system is in place where career politicians have a mapped out career strategy laid out for them to follow, a yellow brick road to political success if you like. Mavericks and independent minded MPs tend not to be moved up the ladder while greasy obedient toadies tend to get a helping hand. We have in large measure a Parliament of faceless charmless droids, capable of repeating the lines of the day but little more. The lack of open critical scrutiny by party grass roots rank and file is frightening and has led to the likes of Cameron in power.

  6. 6 john in cheshire 28/02/2011 at 12:05 pm

    Well said all of the above. I too have an instinctive dislike and distrust of career politicians. In fact anyone who wants to fill public service jobs such as MP and social worker are to be distrusted. Maybe no one who wants such jobs should be allowed to have them. What is needed is a change in the kind of people who stand for election. And yes, I know we all focus on the honesty and integrity of these individuals – expenses scandal etc. However, I suggest that the core of the problem is that none of the current cohort are selfless. Maybe I am wrong, but there have in the past been public servants who actually served. Some of them – Enoch Powell, for example – were excoriated for their pains but it didn’t stop them doing what they knew to be right, despite the consequences to themselves. Today,I don’t see selflessness in anyone in public service. They are all self-serving liars, deceivers and thieves.

  7. 7 James morrison 28/02/2011 at 1:40 pm

    Great post and great comments. Of course none of this is helped by the media, who just cut and paste press releases as stories, without properly challenging anything they’re told. Presumably for fear of being excommunicated from future stories.

    Even the supposed “exposees” (sp?) only reveal as much as the political class will allow in any particular scandal – unless someone has truly fallen foul of the elite, in which case it’s open season…

    It’s only in blogs such as this one that one can actually find any information to challenge any consensus!

  8. 8 meltemian 28/02/2011 at 5:46 pm

    ….and not one of these ‘political elite’ seems to remember they work for us, instead they obviously believe we work for them!

  9. 9 Vanessa 02/06/2011 at 11:08 pm

    Cameron is an exact copy of Blair, he seems to think that everything he believes in is right. Blair was so keen on telling us what he had done was the “right thing to do”. Cameron is saying exactly the same they are all tarred with the hubris brush and the people cower in agreement. When will we stand up to him and tell he is WRONG !

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