Rioters without a cause

It is not a protest.  There is no cause, ideology or grievance.  The acts we are witnessing are completely and utterly without justification.  As many commentators have rightly said, what we have seen in recent days and what is happening again tonight is just criminal behaviour.

As usual the talking heads such as Marc Wadsworth and Darcus Howe spill onto our TV screen and our airwaves to tell us why the behaviour we are witnessing is the fault of anyone and anything but those black youths who make up the majority of those carrying out the violent and criminal acts. Socialist politicians emerge to make political capital out of the events – always careful to sidestep culpability for their role in creating the conditions that have bred this generation of thugs.

What we are seeing is the product of the gang culture that has been allowed to develop and impose itself in a number of towns and cities.  These feckless, selfish, grubbing morons have grown up worshipping at the altar of gang culture and drug culture, with a chip on their shoulder the size of a planet, with aggressive claims that the world owes them something.

Not only are they togged up in the latest designer labels and £130 trainers, while sporting iPhones and BlackBerrys and gold jewellry, they have grown up being told by handwringing apologists that they are not responsible for their own actions.

Whenever they do wrong it’s always the fault of their ‘environment’, or ‘society’, or ‘lack of opportunities’ or a ‘failure of government’. The worse their behaviour, the more the sociologists fawn over them and say we aren’t putting enough ‘resources’ into their areas and that we are to blame for the supposedly understandable consequences.

We are not to blame.  The blame lays squarely on the shoulders of those who choose – who choose – to carry out criminal acts.  There are plenty of youngsters from identical backgrounds who shun the gangs and choose to make something of their lives.  They show commitment and they work their way out of their situation to make a better life for themselves.  They should be applauded.  If they can make it, there is no reason others cannot do so too. But the others don’t because they would rather have everything handed to them on a plate, or steal it from others, because they don’t want to make the effort.

I for one am sick of people excusing the behaviour of these thugs, who can generally be found on sink estates – carrying drink and drugs and selling drugs on to make some easy money – hanging around in groups attempting to intimidate people and demanding ‘respect’.   They have to demand it because they do nothing to earn it.  They are the antithesis to respectability and they themselves respect nothing, particularly not society’s norms or authority.

Until these feral beasts learn they alone are responsible for their behaviour and until the consequences for their wrongful actions are made severe this kind of lawlessness will continue on some scale or other.

By the same token, we need the police to revert to being a fair, honest and respectful police force – i.e. not polluted and corrupted by political correctness and quasi politician senior officers – instead of being uniformed social workers.  We also need the courts to hand down proper punishments to those who commit crime and make an effort to deter others from making the same bad decisions.  We also need more prison places to uncrowd the system and make proper rehabilitation possible to reduce reoffending.

What is the common thread in all this?  The politicians.

It is their policies that have allowed this subclass to develop, and their policies that have made it possible for this subclass to continue receiving substantial handouts for doing nothing productive with their lives.  The political class has cultivated this problem and refused to correct it.  The politicians must pay a price for what they have allowed to happen and the law abiding majority of this country must now hold them to account.

21 Responses to “Rioters without a cause”

  1. 1 J (@bigjools_) 09/08/2011 at 10:24 pm

    Great post. Nail hit firmly on head.

  2. 2 leet3lite 09/08/2011 at 10:46 pm

    I came across your blog while trying to find info about the riots and the cause (since i’m living abroad). I was very impressed by your unbiased reporting of facts and especially highlighting the sloppy reporting of supposedly professional media.
    Whether I agree with you or not though, I am disappointed with this last post. It is wholly opinion with no references to back it up.
    Please fix this. Don’t fall in to the same trap as big media. Cite your sources, report honestly and I’ll fully support you the whole way.

  3. 3 Curmudgeon 09/08/2011 at 10:46 pm

    Yes, spot on there.

