Following the Europeans into dismantling democracy

It really has come to something when Europe’s supposedly enlightened approach to democratic protest is cited as justification by another country’s Attorney General to restrict the right of their people to demonstrate against their government.

Yet that is exactly what happened this week in Tanzania.  As Tanzanian paper ‘The Citizen’ reports:

The government is pondering whether or not to ban public demonstrations, the Attorney General, Justice Fredrick Werema, hinted in Parliament yesterday. Justice Werema said his office was contemplating the possibility of tabling in parliament a Bill seeking to restrict public rallies and demonstrations during working hours.

He said although it was universally a constitutional right for people to demonstrate, some countries, like Germany, have in place laws restricting demonstrations during working hours, and Tanzania government was considering whether to emulate the example.

If implemented, such a law would be seen as a way of stifling the rising culture of demonstrations in the country, as members of the public continue to press the government to take action over burning issues.

The EU is constantly voicing its desperation to make its mark in the world.  It is becoming clear that mark is as a collective of anti democratic member states ensnared by dictatorial governance, characterised by the slow burn erosion of civil liberties and personal freedoms.

People throughout the EU should feel a sense of utter shame that this is what ‘Europe’ has become and how it is viewed in the world.  It is a supreme embarrassment that tin pot little African countries see European countries as examplars of how to stifle legitimate protest and keep people in check.  People must be allowed to protest when they wish, not when it is convenient to the authorities.

We have no place inside such an insipid and repressive entity.  It is only the political class that keeps us shackled by the bonds of Brussels.  If the politicians actually represented us as they are supposed to, they would have already sought our opinion and allowed us to decide if we wish to remain members and acted on our wishes.  But the political class acts in its own interest, not ours.  They are the modern fifth column.

One wonders how much longer we will be permitted to make observations and criticisms such as these. No doubt the bureaucracy will do all it can to decree that such comments are too ‘radical’ or an unacceptable form of ‘xenophobia’.

4 Responses to “Following the Europeans into dismantling democracy”

  1. 1 Bucko 31/07/2011 at 12:14 am

    A protest sanctioned by the government is no protest at all. It’s just them saying let the people have their little demonstration in that corner where it doesn’t bother us, and we’ll pretend we’re listening.
    A real protest is spontaneous and unrecognised or prepared for by TPTB. It has to be or it’s meaningless.

  2. 2 Harbinger 31/07/2011 at 1:25 am

    “It is only the political class that keeps us shackled by the bonds of Brussels. If the politicians actually represented us as they are supposed to, they would have already sought our opinion and allowed us to decide if we wish to remain members and acted on our wishes. But the political class acts in its own interest, not ours. They are the modern fifth column.”

    This is the problem. The new political class are nothing but lobbyists for the mega corporations and puppets of the elites who seek a one world government. How long has this been going on, that is puppet politicians? Who knows? We most certainly know that we can go back to Heath, maybe even all the way back to Cromwell, but one thing’s for certain, while we have politicians in power the majority will continue in this MSM enduced coma, daydreaming in an unreal world, while the man behind the curtain pushes all the buttons.

    The only freedom that the people of this country and this world have is the complete removal of not just the political class, but the bankers, big business and of course the elites who are pushing all of the buttons and have been for a very long time.

    It’s a game of toss the coin – heads they win, tails we lose. The game is rigged and nobody cared because they’re all kept as far away as humanely possible from the truth. Oh how the elites have played a brilliant strategy. Every base is loaded and the final hitter is about to step up, with a bat the size of Jupiter to an underarm 5 year old pitcher. The only thing that can save humanity would be a crowd invasion as playing by the rules means instant victory.

    There are many within the truth movement who think that victory can easily be achieved yet they forget that the victory is in their minds and their minds only. Many know but still choose to ignore that our society has been utterly brainwashed by the elites, our foods poisoned, given rogue vaccinations, infected with cancers and diseases, being sprayed daily with alluminium and barium, our sperm rate smashed via Bisphenol A poisoning and manipulation of the water supply, our women turned into rampant, anti male/family feminists and our boys walking women with peni. Then there’s the smashing of our indigenous culture where regardless, everyone’s really quite happy being a globalist, part of the group and oblivious to individuality. In other words, although the elite haven’t won yet, technically they have when it comes to complete subversion and control of the overwhelming majority.

    Those who want freedom will have to make huge sacrifices and expect horrendous retaliation by the elites. This battle will never be won on a level playing field ever. TPTB will hold onto power and control because they truly believe they are better than everyone else. They’re psychopaths and will never relinquish their hold over society.

  3. 3 TomTom 31/07/2011 at 12:26 pm

    Now that Erdogan has used the EU to undermine Kemal Ataturk’s Settlement and remove the military as guardians of the secular constitution, Erdogan has 25% Turkey’s senior officers in jail and 42 generals held without charge. He has created a “Secret Witness” programme whose “evidence” is not available to the victim; and special prosecutors and police units to carry out his wishes.

    Soon Turkey will be a model of Iron Guard Servitude ready to become the largest group within the EU

  1. 1 Hooray for Harbinger | Calling England Trackback on 01/08/2011 at 11:21 am
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