Will David Laws be prosecuted at last?

The year-long inquiry by Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, John Lyon, into David Laws’ deliberate appropriation of taxpayers’ money to which he was not entitled, is said by an ‘insider’ to be so ‘damning’ that it could make it impossible for Mr Laws to return to the Cabinet.

If true a ‘damning’ finding would be very welcome .  Laws’ actions were a deliberate effort to defraud the taxpayer because he felt too ashamed to let it be known he was homosexual and living with his partner. It is inexcusable and indefensible. As this blog said in December, David Laws returning to the Cabinet would be a contempt of taxpayers.

The Mail on Sunday piece goes on to say that:

However, friends of Mr Laws last night disputed that, saying they did not expect the Commons sleaze watchdog’s report to be as critical as claimed and suggested it would not block his eventual return to government.

These ‘friends’ are fish from the same Parliamentary pool who are determined to have their man returned to a Cabinet position regardless of his theft. Why do they not expect the report to be as critical as suggested?

It is an open and shut case and Laws admitted his wrongdoing.  The fact is Laws should not even be an MP now.  He has faced no sanction for trousering £40,000 of our money, was allowed to resign rather than be summarily dismissed in disgrace, and is being lined up for a new Ministerial job. All this demonstrates is the ‘new politics’ is no different to the old politics and the political class works in its own interest at the expense of ours.

If John Lyon has been able to establish a pattern of wrongdoing by Laws, we can but hope, then there is no reason not to call in the Metropolitan Police and have Laws join his former Parliamentary colleagues in the dock to answer for his actions before a Jury.

5 Responses to “Will David Laws be prosecuted at last?”

  1. 1 WitteringWitney 08/05/2011 at 10:39 am

    We seem to have an odd system whereby any complaint is heard by judges drawn from amongst the judged.

    That system holds true whether it be politicians, local authorities, charities, housing associations etc etc.

  2. 2 Uncle Badger 08/05/2011 at 12:16 pm

    I have often thought that, in the absence of a real caped crusader, what this country needs is someone with a vast amount of money who would be willing to instigate private prosecutions when these cases come to light – as they so often do.

    It’s one way of foiling Starmer and his team of politically placed goons.

  3. 3 Olly Grender 08/05/2011 at 12:47 pm

    Seems to me your entire argument is that he was in this for financial benefit, so a question to you, if the report demonstrates that his motivation was not financial gain, if it also suggests that the taxpayer forked out less as a result of his actions what will your view be then?

    Also amazed that someone who questions the media in your introduction would slavishly follow the “line” in the Mail on Sunday who has clearly been briefed by someone with a clear bias …. suggests not such an autonomous mind after all

  4. 4 Autonomous Mind 08/05/2011 at 1:20 pm

    You are completely wrong with your strawman Olly.

    The argument is that, in full knowledge of the rules, David Laws continued to claim monies under a scheme through which he was not entitled to claim expenses. He did this to conceal his personal situation. Motivation here is irrelevant, the fact is he broke the rules and took public money to which he had no entitlement.

    So tell me, how is that argument is slavishly following any line from the Mail on Sunday, which is reporting nothing more than an apparent inside account of the inquiry findings due to be announced this week?

    The only line being followed that I can see is Cowley Street’s one to deflect attention from Laws’ fraudulent actions. But you’re not making a very good job of it.

  5. 5 William Wheeler 12/05/2011 at 4:30 pm

    Well we know the outcome now, he has had a slap on the wrist and suspended for 7 (YES 7 days) He ought to be facing a Jail sentence. The other MPs who were given Jail Sentences must be livid he is going to get away with it.There is is no excuse he was trying to hide the fact he is a Homosexual (I refuse to use the word (GAY).

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