Operation Deceive and Destroy

The Conservatives are following their messaging calendar to the letter.

Their communications plan has seen the Tory whips suggest to George EUstice and Chris Heaton-Harris that they form a group of Europlastic MPs to ‘promote debate‘ about this country’s ‘relationship’ with the EU.  It has seen David Cameron framing his answers to talk about this EU ‘relationship‘ as he appeared before the Liaison Committee.  And now it sees the rent seeking arch quisling-in-chief, William ‘Eurowillie’ Hague, dropping some carefully chosen words onto the willing ears of the Times about ‘loosening ties’ with the EU.

You don’t need to be an etymologist to see how the meaning of the noun Eurosceptic has been deliberately and cynically transformed to enable those who are nothing of the sort to adopt its mantle while undermining Eurosceptic aims.  The media has been complicit in this, routinely referring to pro-EU politicians who actively further the aims of the EU as Eurosceptic.  It suits the Tories and the media well.  It gives Eurosceptic voters the illusion the Tories share their desire for an independent UK, while giving  internationalists the opportunity to attack the supposedly xenophobic Tories on tribal party lines which delights the leftist media.

But back to today’s instalment from Eurowillie.  As always it is the case that when it comes to politicians we should ignore what they say and judge them by what they do.  Is William Hague a pro-EU or not?  The answer is, like Cameron, he sees himself as a ‘practical Eurosceptic’ which means he firmly and resolutely supports the UK remaining firmly in the grip of EU governance.

In fact he has gone further and actively endorsed the EU. Hague fronted a six week campaign to promote careers available in the European Union which ran in the Telegraph and on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website in January and February this year. Both microsites have been wiped from existence, but we still have Hague’s comments and a screen grab of the ad campaign for posterity: (click to expand image)

Presumably the area of Foreign Affairs is not one of the ‘ties’ that Hague is in favour of ‘loosening’.  How very Eurosceptic of him. Hague is just another Judas goat, aided and abetted by the useful idiots who are given a little latitude to ‘dissent’ in the hope of retaining Eurosceptic supporters.  As such we need to keep highlighting the evidence far and wide in the hope more people understand how they are being manipulated.

17 Responses to “Operation Deceive and Destroy”

  1. 1 John Payne 10/09/2011 at 9:42 am

    Whether its Hague or Cameron in the firing line, they are just stooges following Conservative Party Policy. When these individuals eventually lose their Eurosceptic creditability the Conservative Party bring forward other individuals to make negative statements on the EU.  That way they manage to keep their naive voters together. Conservative Party policy, as the controlling force, must always be the main focus of attack.

  2. 2 Goodnight Vienna 10/09/2011 at 10:10 am

    Dammit – I blogged that Hague video and his speech at the time. I’ll have to go back and check if it’s disappeared. If it has I’ll substitute a link to your page here. It’s strange how many videos and speeches are published but later wiped when the facts get in the way of myth-building.

  3. 3 wiggiatlarge 10/09/2011 at 10:50 am

    The formation of eurosceptics under useless Eustace and the meaningless utterances of Hague are a reaction to the growing demands of the population to honor some of the promises pre election in the light of the EU’s current state ,i think we can also assume the timing just in front of the UKIP conference has something to do with it,as John Payne says its to keep those who “want” still to believe in the Conservative party in line.

  4. 4 maureen gannon 10/09/2011 at 2:39 pm

    To all those out there who insult me by pinning on a badge with Euro[a person who questions the validity or authenticity of something purporting to be factual. ] sceptic. for that is the true meaning of sceptic.

    That is an untrue definition of what I am I Love some of the land mass that is called Europe indeed I will be in France in October so lets stop with the silly emotive language.

