Duggan shooting: Media trying to shift blame for their inaccurate claims

A correction and apology

Before reading this post please read the correction and apology posted here


An update to the earlier post here that highlights the media’s disinformation about the Mark Duggan shooting.

The Daily Mail is attempting to muddy the waters around its allegation that Mark Duggan shot at police. Their original story has been updated several times, most recently yesterday afternoon.  It includes the following assertion:

Today, Mail journo Rebecca Camber has jumped on the police bullet story and has written:

This is simply untrue.  The Independent Police Complaints Commission has only issued press releases (which can be viewed here) and the quote attributed to its Commissioner, Rachel Cerfontyne, in the Mail’s article has been lifted from one of them.  None of the press releases issued by the IPCC suggest that Met officers returned fire after someone in the minicab opened fire.  The Mail’s assertion is another falsehood.

The ‘Duggan fired at police’ element of the original story was a creation by a journalist, and in typically derivative manner other journos repeated the claim in their own papers as if it was a fact.  And so the myth became reality in the eyes of millions.  Now the ‘reality’ seems set to be contradicted by emerging facts, the media is trying to point the finger of blame away from itself.

No matter what the rights or wrongs of the incident on Ferry Lane, we have a duty to tell the truth however inconvenient it proves to be.  The media has not only spun a fictional account of events, it is now lying about doing so to cover its own back.

10 Responses to “Duggan shooting: Media trying to shift blame for their inaccurate claims”

  1. 1 permanentexpat 08/08/2011 at 7:15 pm

    Believe nobody….just be fully aware that the whole skein of our society is corrupt, mendacious & meretricious to a degree unknown in the past…Your time should be spent planning your survival when it all falls to pieces…there will be violence & tears in abundance.
    Our Moslem imports will be sitting back & watching with great interest as our once great nation implodes without their participation..

  2. 2 don wreford 09/08/2011 at 4:33 am

    The affirmation of the ruling Elite deciding the fate of millions is of no doubt intoxicating, to feel the surge of power running through the veins, Parliament is completely out of touch with the untouchables, thus the superiority of this Institute’s mind set is far away from Tottenham’s and other such disenfranchised social structure’s, the Elites objective is to morally bankrupt, and destroy the will of these people, the health of these people are to be destroyed so they become more like the untouchable class in India, the advantage for Establishment to prepare this class of people for there doom, is the sense of self grandiose and elation of the insiders movement, such perks being insider information on the Stock Exchange and other Elite advantages, to use taxpayers money that paid for infrastructure of the Society to be transferred to the Elite’s wealth, this ploy is to avoid recrimination and responsibility to the General Public and to diffuse blame, and further consolidate power, the Police are the civil infantry to uphold the the status-quo of the now and past pernicious and corrupt Establishment, a Police Force paid by taxpayers for the protection of guess who,? the future of Britain is now but writing on the wall, increasingly those that scramble to get on the bus of the haves and those that have not, anjd through the process of education and other deviant means, put wall literally between them and the the victims the untouchables, is is of conjecture as to who even in the Elite will be cut asunder as the drama unfolds, there are several outcomes to this situation, one possibility is the Police will use terror tactics on an increasing scale, as I believe this is the only way for them to go, it will polarize and galvanize a state of guerrilla warfare or and civil war, whereby there will strongholds of the Elite protected by Military, as turmoil grows the possibility of an increasing ability of rebels obtaining greater powered weapons, the rebels have less to lose being only there life, as they are already a doomed race, unlike Establishment that are fearing loss of there privileges, the historical circumstance to this situation has long been apparent, in part the present Royals and there isolating atmosphere that shroud them is typically and symbolically what is wrong, there aloof manner and reliance of taxpayers funds and the corrupt that hang around this investment corporation, to use the Queens reference to the Family, is ostentatious, as one has recently witnessed there involvement in selling a sizable mansion to an overseas criminal for an inflated price and having there lackeys pay no tax on there profiteering, it is as if the Mafia are in Britain except not by name.

  3. 3 Derek 09/08/2011 at 7:52 am

    Expats right, Islam is just eager to step in – Tower Hamlets anyone?

    And what do we hear from or about the driver of the cab? Where is he/she now I wonder? Being interrogated – or indoctrinated?

  4. 4 Derek 09/08/2011 at 8:02 am

    Also true Don. AM’s words of watch and wait may sound sensible and indeed are. But what are we to be told after the story is built, re-built, and spun to death for human consumption. Will we hear the truth? Have we heard it before?

    Come to that – was he in a cab – or a private car? Was he the driver – or passenger? Does it make any difference? Who knows.

  5. 5 Spencer 09/08/2011 at 12:17 pm

    I’m not convined the bullet ‘lodged’ in the police radio either, infact I’m highly dubious. It may have skimmed or gone through the radio, but a police radio however sturdy they might be, will not stop a bullet.

  6. 6 vimothy 09/08/2011 at 1:45 pm


    Have you tried to contact any of the outlets to ask where they sourced the info?

  7. 7 Stuck-Record 09/08/2011 at 7:25 pm

    Bearing in mind that the last month or so has seen the phone hacking scandals about nefarious relationships between the police and newspapers, it seems very odd that the Guardian, within 48 hours of the shooting, should calmly announce that they had ‘discovered’ the bullet was not from Duggan.


    How, exactly?

    Only the police, IPCC, forensics and politicians had this info, and NONE of them are supposed to be talking to the papers.

  8. 8 Autonomous Mind 09/08/2011 at 7:58 pm

    Yes Vimothy, but no response. I think they realise they’ve been caught cold.

    Stuck-Record, I have no doubt The Guardian is either paying a police source or has an insider at a high level feeding them with information (possibly Common Purpose link).

    The way that paper uncovered the name of an American blogger known as Jeff Id, even though there was nothing online that could lead to his real identity being discovered, adds weight to my view. See Climate Audit for more on this.

  9. 9 Stuck-Record 10/08/2011 at 9:30 am

    My money is on the insider. But I don’t suppose we’ll hear any howls of outrage from the BBC about the police slipping the Guardian sensitive information.

  10. 10 Mat 10/08/2011 at 1:29 pm

    The truth is the goal but we shouldn’t forget that to have a legal or illegal firearm or replica even a R.I.F. air soft gun will if show or pointed at a member of the public get a lethal response !

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