Liar Leigh digging himself into another hole

One of the downsides for liars, as The Guardian’s David Leigh is increasingly finding, is that their lies get found out and their contrived stories fall apart under scrutiny.

It is nice to see more people calling out Leigh.  In Counterpunch magazine in February this year Leigh was given the sort of treatment he likes to dole out to others in a piece about ‘The Guardian’s Sleazeball Hacks and Plagiarists’ focusing on the Guardian’s relationship with Julian Assange.

But of equal fun is the good hiding Leigh is currently getting at the hands of The Economist and its readers in the comments thread in an article about Wikileaks.  Leigh is being put through the wringer for including a password to a key Wikileaks file in an opportunist book – rushed out by the Guardian to capitalise financially from the fall out of the scandal leigh engineered – which allowed it to be opened revealing yet more information.

Leigh’s indignation at being the focus of criticism for publishing a Wikileaks password in a book, without any justification, is laid bare for all to see.  Seen through the prism of his own self regard, Leigh views himself as a crusading hero.  Being exposed for the deceitful, unreliable and untruthful hack he really is appears to have got the vicious little parasite a tad upset.  What a shame.

(With thanks to Katabasis for the spot)

2 Responses to “Liar Leigh digging himself into another hole”

  1. 1 Junkk Male 10/09/2011 at 10:16 am

    On the plus side (for the good Mr. Leigh), the pictures of him to accompany stories on his antics seem to be getting more flattering as his fall from grace, credibility, etc, accelerates.

    Originally these seemed to be a mug shot from a D&D bust.

    When his loyal employers eventually feel that they may not survive the association, I anticipate a Photoshopped masterpiece to rival BBC PR’s best when leaping to the defence of Sian Philips.

    Before allowing her to pursue other interests as a consequence of their being anything other than ageist too, of course, when it suits.

    So many standards around these days.

  2. 2 hammersteen (@ahammerschmiedt) 11/09/2011 at 12:22 pm

    … put through the wringer …

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