BBC: Nation shall speak peace spin unto nation

The State propaganda organ has continued to indulge itself in ludicrous spin over the last two days in Northern Ireland.

For it is from there the BBC has been reporting in detail about the opening of the so called ‘Peace Bridge’ in Londonderry.

So it is we have had BBC Ireland correspondant Mark Simpson uttering comments such as this yesterday:

At a cost of £14.6m, the new ‘peace bridge’ in Londonderry/Derry is the latest attempt to bring Protestants and Catholics closer together.

At the moment, most Protestants live on the east bank of the River Foyle, most Catholics live on the west bank. Some are reluctant to cross to the other side.

The idea is to try to bridge the gap.

going on to add that:

In Londonderry/Derry – sometimes referred to as stroke city – the level of sectarianism is not as bad as it used to be.

The hope is that the new bridge will help to improve relations even further among its 100,000 residents.

Improve relations among Londonderry’s 100,000 residents?  What Simpson has deliberately omitted from his meandering waffle is that thanks to murders, beatings and sectarian intimidation at the hands of republicans/nationalists, thousands of unionist protestants have fled their homes in the city.  In fact in Londonderry there are now less than 500 protestants left.  To put this into context the city used to be home to more than 15,000 protestants when the Troubles started. But now there is hardly any protestant community left with which to improve relations.  The message as always is ‘all is well, there’s nothing to see here’.  The reality as always is something rather different.

What compounds this bias by omission – and likely goes some way to explaining it given the origin of some funding the BBC receives – is the confirmation that the dead hand of the EU is all over this exercise in delusion, metaphoric and literal bridge building initiative:

Funding came from the EU’s Peace III programme under the Shared Space initiative which supports projects that bring together communities that have been formerly divided.

Given the EU’s track record of waste it is no surprise it thought spending £15m of our money on such propaganda was a good thing to do.  If the EU wants to bring together communities that were formerly divided it will need to build a bridge that starts at the Foyle and goes a considerable number of miles to where the protestants who have fled Londonderry now reside.

This is not a peace bridge, it is a monument to the successful ethnic cleansing of the vast majority of the unionist population from Londonderry’s Cityside.  One wonders how the BBC would be covering this story if it was Catholics and republicans who had been expelled from the city rather than the protestants BBC editors think of as an eccentric oddity who are of little consequence.

3 Responses to “BBC: Nation shall speak peace spin unto nation”

  1. 1 john in cheshire 25/06/2011 at 10:37 pm

    If Northern Ireland needs a peace bridge, it should be a protestant/catholic movement against the EU. If Northern Ireland spent as much time, money and people fighting the real enemy – socialist EU- as they did for 30+ years against England, then I’d believe they have seen the light.

  2. 2 Patrick Harris 25/06/2011 at 10:54 pm

    If it were so, then it would be Derry as Londonderry is anathema to the calicks.
    Get the story right or leave it be.

  3. 3 Andy Baxter 26/06/2011 at 12:38 am

    the shameless utterly abject surrender to the IRA by the vaccuos Anthony Blair and his commie crew sticks in my craw even now 14 years later….as a former serving soldier who has served in NI (on more than one occasion) I just cannot reconcile this with the situation evident then.

    contrary to the MSM and popular myth the IRA was beaten in 1997, it was rudderless, splintered, lacked widespread respect except amongst the die hard few and that exacted via coercion and threat , riddled with informants, powerless to fulfill its core belief of policing and controlling the province with the ultimate aim of reunification and painted into corners by the effective policing of the RUC and the security services it successfully duped the empty headed Blair into the “Promise of Peace”.

    now we have a dismantled RUC replaced by a neutered Police Service of NI, a powerless and ineffective security service, a rampant IRA reborn and brimming with strength and vigour that has rebuilt it’s cells and power base actively recruiting and conducting ‘dry run’ operations in readiness for ‘Tiocfaidh ár lá’ or for those not in the know ‘Our day will come’

    and all because of a weak vaccous spineless (adjectives fail me I’m so full of rage) slimey toady eunoch of a politician obsessed with self….

    I truly hang my head in despair at times at where this once united great nation, UNITED Kingdom of GREAT Britain and Northern Ireland was no accident of nomenclature, is heading I truly do….

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