Head of the Met Office Hadley Centre

The Head of the Met Office Hadley Centre is a key role.  The man at the top is Dr Chris Gordon.

Just last month he was appearing at the Chinese Institute of Atmospheric Physics after leading a team of Met Office Hadley Centre scientists delivering lectures to academics and students there.

So it is of some interest that despite the absence of any news release from the Met Office or story in the media that I can find, Dr Gordon’s role is currently being advertised – boasting an £80,000 salary, benefits package, the all important bonus irrespective of performance and a tidy Civil Service Pension…

A call to the Met Office press office was met with a surprisingly defensive response from Helen Chivers to my request to be directed to the announcement that Chris Gordon is leaving his role.  The reason being one does not exist.  All they would say was Dr Gordon was moving to another role in the Met Office’s ‘Science’ area, but would not/could not say what role he will be taking.

As far as the Met Office is concerned the Head of the Met Office Hadley Centre leaving his position and someone else being recruited is not newsworthy, despite Dr Gordon being listed as one of the publicly funded Met Office’s seven most senior scientists.

Where he turns up at the Met Office will be of interest.  Also of interest will be the next holder of the Hadley Centre Director role.  This will be a key appointment by the Met Office and it will be of significant public interest to see who takes on the role and what their background and approach is.

5 Responses to “Head of the Met Office Hadley Centre”

  1. 1 jameshigham 30/06/2011 at 9:03 pm

    They must really hate you at the Met, AM.

  2. 3 Brian Hall 01/07/2011 at 7:29 am

    Shuffling the deck chair shufflers.

    You don’t suppose he’s recanted? And is being sent to internal exile?

  3. 4 Martin Brumby 01/07/2011 at 8:26 am

    Of course this is just the Hadley Centre. The CEO of the MET, John Hirst, is on £170-£175K according to:-
    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10489120 (a year out of date.)

    As a comparison, Sir David Richards, Chief of General Staff MOD has to bump along at around £5K less. But I suppose the Defence of the UK and odd little wars in Afghanistan and Libya aren’t as important as the struggle against 0.7ºC temperature rise.

    The Beeb lists Robert Napier CBE (ex CEO WWF-UK) as Non-Executive Chairman on a pittance of £40K.

    I don’t know how he does it for the money.

    For evidence of how well they are doing you only need to look at:-

    Click to access MOB-March11.pdf

  4. 5 AJC 01/07/2011 at 2:34 pm

    An important job to be done here …

    Extreme weather link ‘can no longer be ignored’

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