The ignorant and learning impaired BBC

Having the dubious distinction of working in an office that has its TVs constantly tuned to the BBC News channel, it has been impossible to avoid the corporation’s obsessive coverage of proceedings from the Leveson inquiry.

Hugh Grant’s moody features and Steve Coogan’s inability to find a barber have featured heavily.  The BBC line is clear, the press has behaved outrageously by publishing distorted stories, fabrications and smears in order to sell papers. In the past month alone (at the time of writing) a Google search shows the BBC has been thoroughly enjoying itself, publishing no less than 856 stories and references about the Leveson inquiry – while taking a moral high ground that is wholly unjustified.

Unjustified, how?

Well, for all the wall to wall coverage on its news channel and the incessant stream of stories on a number of areas of its website, the BBC has itself been shown to be… publishing distorted stories, fabrications and smears.

The BBC has published no less than 22 articles and references this week about the Conservative and Unionist Society at the University of St Andrews burning an effigy of President Barack Obama.

However, the Tory boys and girls have not taken the thinly veiled insinuations of racism laying down.

What the BBC will not report is that there is more to the story than they are happy for people to know, lest it exposes their scoop as the meaningless piece of spiteful bile it really is.  Instead, for the facts, we need to turn to the blog pages of Biased BBC, where a member of the St Andrews little Tories explains what really happened and why.  The ignorance of the BBC is left on full display.  Their inability to learn the very lessons they are so keen to thrust down the ether and across the airwaves at us, is self evident.

As always with the BBC what you get is half the story all the time – assuming they don’t ignore the story completely because it contradicts one of their sacred shibboleths.  As always with the BBC the story has been made possible because of the unique way they are funded – with our money, despite not being accountable to us.

8 Responses to “The ignorant and learning impaired BBC”

  1. 1 Peejos 26/11/2011 at 10:56 am

    What annoys me most about the incessant promotion of the Levison Enquiry, is how sanctimonious everybody is about what is essentially celebrity trivia. What was hacked into was voice mail no more no less. The messages might never have been listened to anyway and the bulk of them inconsequential.

    Does nobody concern themselves about the State encoragement to monitor emails, web site viewing and non celebrity mobile phone messages which goes on all the time?

  2. 2 Martin Cole 26/11/2011 at 11:06 am

    How absolutely appalling that you can be compelled to work with a background of constant BBC lies and propaganda. I assume from your blog writing which I enjoy that your employment does not involve some meaningless manual task that requires no thought – have you no recourse against your employers?

  3. 3 The Gray Monk 26/11/2011 at 12:08 pm

    The BBC is staffed almost entirely with Fabian Society sympathisers or members. It long ago ceased to be impartial and is little more than the Propaganda Wing of the Liebor Party. It is long overdue for the axe.

    What happened to the Enquiry into bias in the BBC? It does not seem to have been published. I wonder why? Perhaps because it would expose the truth about this once great institution and its decline?

  4. 4 Beware of Geeks Bearing GIFs 26/11/2011 at 12:14 pm

    No point waiting for the BBC to be axed, it won’t happen, just cancel your direct debit and stick an “implied right of access denied” notice outside your front door. No more Capita salesmen at your door as it’s a civil trespass. Remember: you don’t need a licence just because you have bought a TV such is the misconception.

    No more licence fee. Feel free to watch live broadcast as you wish.

    Technology has moved on, the licence fee hasn’t.


    Three years licence free.

  5. 5 Uncle Badger 26/11/2011 at 12:52 pm

    It has been an education to watch the alacrity with which the BBC and other MSM trivialisers swept aside the two genuinely significant current stories (Climategate II and the imminent Eurogeddon) so that they could roll around in tabloid-bashing ecstasy.

    My only thought on learning that the debauched Coogan et al had been whimpering was, ‘As ye sow….’
    The sight of the editorially corrupt BBC up on its high horse of self-righteousness
    is one of the best shows in town. As long as you have a strong stomach.

  6. 6 scud 26/11/2011 at 4:25 pm

    I thought that this was a joke at first, but apparently it is not…

    The BBC’s Alex Kirby replying to Phil Jones of the CRU…

    “Yes, glad you stopped this — I was sent it too, and decided to spike it without more ado as pure stream-of-consciousness rubbish. I can well understand your unhappiness at our running the other piece. But we are constantly being savaged by the loonies for not giving them any coverage at all, especially as you say with the COP in the offing, and being the objective impartial (ho ho) BBC that we are, there is an expectation in some quarters that we will every now and then let them say something. I hope though that the weight of our coverage makes it clear that we think they are talking through their hats.”

    …more from WUWT

    Do we need anymore proof of the damage that the BBC is inflicting upon us to take up ‘Geeks’ recommendation of not paying the bastards?

  7. 7 Edward. 26/11/2011 at 6:51 pm

    Arab ‘spring’ brings fundamental Islam closer and closer now ringing the Med’s Southern coast, that’s no problem to the beeb. Its all very neatly sidestepped by ‘our’ learned correspondents. Steeped as they are in PC which runs in the blood of BBC journalist high priests and from lowly administrators to researchers, to the executive.

    IN Africa, Sino Imperialism is rampant, no probs with the Beeb, they’re still bashing Britain’s colonial past.

    AGW is bunk, no scientific basis, obvious political scam, useless windmills and the rest – never mind, the beeb believes in it, so does its pension fund.

    EU in crisis? No, not in Beeb world, perish the thought – pass the Lafite old chap.

    Labour ‘thinks’ – never a query from BBC land, radio 4 always ready to listen to more of Adolf Balls, or extra Miliband’s nasal intoned inanities, and wimin in need, diversity, equality, eco charity and cuts, cuts, cuts and more cuts and AGW, never forgetting, ‘the religion of peace’ ad nauseum.

    On local TV, never once, not at any time or juncture [particularly now as we slide off the financial precipice in Britain] – are councils put to the test on any policy, of their gargantuan and wasteful expenditure and rampant propagation of all that is EU, all you hear is cuts, cuts, cuts – a loop.

    Multiculturalism, is all good? Pakistani gangs procurement of underage teenagers, never a hint of peak time reportage.

    Everything to do with the subcontinent is all sweetness and light, if it ain’t Africa, then its gotta be India: a perfect democracy of peace and ethnic harmony..
    Luv Gaza, hate Israel, luv Tower Hamlets, hate Rickmansworth. Like Notting Hill, hate Salford – ho ho!

    Murdoch inquiry anyone? Levenson inquiry, Jackson trial, the Olympics, Steve [asshole] Coogan, Hugh Grant, the Oscars, Cannes, baftas, any cinematic award under the sun [oh GEE where’s your £10K frock?] – Jeepers! It’s [gotta be] Wall to wall coverage!

    Fundamental extremist PC? Welcome to the BBC the medium of an ocean going hypocrisy and! Pay your licence fee you ntcu.

  1. 1 Effigies right and wrong | Orphans of Liberty Trackback on 04/12/2011 at 6:02 am
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