    I do however dislike with a burning intensity that which has been labelled the European Union, I hate its undemocratic methods. under this fraudelent body we have an Unelected President , an Unelected Foreign Minister, and unaudited accounts for the last 15 years , and I object to £40million pounds a day being given to a body that if it was a business would have the fraud squad down on them like a ton of bricks, they move goalposts to suit themselves , the Lisbon treaty to the best of my knowledge says in polispeak NO bailaouts, hahaha Merkal decides Europe obeys. so please will the word not be used for those of us who see the EU for what it is, otherwise I will have to start referring to those who are at present call Judas goats, what in reality I believe them to be Aiders and Abetters to the biggest Fraud in History.

    Just call me Anti EU… full stop

  5. 5 Faustiesblog 10/09/2011 at 2:45 pm

    I’ve not been able to locate that site, either. Although its disappearance does not seem to have been communicated to the EU:


    However, its Facebook group page is still current.


    Might I suggest we encourage our numbers to infest that group?

  6. 6 cosmic 10/09/2011 at 4:49 pm

    This is the latest re-hash of the “In Europe but not ruled by Europe” , “have your cake and eat it” crapola and it’s increasingly desperate and threadbare. It’s like watching a conjurer do the same old tricks not very well and you can see the white mice peeping out from under his sleeves.

    The cast-iron promise and the caving in over everything EU since they came to office are too fresh in everyone’s memory.

    “Yowza! Yowza! Yowza! Roll up for this evening’s entertainment folks! Cast-iron Dave and the Europlastics are unexpectedly available to perform a selection of favourites old and new, (but mainly very old and tired indeed), including their timeless classic, ‘The Same Old Same Old’.

    Be sure to arrive early to avoid disappointment. ”

    I think it’s got to the stage where lampooning the likes of Hague is more productive than argument.

  7. 7 maureen gannon 10/09/2011 at 5:46 pm

    Well they just confirm that,
    Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    I can only see myself spoiling any ballot papers I refuse to be a part of all this hypocrisy .

  8. 8 Julian Williams in Pembrokeshire 10/09/2011 at 6:24 pm

    Autonomous Mind you obviously love words. I am impressed that you are inventing terms on which we can hang new memes for describing, and pigeon holing, a type of behaviour that is now prevalent insside the Tory party. The sceptics need you because it has been a weakness in our cause that we have failed to take command of the language that is used in the sceptic/phile debate.

    We have had a few successes. For instance the use of the phrase “one size fits all” when opposing the Maastricht treaty, is still being used and even adopted by our opponents to explain why the Euro has gone wrong. But inventing catch phrases has always been seen by our side as dumbing down debate.

    I think there is an explanation for our weakness with language. I think sceptics, by and large, believe in getting to the underlying truth; “if only they will understand the arguments against the EU they will all come round to our way of thinking!” Unfortunately this is rather old fashioned and not how the modern world works. Truth is important, but it does not always win arguments. Sometimes the truth can expose fraud and destroy weak arguments, but it does not of itself make an argument spread and become popular.

    On the reverse side of the coin untruths can be popular. I do not wish to offend Christians, in fact I support my local Christian community, however they do provide a good example of what I would call a popular untruth; The Virgin birth and the resurrection to me are both unbelievable. However they are beliefs that have spread and endured for over 2,000 years. Sceptics cannot overturn these memes that have survived for millennia. Personally I am happy that these beliefs continue in the community in which I live.

    My point is that beliefs are not overturned by sceptics seeking truthful answers. What happens is that old beliefs are supplanted by new beliefs. In terms of Meme theory old memes are pushed out by new memes. Which brings me back to my first point, Sceptics are very bad at spreading new memes. For people who work in ad-agencies and PR dedicate their lives to inventing and spreading memes, for them being untruthful can cause serious problems, but if untruths are wrapped up correctly they will not stop a meme flourishing. Sometimes untruths, if hidden correctly, will aid a meme spreading (belief in virgin birth and resurrection have both been useful for spreading the Christian faith). Cameron and Osborne are PR through and through, as are most politicians. They are much more interested in the survival of their popular ideas than they are in the promotion of truth. This is what we are fighting, and have been fighting, for decades.