  4. 4 Autonomous Mind 09/08/2011 at 10:50 pm

    Thanks for your comment leet3lite. From time to time I indulge myself with an opinion piece rather than a critique drawing upon evidence and references. This is one of those occasions. I appreciate the feedback.

  5. 5 Adam Levick 10/08/2011 at 12:05 am

    Excellent post. Thank you!

  6. 6 permanentexpat 10/08/2011 at 12:06 am

    I would assume that this is exactly what Middle England thinks & those old enough remember those two awful wotds which encapsulate how it all began & who was responsible: “EMPIRE WINDRUSH”

  7. 7 T G Watkins 10/08/2011 at 12:18 am

    Charles Murray wrote two pieces for the Sunday Times some years ago describing the development of the British underclass and the inevitable social consequences.
    Political failure for at least 50 years!
    In no particular order, ‘nanny’ state rights without responsibility, state school failure especially at junior level, liberalisation of the judiciary, separation of police from the people (panda cars), multiculturalism better called separatism, state encouragement of single parent families, fiscal and monetary incompetence (incontinence) etc., etc.
    There is no political choice anymore. Maybe Richard at EURef. is correct that only a peaceful revolution will change anything.
    Interesting times.

  8. 8 Martin Brumby 10/08/2011 at 7:41 am

    Obviously this tends to return to the old debate:- are they depraved because they’re deprived or are they deprived because they’re depraved?

    It is a matter of fact that young blacks are statistically far more likely to be picked up by the police than young whites. And that the unemployment rates are again far higher. But there are a range of other statistics that the Grauniad / BBC mention less often, that are also relevant here. Look at the number of young blacks brought up by single parents. The number who leave school with few or no qualifications. The number who get involved with drugs, gangs and guns.

    One of the words most often used in the MSM at present is “mindless”. I’ve seen no evidence to suggest that anyone involved (except, of course our beloved politicians and MSM gurus) are “mindless”.

    I suggest that the feral looters, arsonists and vandals are certainly not especially well informed about political and economic issues and certainly (as AM points out) have had it pumped into them that they are ‘victims’ and that it is Society’s ‘fault’ that they aren’t ‘respected’.

    But let no-one imagine they are stupid. They will be aware that “We are all in this together” with the millionaire Oxford educated political leaders and see how that works out in reality.

    They will be aware of the ‘Fred The Shred’ type bankers who have walked away with pensions like an annual lottery win.

    They will be aware of the MPs who have had their Wisteria pruned, moats cleaned out, duck houses built all at the expense of ordinary people and who have largely walked away scot free.

    They have had a highly tendentious version pumped into them, of how ‘Jean Charles de Menezes’ was blown away by the police, without any considerations of the context.

    They will also likely be aware of the kind of Society and living conditions in Jamaica and Trinidad and the crime levels there.

    They will see and contrast the life style of the local drug dealer with the life style of the teachers who vainly tried to impart some kind of education to them at school.

    They will have noticed the “4½%” inflation now “under control” and see how that translates into the realities of fuel and food and booze prices.

    They will be at least vaguely aware of the talk of “Billions” being spent on the Olympic vanity project and “Trillions” being lost from the stock exchange and European economies and the riots in Athens and, whilst having little understanding, will have an acute and accurate idea of whether it is more likely that they will somehow pick up the tab or whether the likes of ‘Dave Boy’ will be adversely affected.

    They would indeed be “mindless” if not aware of these issues.

    That excuses nothing. But it does give some idea how difficult it will be to get the lid put back on this particular pressure cooker.

  9. 9 Derek 10/08/2011 at 7:50 am

    ‘EMPIRE WINDRUSH’ – had to look that up, and ironic it used to be a German ship. Coincidence naturally.

    Yes, a good piece and strikes the overall picture perfectly. But are our politicians so easily led into believing their policies are the right ones? Or are they blackmailed into it – and who are the blackmailers?

    Were we as youngsters up for making a noise of some sort?

