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Writing in the Barclay Brother Beano, Rev Dr Peter Mullen uses 378 words to support his assertion that this Conservative Party is more socialist than any government he has seen in his lifetime.  While Rev Mullen is right in what he says, 378 words barely scratches the surface of the story.

In relative terms his is a throwaway comment that actually provides little if any value to the discussion.  Nowhere in those 378 words is there any mention of the chasm that is the democratic deficit in this country.  Nowhere in those 378 words is there any acknowledgement of who actually governs this country.  Nowhere in those 378 words is there any reference to the manner in which the interests of a select few are pursued at the expense and detriment of the many.  Nowhere in those 378 words is there any consideration of alternatives that might empower the people who are treated with barely disguised contempt by the political class.

Long before millions of people trudged to the polls to cast their ballot at the general election – a futile exercise cynically passed off as proof that we live in a ‘democracy’ – David Cameron had already shown himself for what he is.  Enough people had spotted Cameron’s rapid reverse away from previous attention grabbing pledges, delivered with his face contorted in that trademark sham sincerity, to back away from the Conservatives and deny him what would pass for an election victory.

Not that it mattered.  Whether it was the Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems or a coagulation of any two of them getting their hands on levers of power that they and their ilk have willingly disconnected from everything that is remotely capable of controlling anything, we were always going to end up with the same outcome.

For too long politics in this country has been characterised by creeping progression down a path that is rejected by voters time and again.  The political class continues to be unaccountable to the people they are supposed to represent.  Their supposedly bitter political battles are nothing more than shallow theatrics designed to obfuscate and conceal the reality that on all the major issues they share a common agenda.  What the people want never comes to pass because the people have allowed power to be taken from them and have not taken it back.

What is needed is not another mini op-ed from the likes of Peter Mullen, who are angry not because of the direction this country is being taken, but because they fell for the partisan party charade in the first place.  Their value is negligible.  What is needed is a new settlement.  What is needed is a constructive blueprint for the future that empowers people and makes them want to support it for positive reasons.  What is needed is something that is borne from the grassroots and evolves and grows, rather than something imposed from on high.

The seed might have been sown.  But it will only germinate and take root if people who care are prepared to help nurture it and play a part in tending it to maturity and strength.  The time for complaining is over.  The time for positive and constuctive action is at hand.

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  1. 1 don wreford 02/05/2012 at 6:35 am

    The “Chartists”, presenting in 1832, a petition to the Houses of Parliament, of 250,000 signatures, and later 1842, 3 million signatures, rejected by Parliament, 235 to 42, against any reform, the British police as always entrenched with the rich, causing death and injuries to protesters, by opening fire on unarmed citizens, always a reliable Institute to quell democracy.
    A somewhat interesting insight to the peculiarities of the British Elite, may be found in a book called, “The World Order” by Eustace Mullins, or check live interview with the author on utube, “The Tap Blog” Relating to key words, “Who Owns The Bank of England”?
    Britain now in the vise grip of those who have a controlling interest in the decline of morale of the British, the imperative sole interests of “The Black Nobility” and its survival, here we have to thank Darwin for his contribution, even though somewhat contrite.
    The promise of the new elected party, advertising its slogans of hope and aspirations of a New World, for the beneficiaries, as tokenism to the British Public, eventually the Public see through the rhetoric and are once again duped, the trust of the public having again been betrayed, are the Public are in collusion with the Elite?, bearing this in mind, if you keep doing the same action and hoping for a different result, and yet it is always the same outcome?, some use this analogy as a sign of insanity!
    We may take refuge in the idea that when the same action being repetitiously performed, nothing can ever be performed exactly the same, as the Universe is constantly changing, playing a part beyond the dynamics of the experiment.
    Noted the contempt for the people’s aspirations is normal for The Elite’s response to what is considered the “Inferiors”, whilst this insidious practice of beguiling of the General Public remains common currency, our fate lies in the hands of the corrupt, the question that remains, can reason prevail over the politically corrupt? and money, the Institutes of Establishment, entrenched for centuries having the will to destroy and kill all that is perceived as threat to the Power Broking Families, who having the delusion of divine providence? and yet this is where Darwinism, becomes a problem to the The Power Brokers.
    As we witness, the Baron of the Media Empire, is now in a precarious condition, now becoming a casualty and sacrifice of the Ruling Elite, nevertheless the forces of right wing establishment are at present working hard as Saviors in a rescue operation to salvage what remains of a lethal blow to “Yesterdays Man” whether the outcome is death by misadventure remains to be seen.
    The use of arms as shown by history as a solution to resolve political problems, are for most civilians a legacy of tragedy, the increasing plight of civilians in war and peace is formidable, the use of violence and oppression as a solution by the Few to maintain Power and manipulate the dream time of the many, is becoming increasingly doubtful.

  2. 2 Trev 02/05/2012 at 11:41 am

    A pretty preposterous post. Written from another planet.

  3. 3 BulloPill 02/05/2012 at 11:47 am

    It’s somewhat ironic, is it not, that the selfsame politicos who are braying about the Murdoch lackeys “misleading Parliament” and hence being liable to whatever the consequences of Contempt of Parliament are, glibly dissemble to the public at large 24/7 without any fear of consequence whatever? We are the ones being treated with contempt – not the politicos in their gilded ivory get-away-with near-enough-anything towers.

  4. 4 Restoring Britain 02/05/2012 at 12:13 pm

    Well said AM. It has reinvigorated me and have linked to my post. Nothing will happen just by reading blogs and commenting on relevant stories. Nodding changes nothing. The change is a numbers game but like with all games the people need to get themselves into it.

  5. 5 Edward Spalton 02/05/2012 at 5:36 pm

    You can only say so much in 378 words and the Rev Peter Mullen has said and written much elsewhere in a vigorous way to remedy the omissions you mention in the article.

    don wreford,
    With regard to “Who owns the Bank of England?”, you may find the following article from the Straits Times (Singapore) of October 15th 1945 of interest.

    LONDON,OCT 13 – The British Government will buy up the Bank of ENgland capital in its nationalisation scheme, writes Sydney Campbell, Reuter’s City Editor.

    The bill to take public control ofthe bank published today states that the existing stock will be transferred to a nominee of the British Treasury and the King will appoint a governor, deputy governor and directors.

    The Treasury will direct the bank but the bank will be managed by its directors and will issue directions for other British banks. The present proprietors of the Bank of England will be bought out in exchange for 3 per cent stock which will give the holder the same income as he is now receiving from the Bank of England’s stock, namely 12 per cent.

    The British Government will pay £400 long term Government stock for each £100 Bank of ENgland stock. The amount of the capital stock of the Bank of England now is £14,563,000 and the amount of Government stock to be issued in payment for this will be £55,212,000 . This first act of socialisation by Britain’s Labour Government fulfilled the best expectations in the City of London – Reuter”

    I don’t think there has been any change of ownership since – so it’s not the Rothschilds as some conspiracy theorists sometimes imagine.

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