An alarm call for democracy? Oh please…

There is a collapse of trust in those in charge, and especially in our politicians, which should thoroughly alarm all who care about democracy.

So says Max Hastings, writing in the Daily Mail in response to George Galloway’s by-election win in Bradford West.

As is so often the case, Hastings manages to miss the point in stunning fashion.  It isn’t an alarm call to those who care about democracy, it is the result of the absence of democracy.

Restricted to going through the motions of a democratic process – which is essentially meaningless because we do not live in a democracy, the people have no control over their ‘elected representatives’ and in any case the real governing is performed by a self selecting elite that is neither elected by nor accountable to the populace – the people have done the one thing they could in the circumstances and elected the candidate who had the appearance of being anti establishment.

Never mind that Galloway is one of the more base examples of the vile, self serving and opportunist pondlife that slithers its way around the streets of Westminster.  Just the notion of being outside the establishment, combined with playing racial identity politics, was enough to see votes flood his way and send him back to suck some more at the public teat.

While Hastings prattles on in his uniquely arrogant and condescending manner, about government failing to address ‘passionate public sentiment’ about things such as human rights legislation, unrestricted immigration, perverted justice system, overbearing Health and Safety and youth unemployment, you will find not one reference about the EU’s role and power in these areas – or that this country’s MPs have emasculated themselves and refuse to take back power from the Brussels bureaucracy.

You will also find not one reference to the fact this country’s businesses and people pay more than enough tax to provide for good essential services along with a sound safety net for those vulnerable people in our society who cannot fend for themselves independently, and those who fall into hardship.  The real problem is skewed spending priorities and wasteful use of our money on discretionary programmes or ideological whims.

When these foundational issues such as these are absent from a supposedly comprehensive assessment of what voters were doing in Bradford West on Thursday, why should we pay any attention to what this pompous fool has to say about democracy?

Hastings is no different to the grubbing climbers he is writing about.  He is every bit as much part of the claque inside the bubble that insulates itself from the reality of the world outside Westminster, yet which deigns to lecture us about our condition, our thoughts and our wishes.

12 Responses to “An alarm call for democracy? Oh please…”

  1. 1 Hugh Bicheno 31/03/2012 at 11:26 pm

    Very well said, AM. Powerlessness – it makes people desperate

  2. 2 AJC 01/04/2012 at 1:51 am

    Although it probably wouldn’t have affected the result there was almost certainly abuse of postal ballots on an industrial scale.

    It took many hands and many different biros to deliver that result.

    Now who was it that changed the rules on postal ballots?

  3. 3 Derek 01/04/2012 at 7:02 am

    “Powerlessness – it makes people desperate”

    And then what? In the main, it makes people comatose; withdrawing; despondent and fearful. Look around, listen to people agreeing with administrative and govermental critique, but where is any action? Desperate people act – are penalised and beaten, while the sheeple look on. Do you see real Sheep running away – or to aid one caught by a Wolf?

    The system is all powerful. The Greeks became desperate and where are they now? Tucked up like kippers.

    The financial system is at the heart of all power, and we are all subject to its demands and restraints. The bridle contols, but the bridle fits.

  4. 4 Andy Baxter 01/04/2012 at 7:30 am

    AM: interesting observations and I can almost agree, however Derek has a very valid point amply demonstrated and evidenced by comments and reactions from two of my best friends over dinner on Friday evening; the topics of conversation as usual got round to the state of the country, politics, politicians, policy, the EU, non existent climate change etc (its taken me 5 years to convince my best friend that no such bogey man exists, but I digress):

    Despite unanimous consensus and agreement between us all about democratic deficit, et al….my friend and his wife’s attitude was one of consensul accpetance “there is nothng we can do except vote them out at teh next election” to which I cried “NO….that is exactly the problem!”

    sheeple are constrained by convention, habit, tacit acceptance of the status quo an almost laissez faire atitude….I quoted Einstein’s theory of stupidity “doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result”

    Until the MSM identify, then satirise, and demonise the real elephants in the room (The EU and the traiterous MP’s who support thus) thereby garnering wider spread discontent with the status quo (I know its not going to happen until some powerful catalyst ocurs that signals a seismic shift in popular appeal that the MSM cannot then ignore) OR (and this is more likley) a comprehensive yet focused movement so powerful that it fires peoples latent discontent into action and as a result creates mass appeal then we are sadly doomed to sliding further down the causeway until we all drown.

