Energy policy chickens coming home to roost

The negative effects of the dash for gas, to pick up the slack for poorly performing renewables, didn’t take long to kick in did they?  The failure of successive governments to develop new nuclear generation is writ large.  The people paying the price are the likes of you and I.  Meanwhile the renewables speculators get rich at our expense with their lavish subsidies, even though the output will have a marginal impact on energy supply in this country.

On 7th December last year, this blog mused on the great energy delusion, observing that:

After all, renewables are supposed to become our baseload power source if you believe the idiots in Westminster who are bought in to the power generation revolution. It’s easy to say that gas fired power stations will pick up the slack, but the dash for gas is forcing the price upwards as demand from China to western Europe is on the increase. While we are able to get gas from Norway we will increasingly be relying on gas from Russia and the middle east to meet the energy gap created by unreliable and over rated renewables.

Today we have British Gas announcing it is hiking its gas prices by an average of 18% in August. Why? Although these comments were carried on BBC radio the BBC web report leaves out some key details, so we defer to the Evening Standard for the full explanation:

British Gas said wholesale prices had increased by 30 per cent since last winter because of “increased gas consumption in Asia and the impact on supply of unrest in the Middle East and North Africa”.

Managing director Phil Bentley said: “We know there is never a good time to raise prices, but we are buying in a global energy market and have to pay the market rate.”

But what of our wind turbine adoring Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Lhuhne?  As always, he is off in the land of make believe where he is seeking to distance himself from the consequences of the policy he supports:

I refuse to stand by and watch this happen.

The UK electricity market has to change so we escape the cycle of fossil fuel addiction.

Alternatives, like renewables and nuclear power, must be allowed to become the dominant component of our energy mix.

Only radical reform now will give us the best chance in the long run of keeping the lights on at a price that doesn’t wreck our economy over and over again.

What we are experiencing is what has been caused by the approach he supports.  He shares the blame.  As a Eurofanatic he actively supports EU actions that are driving up our energy costs, yet is putting all the blame on the energy companies.  Lhuhne as a renewablesfanatic supports the exorbitant cost of renewables subsidies, and the forcing of the energy companies to purchase all power produced by the turbines regardless of their cost.  He has long been rigidly opposed to state subsidy for nuclear power and continues to be.  But reality is starting to bite and now he is calling for more nuclear which is reliable, despite putting our money into renewables that are not.

So where is this radical reform he speaks of?  It’s nice to see Lhuhne talking about the best chance of ‘keeping the lights on’.  According to his own party leader, Nick Clegg, there was no evidence that there’s going to be a terrible energy gap and that the lights are going to go out in the middle of the next decade.  Chris doesn’t seem to agree with Nick any more.  But the problem is the climate change lunacy, the obsession with unreliable and intermittant wind power, the regulations and obligations imposed on us by the political class  is wrecking our economy already and plunging millions of people needlessly into fuel poverty.

Huhne’s attempts to point the finger at the energy companies, who are forced to deliver on government policy, must not be allowed to wash.  The buck stops with him and his ideologue pals who have accelerated our descent into chaos and exacerbated the problems he claims to be refusing to stand by and watch happen.

Huhne does not have the solution.  He is a major part of the bloody problem.

5 Responses to “Energy policy chickens coming home to roost”

  1. 1 John Coles 08/07/2011 at 3:22 pm

    Huhne has a lot on his mind – a philanderer with a predilection for the sexually confused, he is consumed with safeguarding his political future now that his wheeze to minimize the points on his driving license has been rumbled – almost. How can he possibly spare his best thinking for matters like base load and the unreliability of windpower? He won his seat when he replaced a Conservative masturbator extraordinaire – maybe there’s something in the air at Eastleigh.
    Instead he turns to the French and Germans to equip us with nuclear power. Some hope! To think that we once led the world in nuclear power generation. Dear God, how are the mighty fallen!

  2. 2 Brian H 09/07/2011 at 6:09 am

    While the UK is relying on bureaucratic interference to prevent opening up frak gas reserves, the French have outlawed fraking, for either gas or oil. A measure of how frightened the Green Stalinists are of it; it slashes their carefully tied Gordian Knot into short disconnected chunks.

  3. 3 DP111 11/07/2011 at 1:16 am

    If this AGW scam, aka known as ACC, had been perpetrated by private individuals, it would be quite rightly treated as a criminal offence, and the perpetrators sent to jail- specially so when the scam had caused deaths.

    It is quite likely that there will an increase in the number of deaths of the elderly in the coming years, as a direct effect of this scam. If this happens, it must be treated as sabotage of the nation, and criminal incompetence leading to deaths, and prosecuted as such.

  4. 4 Tom 12/07/2011 at 1:54 pm

    The insanity of a post modernist ideological response to an engineering / technology problem appears to have passed almost all in the Westminster / EU bubble by.

    And as usual, they’re contracting people who’ve never seen a wheel to design one as described by somebody who only has the faintest grasp of what a wheel is actually supposed to do and thinks it’s a dirty mechanical thing anyway.

    The disconnection of the political classes and much of the executive from reality and the lurching around to jump on passing ecozealot PR bandwagons is going to cause trouble. BIG trouble.

  5. 5 JohnM 14/07/2011 at 7:19 am

    This ignores the very real possibility that the coming “energy gap” is known and is being actively planned for.
    After all, people HAVE to have electricity no matter what the price is.
    So the energy providers will get rich, and our masters will doubtless be within reach of their [providers] bank accounts.
    All of them [masters] have shown themselves to be profligate liars and seekers after money, time after time after time.
    By constantly trying to satisfy everyone, and get rich out of everyones pockets, they have merely become westminster prostitutes to everyone.
    So, we are led by a bunch of lying westminster scrubbers, and we do not even get a decent shag out of them.
    Worse, we are being screwed by the scrubbers.

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