    You are inventing very good phrases. As a movement we have to work out ways of getting these new phrases used by people outside our immediate circle of sceptics. It goes against our way of thinking, but we have to grasp this nettle.

  9. 9 Cassandra King 10/09/2011 at 6:59 pm

    The message from Quisling high command is stunningly clear to anyone with eyes to see isnt it?

    The UK is going to stay in the EU regardless of the wishes of the British people. We are being told in no uncertain terms if we had ears to listen to the real message being sent that withdrawal is not an option we will never be allowed to take. It matters not a jot what the electorate thinks and with all three parties supporting this betrayal of the democratic principle of self determination it really truly does not matter who the electorate vote for because the policy remains the same regardless of result.

    Now sit and think what this actually means for you, it means the nation you believed needed your input and contribution in the democratic process is in fact an illusion. Westminster has become an illusion wrapped in lies and deceptions worthy of the Byzantine court. The simple fact is that we no longer live in a true democracy, the singular definition of which is the electorates ability to dictate political policy via the ballot box. This is clearly not the case anymore.

    The reality is that the political establishment have agreed among themselves that we WILL be a region of a superstate that we WILL lose our national sovereignty, that we WILL be a slave vassal region ruled by foreigners in the interests of foreigners. Our role in the new reality is to finance the fraudulent enterprise and give it the fabricated superficial gloss of democratic respectability. Dont kid yourselves, we are in fact powerless serfs of the worst kind, we choose not to see the chains that binds us and the lies that deceives us.

    The political class are laughing at us, giggling and crowing at our slowness our trusting nature our gullibility, imagine them laughing at you as you struggle through the cesspit they have created for you, picture it in your mind as you finance their extortion racket and you will sooner or later realise a rage building in yourself at the only option for real change left open to you.

  10. 10 TomTom 11/09/2011 at 8:09 am

    The Virgin birth and the resurrection to me are both unbelievable. However they are beliefs that have spread and endured for over 2,000 years. Sceptics cannot overturn these memes that have survived for millennia……belief in virgin birth and resurrection have both been useful for spreading the Christian faith

    Completely off the wall ! The Virgin Birth and The Resurrection IS the Christian Faith otherwise you have Judaism not Christianity.

    You cannot confuse Religion which is predicated on Supernatural with secular political belief which is anthropomorphism and based upon natural power over others validated by force and violence.

    The State is coercive, lacks morality, denies individual conscience, and instrumentalises human beings like galley-slaves. It reflects the mentality of men not God. The servitude of politicians to the EU Moloch is the supine behaviour of weak men fearing Mortality whereas Christian Faith is thr triumph over The Last Enemy.

    There is far more in the Universe than the EU or spineless politicians in what is yet another phase of human obsession with idols and false gods….your analogy shows you are trapped in secular political space with no concept of Infinity or existence on anything other than this physical plane.

  11. 11 TomTom 11/09/2011 at 8:11 am

    The simple fact is that we no longer live in a true democracy, the singular definition of which is the electorates ability to dictate political policy via the ballot box. This is clearly not the case anymore.

    Ever since large majorities became the norm after 1979 in fact…….the voters gave politicians freedom from the short leash to act in increasingly undemocratic manner

  12. 12 right_writes 11/09/2011 at 9:01 am

    @Cassandra King:

    “The UK is going to stay in the EU regardless of the wishes of the British people. We are being told in no uncertain terms if we had ears to listen to the real message being sent that withdrawal is not an option we will never be allowed to take. It matters not a jot what the electorate thinks and with all three parties supporting this betrayal of the democratic principle of self determination it really truly does not matter who the electorate vote for because the policy remains the same regardless of result.”

    I thought that there were four parties?

    I have just been to the “largely unreported” UKIP Conference…

    This party has got 7% of the voters expressing an intention to vote for them at elections. The DimLibs have 11%. A similar party in Finland have just scored c20% up from 4% in an actual election and are now the official opposition there… There is no reason why the majority of the people of this nation, that support our withdrawal from the EU shouldn’t vote for the UKIP.