  5. 5 john in cheshire 01/04/2012 at 5:13 pm

    Andy Baxter, in all that you say, with which I agree, you have also identified the key factor that can, if we collectively wish, bring about change. To allow ourselves to wallow in defeat and depression is playing to our enemies. To recognise them as our enemies allows us to defeat them. And we have many tools to do that, provided the message is spread far and wide. Withholding money and ridicule are but two weapons. Countering every minor deceit and lie with facts is another. I’d love to see blood in the streets and lamp-posts holding up the culprits, but that’s not going to happen. So, even though it may not be as satisfying, the alternative means are all we have, if we are determined enough to use them. And in using them, we will prevail.

  6. 6 mikemUK 01/04/2012 at 11:13 pm

    Taking up AJC’s earlier comment, in my opinion the cynically revised postal ballot is a democratic scandal/swindle in its own right, at the very ‘grassroots’ level.

    There’s huge irony in the fact that the 1918 ‘Representation of the People Act’ gave women the right to vote at last and then NuLabour, supposedly champion of the poor and oppressed, effectively removed it – at least for one sector of the population.

    I read elsewhere that the demography of Bradford West is 47% non white, with 38% claiming muslim as their religion.

    The hierarchy within a muslim family is no secret, so all the adult women (who should rightfully be allowed to cast their ‘secret’ vote in a polling booth) can now with the postal ballot be constrained to vote as directed; in turn, the head of the family can be constrained to vote as directed by the mullah – effectively a block vote then.

    Apparently the vote turnout was, hilariously, over 50%.

    Hardly surprising that if the indigenous white population largely abstained through apathy or anger,and the muslim population ‘all’ voted, that Ghastly George is back in there at the trough again.( Although judging by his appalling attendance record last time he was an MP we don’t need to worry too much – another democratic scandal in its own right)

  7. 7 The Gray Monk 02/04/2012 at 8:50 am

    I think MikemUK has identified the source of Ghastly George’s massive majority, a clear indictment of the “first past the post” electoral system if ever there was one.

    However, one reason the political landscape never changes much in Westminster/Whitehall is that Sir Humphrey and his merry men are the real power there. It matters not one jot what Minsters or Parliament intend or want, what happens is what Sir Humphrey and his unelected cohorts will allow. I’ve been there, I’ve seen them at work and I can tell you it is corrupt, rotten to the core and unchanging. The George Galloways of this world are only a window-dressing, a comic relief act behind which the Mandarins manipulate and connive to their hearts content.

  8. 8 John Payne 02/04/2012 at 12:44 pm

    I agree with the writer, but expand the matter of missing the point:

    When are we going to nail the real people instructing policy in this Country? It is the British senior servants in league with Brussels. All we have is puppet politicians and media who continually accept the situation and therefore avoid highlighting this issue.

  9. 9 Pete North 04/04/2012 at 12:45 pm

    “Never mind that Galloway is one of the more base examples of the vile, self serving and opportunist pondlife that slithers its way around the streets of Westminster.”

    But at least we know what we’re getting and he never pretended to be otherwise.

  10. 10 james higham 06/04/2012 at 5:38 pm

    It isn’t an alarm call to those who care about democracy, it is the result of the absence of democracy.

    In a nutshell.

  11. 11 TomTom 08/04/2012 at 9:39 am

    playing racial identity politics

    Bradford West is NOT a Muslim seat and returned a Sikh, Marsha Singh as MP. In fact if you look at Ian Greenwood, Bradford Labour Council leader his nominations were signed by

    M Taj Salam; Mohammad Iqbal; Khalid Mahmood; Zubair Khan; Tahir Jamil; Abdul Rashid; Shaukat Zaman; Mohammad Rafiq; Rehmat Ali; Abdul Razaq

    That is a White Labour, former NALGO Official, leading the Labour Group with not one White supporter on his nomination papers for the Council Election. That is the reason Bradford West represents a break with corrupt politics and rigged elections – the younger generation wants a CHANGE but the party machines want to keep harvesting votes en bloc.

    Why is Warsi doing the job for Cameron and addressing election meetings in Urdu ? Because they don’t want the White population to hear the different message – and we know they have a different spin for Muslim areas and voters. Bradford West is a seat full of University Students and White areas such as Thornton, Allerton, Clayton – yet Galloway took every Council Ward.

    Imran Hussain was arrogant, Deputy Council Leader of a very corrupt council, and son of a Labour nabob who thought he had a nice rotten borough gifted to him by The Machine. The Voters taught him otherwise.

    How come you have never accused Ian Greenwood of “playing racial identity politics” because he certainly has. Ask Anne Cryer, former Labour MP who is standing for the Council in Ilkley how far Ian Greenwood knifed her when she spoke out about forced marriages

  12. 12 Autonomous Mind 08/04/2012 at 10:09 am

    Because Ian Greenwood is not the story here and I’ve never had cause to write about him on this blog. He has not just been returned as MP in a by-election. The race baiting Galloway has, however.

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