    (Hat tip to Calling England – )
    Were we naive, or just a group of looters in the making passing the buck to the children.

    My two are brilliant. A disciplinary word once in a while, but never a hand, and always with an explanation of consequences of their possible actions. That may be where parenting went wrong, but fifty years of deliberately guided politicians have forced this destructive culture upon us. Enoch Powell had it right, and was shafted for it.

  10. 10 Restoring Britain 10/08/2011 at 8:26 am

    Good post as ever AM and as I read it two events sprang to mind.

    The first was a TV show my wife was watching whilst off work over a decade ago (it might have been Kilroy). In it some teenage mother was ranting on about how she didn’t take anything from the taxpayer. Apparently there was a middle aged lady in the audience trying to explain to her that she was taking money from the taxpayer. As she continued her denial she listed what she received and listed some of the benefits she was on and cited that as proof that she didn’t take anything from the taxpayer. The middle aged woman’s response was “my dear where do you think those benefits come from?”. The girls response?

    “oh what? I’m I supposed to be grateful or something”

    I’ve also driven through these estates and there’s a clear illustration of the problem for those that will see. Often you will come across two houses in the same street, next to each other, both of similar value. Both people are probably in a simialr financial condition, living there, because that is all their money will buy them.

    But that is where the similarities end. One house has clean windows, a painted door or at least a clean one if its UPVC and tidy front garden or at least a generally tidy front yard. There might be a car, usually a few years old and clean. Next door is an altogether different matter. If the lawn isn’t overgrowing, something broken is in it. I have seen it be a fridge, borken plastic toys, a bin on its side with teh contents spilling out. Often a window or the door has a panel on it clearly suggesting something is broken. If not that the hedge is growing wild or the fence is rotting or broken. The house is clearly uncared for.

    What you’re looking at there is not money, poverty or similar because that is the common factor between the two sets of families living there. What you’re looking at is choice on how to live your life and what forms an acceptable standard. That translates into other areas.

    I once read a book by Anthony Robbins in which he cites a story of two sons of an abusive and criminal father. One follows dad’s lifestyle whilst the other leads a very different life. When asked about how they ended up where they did, they both gave a similar answer. Both answers were a variation on “coming from a father like mine how could I live any different?”

  11. 11 don wreford 10/08/2011 at 8:29 am

    What is a peaceful revolution? is it Bertram Russel peace march and 250 thousand marching down the Strand 1960s,protesting about the bomb? and what was the outcome? or handing out flowers to the passing throng, Haight Ashbury, 1960s? the thugs that roam the streets of Great Britain damaging property, how awful to see our day upset by a few hoodlums an honest maybe God fearing citizen of Great Britain unable to consume and have a quiet stroll and meditate on the unfolding flowers in the park and wonder at Brian Cox;s Universe, or ponder on Blake’s, to see a World in a grain of sand, it is indeed a upsetting sight to ones tranquility of being eroded by the riff raff, having myself been in London at the beginning of 1940 when the bombs came from the sky, the 2nd WW had begun, and being evacuated to East Grinstead and having the luxury of Anderson Shelters and steel top tables and when the V1 Doodle bugs, begun, at a later time as the heat continued transported to Devon until the War spread in its ferocity with increased aerial bombing and the family moved on to Southern Wales outside enemy action, and on the return to London in 1945, I mention this in passing as how relative reality is, the present calamity would be by comparison no less than a picnic in the park, moving on to a more Global situation although I believe escaped Hitlers purge being a bonafide Aryan and blue eyes to! and maybe a may have been Hitlers neutered servant! when he took up residence in Buckingham Palace, however excuse my diversion, myself taking to becoming the Global man as in humanity, it is salient that when one has a bombastic Government as with Parliament is today, and for that matter nothing has changed throughout the ages in this regard, although it is now time, to me representatives as Blair whom had a supported the War and the incursion in to Afghanistan, and else where that involved the killing of thousands of citizens who are being oppressed by the British Parliament, it is possible these people are seen as an inferior Race by the British, this to my mind not only is a myth but perpetrated violence and sustained by this Institute. The British Public must know the look at what a Country is like after devastation of war, it appears as if little regard for a disproportionate responsibility for a far greater calamity as Afghanistan, as say Tottenham’s. The likely hood the Establishment of Britain set this up to take your minds of of what is wrong with Britain, and to increase police revenue for the benefit of your oppression. This timely riot that possibly the Police instigated to clear out the fringe of British culture for the coming of the Games. The British Government and its culture of discontent, who are committed to tyranny, in inciting racial and class riots in under cover police operations, being at the fore front of vandalisation. If this being the case people have a responsibility to overthrow the Government as subversive to the interests of the People. The numbers for such a insurrection is at present most likely not there as the political intelligentsia fine tune the balance of staying in power by means of propaganda, police powers, and giving the electorate enough of the crumbs to keep them pacified and exploit their sense of moral outrage.

