An absence of perspective

The Press Association reports that Foreign Secretary William Hague has ruled out fresh concessions to the Liberal Democrats if they fail to secure victory in next month’s referendum on voting reform for Westminster elections.  So what?

Wee Willie, our principle-free Prime Minister, and his doppelganger Calamity Clegg are as usual trying to focus attention on triviality rather than substance by ramping up the hype about the Alternative Vote referendum.  Meanwhile the inconvenient fact that this referendum is utterly meaningless seems lost on the myopic media which with a total absence of perspective is slavishly assisting in the distraction from the real issues by devoting thousands of column inches to the subject.

What is the point of us saying how MPs should be elected when we are denied a say in who actually governs us?

2 Responses to “An absence of perspective”

  1. 1 Martin Brumby 24/04/2011 at 5:44 pm

    We all know the Referendum we were promised and then denied.

    Now’t to do with AVR.

    How long do we have to wait?

  2. 2 TheBoilingFrog 24/04/2011 at 8:24 pm

    Personally, I can’t help thinking that all this ‘fallout’ over AV is a slightly (largely) manufactured in order to keep the grassroots of each party happy.

    I’m bored with it.

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