The media really don’t ‘get’ the internet

Consider this from today’s Sunday Barclay Brother Beano. Richard Eden, for it is he, writes:

Mandrake hears that the Duchess of Cambridge’s family have taken action after embarrassing photographs of James and Pippa in various states of undress appeared on the internet in America. […]

[…] The family believe that the pictures, which are understood to have been taken by friends of the pair, were sold for substantial sums to photographic agencies. They have now succeeded in having them withdrawn from circulation after allegedly putting pressure on the photographers who own the copyright.

But we are talking about the internet here and, as anyone outside the media bubble will understand, once photos are on the web they are going to remain in circulation.  A couple of quick Google searches for ‘pippa middleton bra’ and ‘james middleton nude’ bring up the photographs in question in seconds, showing this non-story up for what it is.

So the Telegraph story, like so many others in that organ and elsewhere in the mainstream media, is nothing more than a vacuous space filler – or just the latest example of journalists simply not understanding what they are writing about.

All too often the fearless hacks of the MSM file copy, with their thumbs up their bums and their brains in neutral, giving no pause for consideration or questioning as demonstrated with usual clarity by EU Referendum in this analysis of the media’s reporting of the Abbottabad raid where we are enjoined to accept that Osama Bin Laden was killed last week.

5 Responses to “The media really don’t ‘get’ the internet”

  1. 1 AJC 08/05/2011 at 5:46 pm

    AM – many a media hack understands enough to uncritically cut and paste from the web.

  2. 2 graham wood 08/05/2011 at 5:52 pm

    Indeed. The MSM do not really “get” the internet. The media generally and including the BEEB fondly imagine that they are central as public organs of news circulation. Wrong!
    I suggest that as far as political exchange and discussion takes place the MSM’s impact is virtually nil – it is merely a ‘mouth’ in terms of its heavily controlled or edited so called “correspondence columns”, mixed as it is with vast doses of trivia and useless tat.
    Real exchange and in depth political coverage via the MSM is not where serious readers go, quite literally in terms of hundreds of millions of peoples world-wide. The forum is undoubtedly the Internet and our politicians here in the UK are still living for the most part in the make-believe world of the BEEB and controlled media.
    As we know it is the Internet in one form of another which is the catalyst for the political networking of many of the groups involved in their fight for freedom and democracy in the Middle East.
    This is the reason why one of the first steps taken by authoritarian regimes such as Syria and China to curb or shut down political dissent is to censor the Internet.
    The sooner the MSM in the UK loses what little interest and business remaining for it the better – it simply cannot compete at any level.

  3. 3 TheBoilingFrog 08/05/2011 at 7:52 pm

    I think, possibly, the MSM do get the internet but hate it – it threatens their cosy existence – therefore they try to pretend it doesn’t exist. Rather like their attitude of the EU really.

  4. 4 right_writes 09/05/2011 at 7:08 am

    Good morning to AM and Graham Wood…

    This is an interesting piece but I do not agree entirely… Both AM and Mr. Wood are missing a major point… WE… are definitely using the internet for these things, AM is what I would call ‘creative’, I don’t know about Mr. Wood, but for my part, I am ‘responsive’, in that I make comments attached to other more creative correspondents’ posts and threads.

    It seems to me that the vast majority, really do believe everything that they see on the BBC or read in the various tatty journals that are laughingly referred to as newspapers. A great many of these people do not use the internet for much more than updating their ‘Friendface’ or ‘Twit’ or whatever the f**k they are called…

    I cannot speak for the nations that aren’t fed the crapani that we in the UK (or the rest of the ‘international community’) are, for them you may well be nearer the truth… Our people have not woken up to this yet!

    As a good example, take a look at the comments on most journals and blogs that originate in the UK… One would think to look at them, that almost everyone supports the UKIP, believes in Hayek, does not accept the warmist agenda and so on. However, when it comes to an election campaign and people actually go out to vote, if they can be bothered, the vast majority swallow the s**t that they are fed by the Beeb and the rest of the MSM.

    I think that the MSM use the internet very cynically, they feed and push ubiquitous ‘new world order’ constructs (Facefriend and Titter) relentlessly, and in so doing, further stupefy the masses.

    They drop their socialist/fascist assumptions, and particular versions of history into the so-called non-political programming and ‘comedy’… Listen very carefully to radio DJ’s, those inane chat thingies on Radio 4 and TV, like ‘Stop The Week’ and ‘Loose Women’… Even Dr. Who, since Ecclestone was in the revived version, feeds the kiddies (and I mean this in the uncharitable sense) with twaddle… This stuff is happening all of the time.

    Maybe, as the inherent fascism and general control freakery becomes more oppressive during the next ten years or so, there will be a popular backlash, but I won’t be getting too excited at the prospect myself.

    For me, the internet, is more an example of control along with television and the MSM, and we would be mad to ignore this, they are used as dummies (pacifiers) for dummies (the great unwashed).

  5. 5 Span Ows 11/05/2011 at 7:06 pm

    I suppose “Pippa Middleton nude” was too much to hope for ;-)

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