5 Star Blogging

A selection of five great posts by independent bloggers recommended to you for being thought provoking, insightful, covering interesting subjects or comprising quality writing…

1. Nourishing Obscurity on Constitutional Games

2. Jennifer Marohasy on Carbon Tax as a Failed European Policy

3. Raedwald on Not ‘Realists’ But ‘Statists’

4. PanScourer! on IPCC Caught Out Again

5. Subrosa on The IMF’s Second Biggest Problem After the Greek Bailout

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  1. 1 jameshigham 20/06/2011 at 5:33 am

    Zeroing in on the Statism argument, does “micro-management direct from Whitehall” actually mean “on order from Brussels”? We know the influence of Brussels on Westminster but what is their direct influence on Whitehall as well? Interesting area of exploration.

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