Typhoon v Raptor = UK taxpayer being failed again

On Wednesday the UK National Audit Office published a detailed report on the current status of the infamous Eurofighter combat jet – nowadays officially known as Typhoon.  Lewis Page at The Register has taken a look and points out:

UK taxpayers will have shelled out no less than £215m for each of our 107 jets – that’s $350m at today’s rates, rather more than the US taxpayers have been made to pay for each of their 185 Raptor superfighters2, almost all of which will be used operationally. And the Raptor has third-generation Stealth: the Eurofighter has no stealth features at all. The Raptor has thrust vectoring for unbeatable manoeuvrability in a dogfight: the Eurofighter doesn’t.

The Raptor is a hugely more sophisticated and powerful aircraft, and is actually – astonishingly – somewhat cheaper, despite the fact that it is being made in much smaller numbers than the Eurofighter!

That’s a really astonishingly bad bit of value for money on our part.

1That was the original order when the project kicked off, and the price has not gone down – just the numbers of jets.

2Development and procurement cost of the Raptor for 183 useable jets is stated at approximately $62bn by the US air force, putting each jet at $339m.

I’m not the first, but allow me to add my sarcastic congratulations to the Labour government and the MoD for putting ‘European’ dogma ahead of value for money and getting the best equipment available.  Also to the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition for eviscerating our armed forces instead of merely fixing the problems associated with procurement; and furthering ‘European’ aims of forming a common EU military force at the expense of our own capability.

You politicians and civil servants are truly the most worthless, incompetent and contemptible scum of the earth.

6 Responses to “Typhoon v Raptor = UK taxpayer being failed again”

  1. 1 TheRagingTory 04/03/2011 at 1:39 pm

    I’d take anything Page says with a bucket of salt….

  2. 2 Barry 04/03/2011 at 1:42 pm

    The MoD seem to revel in buying stuff without factoring in the cost of using them in anger, eg Tornados in Afghanistan getting through airframe hours in double quick time, or without much intent to get things into service in a reasonable time frame.(Nimrod!)

    “Also to the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition for eviscerating our armed forces instead of merely fixing the problems associated with procurement;”

    I understand what you’re saying and why but I do sometimes wonder if the MoD *needs* breaking and reforming through such difficult financial constraints before the public and media in particular stop believing the Top Brass when they whine about not having enough money. It is much closer to the truth that they have had far too much money for too long and without enough supervision and simply wasted it.

    Too few Parliamentarians appear to have any interest in making the MoD get better value for money. This goes hand in hand with too few Parliamentarians having any interest in defining what the MoD *needs* to be capable of. How many ships? What roles to fill? A large or small standing army? What are our NATO obligations? etc. They have long since buried their heads in the sand. The MoD has tended along a cold war procurement programme without being checked and with specious cost rises going unchallenged.

    Technology is supposed to make things cheaper not more expensive, or more capable for the same price. Why does a £300k off the shelf RADWIN radio system do a better job of battlefield comms then a £114m bit of kit? Decades of fudge and disinterest, jollies abroad and grandstanding. You can’t run the MoD as a quango but that is how it has been done for a long time.

    “You politicians and civil servants are truly the most worthless, incompetent and contemptible scum of the earth.”

    Absolutely! They are craven to foreign bodies on this and other matters because then they don’t have to think up ideas and be held to account for them. Cretins who shirk the responsibilities of their office.

  3. 3 Autonomous Mind 04/03/2011 at 1:44 pm

    Well, it would be interesting to see what figures your own research of the NAO release turn up, Raging Tory.

  4. 4 Cassandra King 05/03/2011 at 5:00 am

    If the euroslimefighter was any good then other nations would be buying it, they arent and so it isnt. Its a Gloucester gladiator in a Spitfire world and a perfect example of compromise and cost cutting penny wise and pound foolish short termism. The euroslime fighter will have its full capabilities just as it gets scrapped, niiiice timing eh?

    The gun fiasco is a prime example, spending millions trying to save the cost of the gun only to find the gun was cheaper to install rather than a lump of concrete, but hey its only money right and its not like the jet will ever need a gun in these times of missiles…er..uhm..aaah…ooops!

    We are paying Rolls Royce money and getting Lada Riva kit minus the Ladas reliability, billions wasted for an airshow gew gaw. We are handed the MOD spin by the sick bucket full, its a pilots dream, its the most sophisticated jet in the world blah blah but what is the reality? After all this time and all the money pumped in to the project how many combat ready multi role euroslime fighters are operational and ready for war right now?

    Still who needs an RAF now we have the euroslime peoples revolutionary federal defence force? How many MOD parasites does it take to change a light bulb? Well after a careful cost benefit analysis and H&S assessment and five years of meetings and a thorough secret inquiry or three and the requirement being passed around most of the thirty thousand staff of the procurement corps just to give them something to do, it has been decided that the cheapest way to change the light bulb is to tear down the existing building and build a brand new one and hey presto just like magic the light bulb has been replaced.

    The truth is that we have not built a decent home grown all round fighter since the Hunter.

  5. 5 Delphius 05/03/2011 at 3:40 pm

    So, the UK’s contribution on its own, could have paid for the development of a true fourth gen fighter.

    But it’s even worse when you consider the financial input from the other project member countries, the cost of the project must be truely staggering.

    Just what did we save then by having joint European development and production?

    It really hits home that if we redeveloped our sense of vision, actually started to go our own way with a sense of purpose and ignore the dilution of the European project, we could achieve much, much more.

  6. 6 Cassandra King 05/03/2011 at 7:38 pm

    Only in the insane world of the new political progressivism could we get together with our EU ‘partners’ to save money on a new fighter only for it to end up costing us far more. But then again the cost aspect and indeed the entire project was a cynical blatant lie all along, like so many other cynical lies peddled to us every day. Just as we will never be allowed a referendum we will not be told the truth until the Quislings deem that we cannot escape from the destiny they have decided upon on our behalf.

    Nothing to do with the EU is clean and honest and straight forward is it? The EU is like a sh*t sandwich without the bread and no other choice but to eat it, the EU is like a cancer. Saving money by cutting defence? No, cutting defence to make a sovereign defence non-viable and taking us to a point in time where a foreign takeover of our armed forces becomes unavoidable. All the lies and the deceptions by the political classes, all in the cause of base treachery. We as a people would never agree to the theft of our sovereignty so the political classes simply wrap their aims in a tangle of lies.

    I cannot even bear to look at traitors like Cameron and Hague and Fox anymore, their smug greasy grins and the barefaced lies just sends me into a rage. Remember this, your destiny has been decided for you, the political Quisling class has taken it upon itself to sell the UK into serfdom. Your birthright and the priceless gift of freedom and self determination that our ancestors fought and died for you to inherit is being stolen away right in front of your eyes. Like grubby thieves in the night they are stealing that which does not belong to them, your freedom and once it is gone it is gone.

    The euroslime fighter is not a war plane and was never intended to be, it is a political statement and an article of political intent. The euroslime fighter is not a war plane it IS the new EUSSR. When you next look at Cameron the greasy salesman at work, just know that he knows the real truth, know that he knows the soothing words he utters are a bag of lies, know that behind the fake sincerity he is laughing at you and taking you for a fool.

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