    It is fine to belong to Campaign for an independent Britain, the Freedom Association, (Jon Gaunt’s) UK out of EU (what a mouthful!) and other genuine likeminded movements…

    It’s OK to not like (or evenly actively hate) the current leader, but it is the only nationwide political party which advocates our withdrawal from the EU. I don’t suppose Labour and Tory voters universally liked Tony Blair or Margaret Thatcher, but that did not stop voters making them prime minister three times each!

    I suppose it depends how many people on these blogs and elsewhere actually want to see this country walk away from the EU without a war????

    Apart from the anti-EU policy, that everyone knows them for, the MSM has done its level best to (as Justin Williams suggests) spread the meme that UKIP has no other policy, or is wracked with in-fighting, neither are true, both are true….! It is true that Farage is like Marmite™, it is true that their full manifesto takes the back seat, the party recognises that most policy (independent or not) will always be negatively affected by the EU’s malevolent omniprescence.

    It is also true that although the party is not afraid to talk about racism, or islamaphobia (particularly in the context of immigration) that it is neither, even though like all the others there are some members and voters that are indeed, that way inclined. The Labour party whilst adopting the policy of immediately opening the borders to full (mainly Eastern European immigation) referred to the indiginous working population as lazy and inefficient, thus opening up our country to 2% of the Polish population!

    It is not true that given the opportunity, that they would ignore their main policy and suddenly become “plastics”, like the other three… Particularly the current shower of sh*t.

    On the first day that they enter government of the UK, they will repeal the 1972 (ECA) and 1973 (Accession) acts.

    Of course, it is also true that those who are antagonistic to UKIP could go and form their own parties, they sometimes do, but they soon fall by the wayside, which leaves UKIP… or a forlorn hope that the powers that be that support “the project”, will stop at war in pursuit of their EU dream, because they won’t.

  13. 13 Julian Williams in Pembrokeshire 11/09/2011 at 7:05 pm

    Tom Tom you completely misrepresent my point which you have not understood. My point is that the spreading of ideas depends on replication and competition in a pool of ideas. This concept was developed in about 1991 when Dawkins wrote “the Selfish Genes” and included a chapter about another replicator which he called memes. This idea was taken forward by Dennet and then Blackmore. The theory is quite well established, but I am sure still in need of a lot of amendments.

    Basically memes replicate, like genes do. The successful one replicate faster, last longer and hold their meaning more accurately than unsuccessful memes. Memes obey the same laws as genes, fecundity, longlevity and accuracy are the features of successful genes and memes.

    The problem is that success in replication of an idea is not directly related to truth. Truthful ideas, of themselves, do not ensure a meme will replicate and spread faster than untruthful myths, so the myths develop and squash out the truthful ideas.. So the question is what are the features of untruthful myths that make them more successful replicators than truthful ideas?

    The theory of memes was first developed by Dawkins, who is very hard on religions. I do not go that far. But he is right to point out that religions do prove good subjects when studying memes and the competitive environment in which they develop.

    The point of my post, which you missed, is that the sceptics wrongly, in my opinion, believe telling the truth will always win out. My second point is that ex PR executives are much better than sceptics at putting their ideas across. My third point was that one of the ways they are beating us is by creating quasi-religious memeplexes. AGW, with its lexicon of terms like “denier” are using age old tricks that have keep myths like teh virgin birth alive even in this modern age.

  14. 15 TomTom 11/09/2011 at 7:36 pm

    This concept was developed in about 1991 when Dawkins wrote “the Selfish Genes”

    Therein lies your first error, citing Dawkins. You have lost any argument by citing such a weirdo and polarised the issue completely.

    The economic marketplace for political ideas is far older than the Simonyi funded Microsoft Professor……try Anthony Downs for one – Economic Theory of Democracy. As for Eurosceptics telling the truth, I think you have rather loaded your own dice.

