Guest Post: A vist to Broadland District Council

A guest post by Dave Ward

I paid a visit to BDC offices on 27th May to enquire about their efforts to find “Climate Champions”. This was the subject of an article in the EDP on the 2nd of May this year. Two members of the climate change dept (James Thorpe & Deborah Collis) came down to meet me, and a 3rd (“Community Engagement Coordinator” Rachel Leggett) arrived shortly after.

I was shown into a private meeting room, and I initially asked how the project was progressing. Rachel quickly took over the discussion – clearly she wields more influence than either of the other two (who both appeared to be juniors in their early 20’s).

She advised me that they had hosted representatives from 6 groups within BDC’s area. One was from Postwick, a small village which has just installed a wind turbine at their village hall, another from Rackheath where a very controversial “Eco Town” has been proposed. Apparently the main aim of the project is to encourage people to go out amongst their communities and try and persuade others into changing their lifestyles, and making them aware about “Climate Change”. She also said they were trying to organise “Cinema” sessions where the film “An Inconvenient Truth” would be shown.

Up to this point I hadn’t laid my cards on the table (so to speak), other than to point out that I had installed fluorescent lights in our house over 30 years ago, was a keen recycler, and hadn’t taken a holiday for some 15 years! I said that I had watched Al Gore’s film, and at the time was taken in by the content, but  I was now aware that it was the subject of a high court order requiring many inaccuracies to be pointed out if it was to be shown to children.

I think this was the beginning of my downfall, and sensed that my real reason for the visit was becoming apparent. I also quoted from the original press article which was intending to show people how they could save money through lower energy costs, and reduce their carbon footprint. I queried this on the grounds that energy costs are sky-rocketing due to the feed in tariffs offered to micro-generation schemes, which are financed by levies on all customers. Her rather stumbling reply was that they meant saving by using less energy!

I then tried to tackle the confusion regarding “Carbon” & “CO2” by describing the former as the dirty black soot produced by “environmentally friendly” diesel cars, and the latter as a trace atmospheric gas which is also plant food. More sheepish looks… I asked all of them what proportion of the air is made up of CO2, and to his credit, James correctly quoted 0.038%.

I had come armed with a few pages of quotes, and the “Million Dots” CO2 chart which Autonomous Mind had linked to earlier this year, but never got a chance to make use of them as by this point (barely a few minutes after arriving) Rachel clearly didn’t want the discussion to continue, and said it would be best if she referred me to their contact at the UEA, and asked for my details.

I wasn’t exactly thrown out, but as she was moving towards the door it was pretty obvious I was no longer welcome. Being relatively inexperienced at dealing with officialdom I didn’t press matters any further and left, somewhat chasened by the experience.

To my surprise within half an hour she had emailed, thanked me for the meeting, and attached a couple of PDF’s – one was details of the inaugural session at the UEA already passed, and the other a workbook intended for the “Champions” to use. This was full of fairly typical “warmist” Q & A’s clearly pushing the “science is settled” theme.

It will be interesting to see if I get contacted by the UEA, but for the time being it’s been a salutary lesson on the way local government works…

6 Responses to “Guest Post: A vist to Broadland District Council”

  1. 1 PaulH from Barcelona 17/06/2011 at 8:04 pm

    My friend has a senior position in the Scottish public sector (one of the few useful ones). The stories she tells me about the calibre of local government employees would make your hair curl.

    From a climate perspective, they fall into the category of ‘useful idiots’.

  2. 2 brinjenkinsJenkins 17/06/2011 at 8:41 pm

    Well done, I always try to ask how one can reverse a cause and its effect whilst still calling it science.

    The example I use is the two glasses of water from the cold tap, place one in the refrigerator and the other in a warmer place like the sun.

    Within 10 mins bubbles form on the glass in the sun whilst the cooler glass remains bubble free.

    It has to be the heat warming the water that drives the gas out of the water. The heat drives gas out so how on earth can the gas escaping be the cause of the water heating?


    Global warming theorists need a reality check on the science of physics and observation.


  3. 3 Brian H 18/06/2011 at 4:15 am

    Non-warmists get the bum’s rush? Whoda thunk?

  4. 4 John Coles 18/06/2011 at 9:37 am

    Well done. A real ‘Daniel in the lions’ den’ effort. The authorities will slowly get the message of the public’s scepticism about their warmist theories: as Mr Tesco says, every little helps.

  5. 5 Uncle Badger 18/06/2011 at 12:57 pm

    The difficulty here is working out how to stop these wasteful morons being employed in the first place.

    I have tackled my local councillors about this and other LC issues and I get the distinct impression that the council more or less runs itself as its employees wish – councillors being treated as an amusing sideshow with little real influence.

    Given the entryism of the Left and eco-Left into positions of unelected power throughout the UK (I have personal knowledge of a former prominent Greenpeace activist doing just this) it’s hard to see how we weaken their grip, as they keep employing their fellow travellers to help further the programme for the destruction of ‘bourgeois capitalist society’..

  6. 6 Bruce McFarrough 13/07/2011 at 1:36 pm

    All I am seeing here is standout mentions of ‘Tescos’, ‘bourgeois capitalist society’ a non-sensical oxymoron ‘useful idiots’ and that general, overdone stereotype that council employees are incompetent. No breakthrough thoughts to be seen here and definately nothing autonomous – and to be honest it sounds like the BDC treated the matter as any organisation should do when being challenged – by the book. Pretty harsh to put names to the council employees, who at the end of the day are getting out of bed each day, working and fuelling our economy rather than falling into the unemployment category. Bigger fish to fry I’d say.

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