  12. 12 ProgContra 10/08/2011 at 9:15 am

    Good post, AM. Our feral politicians do not have the moral weight to criticise – they are venal, corrupt and deserve our contempt. The media, immersed in navel-gazing and reporting celebrity gossip, similarly carry no weight. Our education system has systematically undermined the authority of parents and others. It exists to boost the ‘self esteem’ and greivance culture that exists among sections of the poor (black and white).

    The only people who can criticise are those of us who get up and work. Those of us who want to stand on our own two feet and not to have to depend on a welfare state that seeks to make us addicted to hand-outs. Those of us, black and white, who have raised kids to know what’s right and wrong, and to make sure our kids stay on the straight and narrow. We’re the only ones who can criticise, and we need to make sure our voices are heard above that of ‘hug a hoodie’ Dave and the rest of the parasites.

  13. 13 mfosdb 10/08/2011 at 9:44 am

    The behaviour of the rioters and thieves marauding around London is behaviour that has been allowed to happen on the sink estates, where vandalism, arson, intimidation and theft are routine daily occurences. Law abiding residents and shopkeepers in these places have been under seige for many years as the gangs and thugs have taken more control through violence and murder.

    The police have been prevented from effective policing of these criminals because of the liberal agenda which considers criminality as anti-social behaviour caused by an underprivileged environment.

    The riots are simply the spreading and magnification of the vile criminality of the sink estates where it has been tolerated and miscategorised, by politicians and the justice system, to a much wider area. It has come as a shock to the residents of places like Ealing.

    Have the politicians got the guts and vision to deal with the source of this evil. The answer, from what I have heard from politicians and the various official talking heads, is no.

    Unless the establishement, the system, faces up to the truth of the problems facing society, ordinary law abiding people will have to deal with it themselves, like the residents of Enfield who, unable to rely on the police, formed a protective posse last night to protect their streets.

  14. 14 Repeal the Act! 10/08/2011 at 11:40 am

    AM on the surface this looks like mindless looting – but there seems to be leaders directing the initial action in some of the riot videos. I wonder if there are any agents provocateurs at work here?

    This lawlessness will lead to a further clamp down on our rights to protest against the real issues such as the privatisation of the atmosphere – carbon trading and introduction of the carbon floor price, the billions in taxpayer subsidies to the “renewables” mafia. I wonder if the lack of police intervention is deliberate? Here is a pick of ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ videos.

  15. 15 Nick 10/08/2011 at 8:17 pm

    Spot on, AM. Well said! Every word. But isn’t almost as if the politicos and the police wanted this to happen? Either that or they are actually so entirely gormless that they could not see generations growing up in our country without any sense of responsibility could only lead to the ghastly scenes we’ve been witnessing.
    I certainly wonder if the “light touch” policing when the first trouble started, and which allowed the criminal thuggery to grow, was deliberate, so that the police could point to “cuts” and say “this is what will happen if you “cut” the money spent on us.