    The European Movement was funded by the CIA and MI6 with Retinger as one of its paid advocates. It was Britain that expected Western Europe to coalesce into an Anti-Communist Bloc whilst US/UK pursued their imperial grand design together – the US simply did not see Britain as an equal so Britain flitted between Europe and the US like a hooker running between dealer and pimp hoping to find a safe haven.

    The British Establishment is frightened of recognising true British mediocrity, an overpopulated island with no industry and no resources. It is not a marketing issue, it is sheer panic. Against which we have romantic notions of a world desperate for British goods and looking to London as a beacon. Forget it, the world does not care !

    Terms like “denier” are the old Communist tricks and Propaganda was a British speciality – they have lied over nuclear power without making it a religion; it is the opponents who have made it a “Green Neo-Pagan” religion.

    What Eurosceptics lack is credibility that they have a programme beyond settling into the lounger in some Berkshire village rather than how to build roads in congested Leeds or what they have that is POSITIVE. Bill Cash and his crowd could make anyone an ardent Euro fanatic.

    You built an argument using Dawkins as a premiss. I reject your premiss.

  15. 16 Julian Williams in Pembrokeshire 11/09/2011 at 10:39 pm

    You put words in my mouth that are quite contrary to what I write or believe. And I did say I do not altogether agree with everything Dawkins says, so don’t make out that I base my thoughts entirely on what one man you obviously don’t like has written. His Meme theories do make a lot of sense to me, so I have adopted part of what he has started in this area of thought 20 years ago and has subsequently been developed more fully by others.

    Concerning sceptics, I am really talking about the group of ordinary folk who detest the way the democratic heritage of this country have been passed across to an undemocratic multinational politicians club. These people, for the most part, have an unfailing belief in their fellow man. I am struck that they believe passionately that if power is given to the electorate then good governance will return, they basically are honest in their beliefs. I also myself believe in this too.

    The problem is that politics, and the media too, have become entrapped in a world of PR, where message is more interesting than finding truth. And they are very good at dominating the agenda, getting bought and elected, and generally leading the world astray. Their success at this brings them power and money and squashes our voice out.

    Honest people have understand that being honest is not always enough to triumph. To see what I mean look at the AGW debate where the sceptics have been exposing the bad scientific methods, but somehow not got the support of politicians and even science magazines like Nature. There is something in the system, probably in human nature, that is blocking their path. I would suggest it is same thing that is blocking us from getting our anti EU message adopted by the establishment. That thing is explained in meme theory, so at the very least we should look at the theory before we throw our toys out of the pram.

  16. 17 TomTom 12/09/2011 at 4:57 pm

    You would do better to read the late-Christopher Lasch “Revolt of the Elites” which describes presciently just why the Elites betrayed the nation state. Whether Britain ever had a democratic heyday is moot, it certainly was a very brief period if it existed. The same elites emerge from the same institutions and act in the same way…….>95% Education Secretaries since 1944 went to Public School yet administer a State Education system of which they know little.

    The State Broadcaster has replaced the State Church reading out sermons to the masses. It is a Top-Down Society as it always has been. That is the marvel. We are in the EU for the same reason we are in NATO and the UNO, because it was ordained from On High. We have the highest cost passports in the EU because THEY told us to pay…..and we do.

    We have the highest rail fares, the highest airline taxes, and the highest taxes at the lowest income levels in Europe……but it is ordained from On High. It is not Brussels that gold-plates Directives…..it is the Elites

    The AGW Debate as you put it emanates from Britain and its Met Office. It is Britain that is driving this agenda – it is the Elites that are looking for a means to play High Priest to a peasant population worshipping false gods.

    The fault is in the basic laziness, ignorance, smug complacency and stupidity of an island people who have been duped with disastrous results ever since they decided to volunteer for mass-culling in 1914 because those On High could not “let France down” but had no casus belli to persuade Britons to die for France……..and ever since it has been Britons serving France because the British Elites serve French interests

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