Where is that?

Busy busy busy at the moment. But just spotted this in the Failygraph.  Is it any wonder sales are falling when the nation’s supposedly leading broadsheet boasts such basic errors as these?

If there is such an evident lack of attention to detail in the copy by highly paid professionals, how can we trust the paper not to lack attention to crucial details in its news reporting?

Year on year the Failygraph’s average daily circulation is down 7% to below 590,000.  It’s even worse at the Financial Times and the Guardian, where year on year average daily circulation is down 14.4% and 13.1% respectively according to the Press Gazette.  There are a number of reasons for the decline but it is not helped by the freefall in standards and factual news reporting.

December’s newspaper circulation figures…

3 Responses to “Where is that?”

  1. 1 scrobsScrobs... 17/01/2012 at 5:37 am

    Briton is on the south coast, between Eastbun and Worting.

  2. 2 Edward. 17/01/2012 at 6:34 pm

    And on the Torygraph’s case.

    Wonder why they’ve closed comments on this item?? Far too risque for the Barclay’s pride and joie de PC………….. ?

    But that’s exactly the point – he has no such rights. As an asylum seeker he is a guest in this country, and nowhere in human history, until the creation in the last few years of human rights legislation, has it ever been accepted that guests have any other rights other than the right to protection within a territory. In no human society does the guest have the right to indefinite leave, let alone such ideas as a right to a family life, whatever fate awaits him elsewhere – and this goes especially for guests who have violated a society’s code and laws.

    This laughable decision, it defies all logic, keeping this bloke in Britain – because it endangers our existence and imperils everyday, the rights and lives of law abiding citizens.
    How can this be right, how can one individual’s so called ‘rights’ [of an alien good for nothing hate filled bedlamite for goodness sake] something to which he is not entitled [because it is unearned], how can his ‘rights’ transcend those who legally merit such protection? This is the logic of the madhouse.

    This idiot HRA act: must be struck off NOW. Just for the HRA: we should leave the EU and tell the ECJ to stuff its risible statutes.

    Shame on the DT.

  3. 3 microdave 17/01/2012 at 7:12 pm

    “Briton is on the south coast, between Eastbun and Worting.”

    I went there once, but it was shut…

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