  16. 16 Derek M 11/08/2011 at 10:45 am

    Just an interesting thought. All dictators in Europe, from Napoleon onwards, have emerged out of chaos on the streets. Is there a Lenin or a Hitler in the background just waiting for his forces to succeed?

  17. 17 Repeal the Act! 11/08/2011 at 11:55 am

    Okay call me cynical – more politics of fear
    Were undercover cops leading the ‘recreational rioters’?
    1 The police are a powerful lobby for their own jobs. They have lost 4,000 jobs already and are facing a further 2,000 job cuts. They have also had they overtime rates cut.
    2 The police have undercover officers embedded in criminal gangs, and even in groups such as Greenpeace. See here undercover cop leads demo. What a happy coincidence the riots were to save police jobs? I notice this has become a ‘new threat’ – more politics of fear. Is this another scare narrative? Has the “Global Warming”, “War on Terror” become the “War on Chavs”. And will this “new threat” be a smoke screen to cover bigger issues, like energy cost and the EU?

  18. 18 Derek 12/08/2011 at 8:44 am

    Try the UN Derek, driven by global banking elite and headed by none other than the insufferable “Sustainable Prince”. The EU construct has been their ‘experiment’, and its failure all part of the grand plan – global domination. The threads are failing, but that won’t stop their onward campaign. Religions and riot, anything to create disparity and aggression will serve their purpose.

  19. 19 Naive Northern Git 12/08/2011 at 12:30 pm

    The true maliase in this country is the lack of respect, the feeling of entitlement, and lack of personal responsibility. This is generally attributed to the ‘underclass’. That percentage that have little education, that have little ambition, that complain about Eastern Europeans getting all the work but won’t take the jobs themselves because they are better off on benefits. However that’s not the whole truth. The issue is much, much, broader.

    It affects the top end of society too, they wriggle their way out of paying taxes, they avoid responsibility by virtue of being able to pay their way our of trouble.

    It also affects a large number of people inbetween. The driver that knows that the police probably won’t pull him over at 80 on the motorway so flaunts the speed limit. The music lover that downloads their music for free over the Internet. The movie buff that does the same to get the latest film for free. The person who doesn’t look where they are going, trips on the pavement, and sues the local council for all they can get.

    We have become a selfish society. Nothing is beyond the pale as long as you can get away with it.

    We fool ourselves that no one is harmed. Though excessive insurance claims have the same effect as the rioters damaging their own neighbourhood. We know its not 100% legit, but its ok, because we won’t get caught. The only difference between us and the rioters is the level of the offence.

    This is not new. I can remember being moaned at as a kid, I’m in my late 40’s now, because I paid on the bus when I could have got away with not doing as the conductor wouldn’t have noticed and the chance of an Inspector getting on was minimal. It has got worse and I can’t see much changing. It’s not up to the politicians to solve the problems, or the Police to catch every law breaker, its up to us to live right and not just spout off.

  20. 20 Tacitus 12/08/2011 at 12:51 pm

    This has been coming in the England for about 50 years and stems from a ‘Blueprint for Subjugation’ oriinally developed at the Frankfurt School (a.k.a. The Institute for Marxist Studies, circa 1923). Marxist academics wondered why the proletariats of Europe had not risen up when their ‘comrades’ did in Russia in 1917. They discovered that a european revolution did not happen because there were too many elements in western society which collectively provided social stability. These included the churches, parental authority, authority of teachers, systems of policing, the strength of marriage and family ties, clarity of gender roles, etc. etc. The ‘blueprint’ therefore called for actions designed to subvert these socially cohesive elements, one by one and little by little over decades to create a society more amenable to riot and revolution. It has worked. Where is parental authority, the authority of teachers, the guidance of the churches, clarity on gender, the concept of family and marriage and social cohesion etc. today? The ‘blueprint for subjugation’ has worked and the task of tackling its deliberately destructive aims is now immense, but it will be beaten.

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